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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 6 Fitness Ridge

Well today was "Freakin Fabulous Friday".  It really was a pretty great day.  You are almost done with your week, and you are stronger, looking thinner, feeling more confident and are just in a better place with yourself.  John Yohman uses that phrase quite a bit on Friday.  We are all revved up and ready to go!

Breakfast today was a smoothie, english muffins with almond butter and fruit plate.  It didn't look like it would carry me to lunch, but it did.  The smoothie was thick and delicious.  I have been dealing with my battle wounds the last few days, that is, my blisters and a sore 2nd toe on the other foot.  I decided to do one of the easier hikes today called
Overlook.  It is fully paved and walks from just above the "overlook" down near another hike called "slots".   Everyone goes at their own pace and there is no pressure to go faster than you can handle.  I aced it, walking with the guide Eric, a young guy transplant from Montana.  I got an excellent calorie burn on that hike, 1200 calories in 2 hours.  It blows my mind how those hikes burn so many calories.  If you are worried about the hikes understand that there are many hikes to choose from as well as many levels of hiking.  101 is beginners and they offer enough of each level to satisfy everyone staying here.  This was my least favorite hike, the beauty didn't surround me like the others, because I walked on a path along the road.  But it was what I needed for my wounded feet.  They recently added a bunch of new hikes, so even if you are returning you will be exploring new hikes when if you come.

On our return, I rushed upstairs and changed into my cardio clothes.  We get to pick all our classes on Friday so I chose Cardio Intervals over the pool.  This is the 2nd time I have taken this class and the last one was on Tuesday when I was low on electrolytes.  Today I chose a bike for this class due to my feet.  You push your endurance as hard as you can, and I surprised myself with doing LEVEL 15 on the bike.  It's not so bad when you know you are keeping it there for 5 minutes then taking a break.  I also separately and not on level 15 got my RPM's on the bike to 145 and that is about 100RPMs more than at home.  I was pretty happy with myself and John the trainer is a motivator and makes you want to push yourself like you never have before.  He Rocks!

Lunch followed, and we had a tostado and mushroom soup.  Lunch was delicious and tasted like a lot more calories than it was.  When you get to eat, that is when you know you are at a resort.  The food is your best friend, it hugs you and makes you feel rewarded for your work.  Who would think that you could cram the amount of tasty food we eat in a day into 1200 or less calories?  As you can see, the weather has improved and many chose to eat just outside the diningroom.  When I see them lounging in their robes being served by the staff, I forget I am at a fitness resort! After lunch the people leaving stayed in the dining room for a lecture for departing guest.  The rest of us staying another week went in to to aerobic room and did a round table sitting on balls.  We shared our greatest accomplishments of the week.  Mine was two things, one the Reversed White Rocks Hike and my fear of falling down and also todays bike and getting my level and speed up that high.  We also were reminded to start planning for our return in to the real world now, and not to wait till we got home.  Britney, from Season 5, is here as a guest just like the rest of us, but she has great knowledge and shares wonderful tips.  She is beautiful inside and out!  We have next weeks schedules and they changed our colors.  Next week I am RED.

I chose Total Body Conditioning for my next class instead of Circuit because I really wanted to focus on my entire body and definitely my core. (up through my middle)  After that class we joined John Yohman once again for Cardio Disco Jam.  You learn all these dance moves and dance to disco.  John is hysterical and if you don't have fun in this class....well I don't know????

After that class I chose pool for my last class of the day, figuring I could take a shower and even have time to shave my legs, etc before dinner.  Time is always moving here so there is very little down time.  Weekends are more laid back though.

I broke down tonight after dinner and went to the gift shop.  I told Fletcher I needed new shoes.  Mine were just not cutting it.  I am here 3 more weeks and it's obvious my shoes do not work for me.  I bought a new pair of hiking shoes and a new pair of aerobic shoes.  I walked to the front desk they charged it to my room and I was off to my room to collect my laundry.  I did my laundry and drank hot tea under the gazebo while I waited for my laundry. (many decaf teas available)  It was a beautiful night in the mid 60's so it was enjoyable to just hang outside and put my feet up.  Others chose to play volleyball in the pool and tried to get me in there as well.  My toes said no and I already showered.  Personally, I wondered where they had the energy to play volleyball in our off time. And some others took a local wagon tour of the area.  They pick you up right in front of the Resort.

I am now in my room finishing up my blog and am getting very close to going to sleep.  Tomorrow is an easier day for us, it is only half of a workout then we have graduation festivities.  Sunday of course is our day of rest and if the weather stays like this, I may have to lounge by the pool.  I will miss my new friends that leave this weekend, and look forward to the new group coming Sunday.

Stay happy by staying healthy!!


annelisewojo said...

145 RPM and Level 15, holy cow! I don't do the bike much but that sounds pretty insane to me! Look at you doing it. :)

Sorry to hear the shoes aren't working out. I hope the new pairs you bought fare better for you. I just told my husband tonight that I wanted to get another pair of running shoes soon. I have a pair that is only about one month old but they say to plan for 500 miles on a pair of running shoes. I want to make sure they are not completely worn out, or brand new. If I get a new pair now and start wearing them alternately, then when I leave I'll have two broken in pair of running shoes to pick from. I think your post solidified that decision. I have such problems with my feet, I'd hate to have to break in a new pair there if I had t buy a new one. I do have hiking shoes too that are pretty broken in but not too worn...they should be good for the hikes. Well, take care of those feet and I hope your new treads work out well for you.

Enjoy your short day tomorrow and even more so your lounging by the pool on Sunday. You've done incredible this week and should be so proud! Thanks for sharing with us. You are an inspiration. Keep on keepin' on!

ALAN CHEZ said...

got whatever you need you deserve it.
the hub


Nickname unavailable said...

Cat I am so proud of you! I am constantly amazed at their program, sounds like they do an incredible job of keeping you motivated. Do you get hungry very often? Keep up the good work. Thanks for taking time to post everyday!!

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

They feed you well here and if you keep up your water intake you feel pretty full. There is extra fruit and salad bar available if you need to eat more. It is a personal preference if you do eat more than the allotted food recommended. I have heard from quite a few that they can't even finish their meals. I am always ready for my meals though, you do work up an appetite.