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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 5 at Fitness Ridge

I made the decision, since I am here a month to do none of the optional morning classes till next week.  I know my body is in shock by the workouts it's getting this week and feel I can step it up a little each week by adding the optional 6:00am class.  My plan is to do a morning class everyday the last week I am here.  I also made the decision to get weighed at the end, I am not about the number, it is not the important thing.  I am getting my life back.

So today started with an egg sandwich and the usual fruit bowl.  It is refreshing to get a fruit bowl that is not obviously out of a jar.  Following every mornings breakfast all the guides line up and name off their hike.  We sign up the night before for the hike we want to go on.  Due to my unfortunate blisters, I opted for an easier hike today.  The hike I went on was called Chuckawalla, a easy hike although we were told by our guide that we should have gone on a intermediate hike.  It is an endurance hike with little or no challenges.  The calorie burn was awesome either way, I burned around 1000+ calories just on that hike in 2 hours. As you can see in the picture I treated my blisters along the hike.  I learned something about why I blistered, and I really wish I had read it somewhere so I am putting it on here in case you are coming here.   First of all, I recommend a good hiking sneaker or shoe and a separate pair for the gym.  When you come back from your hike you change into cardio clothes and socks and shoes.  Be sure to not just clean the bottom of your feet but to clean your between your toes before putting on clean socks and shoes.  My blisters have formed between 2 toes.  Today I had that revelation because I came back to my room cleaned my feet and then saw I had sand in between my toes.  That sand in between my toes in the Mountain class  gave me the 2 blisters I am now having to nurse.  Also, bring moleskin for protection just in case.

When we returned from the hike we had stretch class, its everyones favorite.  You listen to calming music and stretch all those muscles you have been working so hard.  What's not to like?  After stretch I had time to take a 20 minute nap which was awesome.  If you come here and nap set your alarm people have over slept and missed classses.  We had lunch after my nap, we were served brocolli and potato soup, and a herb tomato sandwich.  Once again, the food was excellent.  Immediately following lunch we had another demo from Chef Cameron, he is the artist of the kitchen.  He demo'd how he made todays soup, along with the delicious green pizza we had the other day, a meatloaf and this Sunday nights chocolate pie.
I love watching him cook!

Today I experienced Treading class for the first time, and John Yohman was our trainer.  He encourages you to step it up and get it done.  I opted for the bike due to my toes, and set it at level 8.  Treading is 5 mins hard cardio followed by recovery cool down for 5 mins, then 4 mins cardio, 4 mins recovery, then 3, 2, 1.
I pushed myself harder than I ever have by riding over 100 RPMS at level 8.  Every single person in that class was invigorated after that.  John is a great motivator.  He made a great recommendation, make your Thursdays at home "Treading Thursday" (ready Michelle). I can't say enough about the trainers here, they are amazing!

You have about 15 minutes between classes to get ready for the next one, which was pool.  They supply robes for you so you change in to your suit wrap up in a robe and join everyone down at the pool.  There is no need to be embarrased about how you look, none of us see anything on the outside but a beautiful person making a life change. It is truly magical!  Pool kicked my butt, and I LOVED it!  It was pretty much the same as Treading only in water.  Followed by a game which my side of the pool kicked butt in!

I rush to shower and put workout clothes back on for my last class of the day, Ball Works.  This class really gets your muscle groups.  It is actually a pretty fun class and like all the classes, you start the class then you go wow, I did that for 45 minutes???  It's  just a wonderful experience.  Yes it is tiring and yes there is sore muscles, but you almost forget your here to lose weight.  It's kind of the icing on the cake, OUCH did I say cake? sorry (giggle)

After Ball Works, it was dinner time and oh my, what a mouth watering feast.  Chef Cameron made Chicken and potato salad with a side of veggies.  Followed by an apple cobbler.  It is hard to believe that all that good tasting food I ate today was only 1146 calories!

I had no lecture today, because I am here for 3 more weeks.  The class today is for all those going home at the end of the week.  If you wonder about this place, let me just tell you that everyone that was taking that class that came for only one week, is so sad to be leaving on Sunday.  The week has been flying by.

For my 4th day straight of Fitness Ridge regimen, I have to tell you like it is....
1) I have 2 blisters and a sore toe
2) My face and lips are sunburn
3) My body is sore, but not crying sore
4) I am super tired and wonder how I can blog daily, lol (I do it for YOU)
5) As much as I left behind a loving family and 4 of the cutest doggies on this planet, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else and I am so happy to be staying a month.
6) My face is noticably smaller today.

Until tomorrow, make today count, because you only have one today!!


annelisewojo said...

And many of us reading your blog are greatly appreciative of your continuing to blog....but please make sure you are not taking away from time you should be sleeping!!!! You can catch us up later, maybe on the weekend. We certainly enjoy reading daily but I know how much time it takes.

On a different note, I hope your blisters heal quickly. I'm all too familiar with blisters. I've been involved in the 3 Day (60mile) Breast Cancer Walk the past few years and have learned more than I ever knew there was to know about blisters. Except your nice tip about the sand!! I guess I never trained around sand. I've sure dealt with blisters up the wazoo though. Now I'll be sure to watch out for any sand between the toes on my hikes. Thanks!

Can you believe the end of your first week is almost here? I think you're making good decisions for yourself and the time you have booked. That extra bit of sleep in the mornings will get you through the rest of your day stronger. Nice job looking out for yourself. :)

Take care!

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

Oh, I know sleep is vital. I am getting a good amount even with my blog, thanks for caring! No worries. Yeah it is going really fast, that is one reason I am so grateful I am not here a week. No one wants to leave yet.
Take care!!

Laurie said...

Thanks so much for your blog. I look forward to reading them. You may have a second career there. Sounds like you are doing awesome!

Can't wait to get there on Sunday!Looking forward to meeting you in person. Blisters are my biggest worry. I am prone to crazy blisters. Thanks for the advice. Hope yours heal fast!!

ALAN CHEZ said...


I MISS YOU CAT. ...>>>>>>>>>>>


michele c said...

Thank you Cat for the great blog- I am i the middle of sorting my life out and my workout clothes and FR list at the same time - 16 days till I get there! You are someone that I truly admire - your strength and your thoughtful sharing. It is helping me immensely. Your blog is the first thing I run to on facebook every day. Take care of yourself and stay strong - see you soon!

Linda said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Cat! I so look forward to reading this every night, it is REALLY helping me to get mentally prepared for my time there.
I wore a brand new pair of Keen hiking boots tonight on my walk and I have to say I just love them, don't even feel like they need breaking in, they are SO much more supportive under the foot then my running shoes are, and I am just thrilled that it is one less thing I need to buy or worry about.
So, I've got to ask....when during the day are you showering? it pretty much sounds like everyone hits the ground running in the morning. I'm just wondering how that works for most people who are there.
Thanks and have fun tomorrow, sounds like Saturdays are a shorter day?

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

Ironically I mention showering in Fridays blog. You only have 15 mins between classes, and since pool is always in the afternoon, I hop in the shower right after pool and get a quick wash. More info about that on Fridays blog which I just posted.