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Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 9 Fitness Ridge

So today started really early for me.  I did my very first ever Pilates class.  I was thrilled to do it because I need to work my core and that class really focuses on it.  Of course the hour was quite early being 6:00am, but the second week you are expected to step it up with 1 extra class.  I went back to my room after Pilates and changed into my hiking shoes and clothes.  Weather depending, you may find yourself wanting long pants for your hikes, due to cold weather and possibly to not get scratched by some of the bushes you pass by. (hike depending) 

Breakfast was very different, we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with bananas and raspberries in it, which was surprisingly delightful.  Every morning you also get a mixed fruit plate.  Paige did introductions about the hikes and let everyone know that only on Monday you get assigned on your hike, every other day you get to pick them.  We went on Chuckawalla again, but this was a different route, as usual we all get out of the van but some pick up a fast pace, others a middle stride, and lastly the beginners.  We have 3 guides on the hikes and they monitor the 3 sections.  We had a few new people on our hike, one couple from St. Louis, the wife was making better stride than her husband.  I encouraged her to move at her pace if she wanted to get the most out of her stay and that the guides would take care of her husband.  She seemed to move faster at that point.  If you do come with someone else you may not go at the same pace both on the hikes and in the gym, realize that's okay push yourself as hard as you can and your partner will do their best too. We all have different physical capabiities and there is no pressure to be as good as the guy next to you. You push yourself to "your" limit. 

On our hike today, Megan showed us a Geo Cache.  I had never heard of this before, but as she explained hikers often hide cash boxes in the mountains and place coordinance online so other hikers can find it.  When you find it, the idea is to add to it.  They have these boxes all over the mountains not only in Utah but in mountains all over the world.
After our hike today I had Mountain class, which is working on a cardio machine I am sure I described that last week.  We followed that with lunch and because it was my second week I did not have to stay for the lecture.  Lunch was tortilla soup, missing tortillas but very tasty and a turkey sandwich, yummy!  After lunch I went back to my room and closed my eyes for 10 minutes then went down to the gym and did the treadmill for 30 minutes.  I followed that with Circuit Training, Step-n-Pump, and then Circuit Training again.  If there is a reason you can't do a certain workout they will let you do something else.  I did a second CT class to not go in the pool.  My blister is almost gone and I don't want to get it wet in the pool.

Dinner was chicken and polanta followed by a fantastic dessert, and my favorite so far, it was a parfait.  Let me just say, today I would have opted for seconds on that dessert. 

A special note of inspiration that I want to share today, Merideth is a woman from Rhode Island and is finishing her 4th week this week.  She came here a heavy smoker and has been smoke free since she entered the Ridge nearly a month ago.  She did not use a patch or gum, pure cold turkey.  She is really amazing. 

This place changes people, it's changing me.  I feel stronger every day my confidence is growing and I am ready to take it up a notch every day.  You have a new found energy just being here surrounded by a caring staff, awesome trainers and a great bunch of guest that came here to get fit.  This place changes lives for the better, it is truly magical.

My body is doing pretty good, I woke up with a sore foot and worked through it all day.  My knee started hurting after my hike too.  My blisters are almost gone!!!  I iced my knee and foot tonight and will have some vitamin I (aka ibruprofen) before I go to sleep.

Remember to keep moving, and move a little more tomorrow than you did today.  Pay attention to your calories that go in, and your calories that go out.  Be accountable for what YOU do to YOUR body!  If you are coming to Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, do your body a favor and get ready, move it and move it often.  The more you prepare, the more you will get out of your time here.

Well as always, tomorrow will arrive quickly, so I am off to get ready for bed.  Which is also so important, get your 8 hours sleep!!  Thanks for reading, and for sharing your comments.


annelisewojo said...

You made really good points about the coming with someone but pushing yourself to go at your own pace. I can see where it would be easy to want to hang back with that person, whether it is spouse or friend. That was nice that you reminded the woman today that the guides would be there for her husband to help push him through, and for her to concentrate on getting the most out of her time.

Glad your blisters are getting there.

As I'm sitting here riding home reading your blog, EATING popcorn to kill time....I read "pay attention to your calories that go in, and ..out". HA! Did you have to remind me!?! Ok, I zipped that home made popcorn bag up and threw it in the car where I couldn't reach it. :) Cause I know darn well all this sitting isn't moving many calories out. Yes, I must be accountable for what I do to my body. And my body will reward me for every good decision I make.

Tell Merideth I said KUDOS to her for quitting smoking and making it to her fourth week!

Sleep tight. Go make some HGH while you're dreaming. Keep it going Cat!

Lucille said...

I kept on moving today. I am reading my email now before going to bed. Don't want to start in the morning, since I want to get some exercises done. Thanks for your great inspiration. Hugs, mom

Linda said...

Thanks again, Cat - Everytime I read through the list of classes in a day, I get that "whoa!" feeling, but look at you truckin' on through, so awesome! Linda