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Monday, March 28, 2011

Change of Plans

I know it has been awhile since I checked in on here, and now I see myself moving back on to my other blog,  I have thought long and hard about my plans to go back to Fitness Ridge, and I have decided to postpone my trip awhile.  I am actually going to save the trip and head to Malibu for a week or two either in the fall or next year.

What gives?.....My hubby is turning 50 this summer and has found a passion in hiking with me.  We have managed on a few days of the thawing out of winter, to go hiking together.  He expressed a desire to go with me on a hiking trip, but one that offers a little less structure.  We leave for St George, Utah at the same time but will be staying down the road.  We will be eating calorie conscious food, taking daily hikes and whatever classes we choose during the day.  We are going for 1 week and I am super excited to be sharing my experience in Utah with him.

I am a firm believer in the experience you get at the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, and I don't want anyone to think this takes away from that at all.  I will return to the Resort and being originally from California, I have a real yearning to try the Malibu Resort next. I have driven through the mountains of California and specifically the canyons surrounding Malibu 100's of times, now I want to hike them.  So I plan on going there with my credit.

I will still be blogging about my trip, and my plans for the future, and I will try to be more on top of everything.  Please do not be discouraged by my decision, I will return to Biggest Loser Resort again, but for now, I am excited to get my husband on the same path so we can live a long life together.

Moving forward, changes can happen, but as long as the path remains the same, it may be fun to explore the roads less traveled.

Best of health to you all.