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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 12 Fitness Ridge

Well, today started off with Total Body Conditioning, another "optional" 6:00AM class.  Once again I woke up with the roosters crowing on my way in the dark to the aerobics room.  Anne Marie seems to do all the early riser classes, and she really eases you in to your morning.  As usual, I made my way to my room around 7:00 to change into my hiking apparel.

Breakfast today was english muffins with facon (aka fake bacon) and eggs on top and a wee little bit of cheese and as always accompanied by a fruit plate.  Today I chose to go on Barrel Roll.  This is a beginner hike, and after yesterdays hike it was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I highly recommend this if you are coming here and want to have an easy hike but actually be on trails.  It wraps around a mountain in a spiral fashion with inclines that are not to hard.  I saw a lot of tire tracks from bikes and can see how this trail is loved by mountain bikers.

After the hike we had the option of a gym class or pool.  My foot has been bothering me this week, so I opted for the pool.  I have an old injury and it is acting up a little.  After our pool class it was lunch time.  Todays lunch was a greek pita and french onion soup, here I go again saying "yummy".  After lunch I filled the bags under the ice machine full of ice and proceeded to my room.  I iced my foot for awhile, then took a short nap.  I decided to tape my foot to because the upper bone seems to be agitated.

We had ball works with Sharon which works your entire body and is a funner class, really it is hard not to smile when Sharon is instructing.  I was not myself today, I am really tired from the last 12 days and regret not taking Sunday off, like recommended.  I also am trying to work around my foot injury.

Treading with Tiffany followed my ball works class, I helped encourage someone sitting next to me to step it up all the way to level 14 on the bike.  I know she was shocked she could do it, she said to me, I could be her trainer.  Of course I laughed.  She will be going home a much stronger person.

Pool was our last class and I had to improvise my swimming due to my right foot.  I kind of hopped with one foot when others were using both.  It worked out okay and I got a decent workout.  My shower followed pool, then it was off to dinner.  Dinner was stuffed chicken with rice and peach cobbler for dessert.  After dinner everyone gathered in the diningroom as we watched Marty a 68 year old man who has lost 80 pounds and pledged to his girlfriend that when he lost 50 more he would ask her to marry him.  He is here for his second week, and this week his girlfriend came to workout with him.  Well, lets just say he couldn't wait till he lost those next 50 pounds and got down on 1 knee and asked her.  Her answer was an absolute YES.  I knew she didn't want to wait, I have talked to here a lot this week.  So congrats go out to the happy couple, Beth & Marty!!

I am now icing my foot once again and hoping that some athletic tape will make it possible for me to hike tomorrow.  I am really looking forward to the weekend as I am in need of some R-N-R.  I look forward to my next 2 weeks here, I just want to be in good shape and have some concerns of my foot.  I didn't do all the planning to get here to not make it through my entire month.  There are 2 lectures going on tonight one is for the newbies the other is for departing guest.  Being neither I was able to come to my room blog early so I can rest up for tomorrow.

Lastly on a VERY positive note, I have 2 of the exact same bathing suits here and since I had pool twice today I wore one for the first time.  That bathing suit was sagging in my butt and I will need to get out my needle and thread to take it in.  So the weight is coming off, even though I have not had a scale to tell me.
Remember how awesome it feels to be smaller in your clothes, that is the gift of taking care of yourself and it comes quickly when you make the decision to change your life for the better.  I am really thrilled with my loose fitting swim suit, but it does leave me with having to do some sewing.  Good night all.

PS In regards to my blisters, they are a thing of the past.  All is good, I did the right thing and let it dry out rather than pop it and it has pretty much healed.  Thanks for your concerns!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cat - I have been following your blog since your first day at Fitness Ridge. You have become a real inspiration to me! I will be there on April 25th and am looking forward to meeting you. You have helped me overcome "some" of my fears. See you soon! Pattee

Kay said...

Very proud of you! Keep it up!!!!

Fitness Ridge Journey said...

Hey Cat you are awsome I hope you are feeling better (Hugs) I enjoyed hiking with you today!...Teresa

annelisewojo said...

Don't know how you're staying off the scale, but kudos to you and your bagging bathing suit! Keep on keepin' on. You're doing wonderfully, despite a foot testing you.

myesha said...

You are doing it!! I am glad to hear things are going well. You are almost through week 2!!!

Please send my congratulations to Marty!!

Anonymous said...

Hi...Caterpiller!!! I see you are doing fantastic! It was a pleasure being in your company for a week. I sure hope we get to do it again!!! xoxoxoxoxox

ALAN CHEZ said...

bagging bathing suit rock/////
Miss ya buddy

the hub


Lucille said...

Yes, I know about the weather since we are in northern arizona. Snowing today, but it should be better by Saturday. Keep up the good work, Cathy. I need your inspiration. Love you mom