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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 22 Fitness Ridge

I must begin by saying that I am amazed that my time here has almost come to an end.  As so many people left today many others have arrived.  Most for a week, few for more than a week.  So as they start their week feeling as though the week is long, I will be feeling very differently.  For me, it is again surreal to think that I have spent the last 22 days here with just a few more to go.

We said goodbye to many awesome guest including the beautiful Brittany Aberle from Biggest Loser Season 5.  She did an absolutely amazing job here and her reward showed in her measurements, weight and the light of her smile.  She had so many motivational things to say while she was here and I hope to share them with you at a later date when we get a chance to chat about it.  As the old guest parted ways with us with many hugs and exchanges of emails, the new guest arrived.

I have a fellow Jersey girl here who actually lives less than 30 minutes from my house.  She is here for 2 months and is on her last 2 weeks right now.  She has lost 35 pounds so far.  She rented a car for a month of her 2 month stay and has taken me with her to go shopping.  We went to a store where I tried on a few things, I looked at myself in the mirror and had to ask her, do I really look like that?  She said yep you do and I teared.  You see, the mirrors at Fitness Ridge only show part of your body in your rooms and in the mirrors in the gym make you look bigger than you really are.  When I saw myself in that mirror I realized that I have truly lost inches and pounds.

After our little shopping spree we went to the Starbucks for "decaf skinny latte".  90 Calories in a large.  I accounted for these calories by not having my morning fruit and I passed on the chocolate pie dessert tonight. I have to tell you it was heavenly just to have the flavor of coffee pass my lips, it was the first taste I have had in more than 3 weeks.

I met many of my blogger friends today, very excited to have some of the Girl Gang from the Facebook Group here with me this week.  (sorry guys)
Here is the link if you want to join:!/group.php?gid=224172761686&ref=ts
If you want to join the Girls Gang every month there is a weight challenge and you can share your ideas etc in that group.  It can be very motivational!!  There are a few more Biggest Loser former contestants here as well, including Suzy Preston Hoover, Season 2 and Jim Germanakos, Season 4.

After our meet and greet I went to the gym with my new friend Teresa where we did an Ab circuit that trainer Tiffany went out of her way to put together for us today.   Love this girl!  Heck, I LOVE all the trainers here. Can I pack them in my suitcase???  Guess not, but I will pack all the knowledge I have learned in the aerobics room, the gym and the pool and will continue to keep my journey of good health going when I get home.  Whether you have the opportunity of this journey here or you create your own journey at home, it is all a positive move to good health.  One that YOU have control of, so take the drivers seat and head down the road to good health.  We ALL can do it!  There is no red light that doesn't turn green!  (2 of my loves, Teresa & Ivy are pictured here)


Linda said...

Aw Cat, you're dressing room story made me a good way. Thanks, L

ultramichelle said...

You are staying so strong. How was that latte? That was a treat for me just to get a coffee at the Starbucks while I was there.I am so enjoying reading your adventures and am so pleased your doing great.

annelisewojo said...

I bet that coffee was worth every sip. I really enjoy sipping my cup of coffee in the morning and I always use flavored cream. I measure it now though. I used to dump, now I use either 1 or 2 tbsp and have gotten used to the taste not being as sweet. Glad you got to indulge. Stay strong! Wait, you are STRONG!!!