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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 1 at Fitness Ridge

My morning started extremely early with a 4:30 wake up time.  Alan was so awesome driving me to the airport and luckily the tears were cried the night before, so it was a sweet see you later.  My flight took off a little late due to the baggage belt breaking, we were underway just 15 minutes late. Once in the air,  I tried to catch up on my sleep since I only slept 3.5 hours last night.  I was awake over Utah starring at a sea of red outside the plane window.  How surreal to think I will be hiking those red rocks for the next 28 days.  When I landed in Vegas I could hear those around me talking about where they were staying and what they like to do in Vegas.  I thought, these people are going to gamble, eat and drink in hopes to come home winners.  Then I thought of myself, and how I wasn't gambling, but I would be winning on my trip.  As soon as I disembarked I heard my name being paged in the baggage claim, all I could think of was, oh no all my toiletries probably leaked all over my bags and they can't put them on the belt.  Turns out, one of my two bags didn't make it to Vegas.  I was actually thrilled that one of my bags would be hand delivered to Fitness Ridge making me look like a modest packer.

I was greeted in the van by Leslie and Diana, two of my fellow bloggers and Facebook friends that are now more than just a face on a flat screen.  Two beautiful woman that are also going on the same journey.  Once you arrive at Fitness Ridge, you feel the warm embrace from the caring staff.  Fletcher is the concierge and all around guy that helps you to your room.  I feel bad that he had to lug my 48 pound suit case upstairs, but whadda ya gonna do? 
(pictured: Diana, Leslie & Myesha)

I had weight and measurements at 3:45 then free till dinner at 5:30.
Walking around the grounds I met up with many of my fellow facebook and blogger friends.  It is awesome to be here with so many of them.  My lack of caffeine had me meeting Claire Reilly twice.  It is overwhelming for me because so many of the people here knew who I was from my blog.  It really touched me, we've become a family. 

So, dinner consisted of chicken and spaghetti squash with marinara and key lime pie for dessert. note: Spaghetti squash is awesome and easily cooks in your microwave.  Just microwave it, cut it open and scoop out the spagehetti squash. Everything was delicious and I  didn't have to cook!

After dinner was orientation for the newbies, everyone in  the room introduced themselves and said where they were from.  One person needed no introduction for a biggest loser fan such as myself, Britney Aberele from Season 5 checked in for the week.  She is such a sweet and beautiful young lady.  Denae runs this orientation and her title is guest services manager.  She is absolutley stunning with a brain to match.  After we went around the room and introduced ourselves she went around the room and said our names.  She said she hasn't gotten one wrong in 3 years, but Diana, broke that record when Denae called her Debbie then quickly corrected herself saying Diana. (Left pic Denae - right pic me & Britney)

After orientation it is wise to lay out tomorrows clothes because tomorrow morning comes around really early here.  I must be at Intro to Circuit at 6:00am.  All classes are mandatory, but some can be substituted.  I am very excited about what's to come and am ready for the pain, because as they say, "no pain, no gain".

Good night all its 8:30 time to get to bed!


Robin said...

Ahhh.....that totally brings back memories and I'm so very happy for you! You're probably in bed by now but I hope you have a great Stop Sign Hike tomorrow. Oh wait, do they still do that on Mondays?

Karen Skidmore said...

Good night. Look forward to hearing of your first day of FR.

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

No stop sign timed anymore, one van gets to go. No more repeat on Saturday, its like all the other hikes now. Oh well...I missed it by a week!

michelle said...

soooo coool Mom! Good thing we had spaghetti squash at home before you left! That way it wasn't completely foreign! I am suppperr jealous but am going to spin class in a half hour! Think I am gonna jog there too.. <3 I love you and missssss you. Rock on!

michele c said...

It all sounds so cool! I am so happy to have met you too on facebook. See you on the 25th! I am beside myself about everything. Nervous mervous I am calling myself. I can't wait! You will be all buff by the time we meet - haha -I will look like jello still. haha lol Have a great day tomorrow!!!!! Be thinking about you!

Stacy said...

following you! :)

annelisewojo said...

Ahhh, the big day you've been waiting for. I'm on vacation now chillaxin' but thinking of you and everyone working hard on your first day. Looking forward to reading about your day. Was it what you expected? What surprised you? I know you'll do great! Stay strong and keep on keepin' on!