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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 3 at Fitness Ridge

Okay so, for the record, you do not have to go to the 6:00am class unless you want to.  I didn't know this and got up and went to open gym.  I opted out for "hard core" because I thought, heck I just got here I am not ready for a hard core class.  Well it turned out it wasn't hard core, but your core getting a workout in hopes to make it a "hard core".  Get it?  Anyway, Myesha, Diana & myself were all in the gym at 6am doing our thing.  Elliptical for me for 30 minutes followed by the bike for 15. 

After my open gym class it was time for breakfast.  Today was some sort of mexican egg thing, sorry but I didn't look at the menu to see what it was called.  Every breakfast starts with a nice serving of fresh fruit, and I am happy to say, its not just a bunch of melons (my least favorite).  I cut an apple for my hike and bagged it in a baggy.  I had to buy a new hydration pack, let me suggest you buy the Camelback brand as the Coleman brand taste like a bunch of plastic and the valve was useless. The gift shop is convenient all you have to do is take whatever you buy to the front desk and they charge it to your room.

So today was the infamous "Stop Sign Hike".  I was joined by some of my fellow Facebook friends, Leslie, Connie Ellis and her adorable friend Lisa, who is a personal trainer and is a horse on the hikes.  Lisa has given me the nickname Caterpillar and chants it when she sees me.  I told her it was a cool name because for now I am a caterpillar but I will turn in to a beautiful butterfly like she already is.  So yeah, Stop Sign...well...what can I say.  WOW!  It is definitely a challenge.  I learned a couple of things on this hike, one don't do an early class before you do this hike.  You want your energy.  And two, do not wear rings on your fingers.  When you get to the top, where the second stop sign is, you find that your hands have become swollen.  It goes away quick enough when you get back to the Ridge, but keep the rings in your room.  Whatever you think about Stop Sign, think harder, because I am telling you at one point it was like being in the desert and seeing a mirage of water only I thought I saw the Stop Sign in the near distance, and it must have been a mirage, or hallucination lol.  Anyway the last mile or so is a killer you think OMG is it ever going to end!!  Then you turn the corner and you can see that Stop Sign and you say oh Yeah, I did it!  I saw Lisa sprint by me before I got to the Stop Sign saying "Caterpillar, you can do it your almost there!".  Those that got there first cheer you on and let you know you are almost there.  I walked alone, because today marked the first stop sign hike with only 11 people on it,  The way down is super easy compared to the way up.  I was starving and freezing, the weather was 36 with a wind chill that made it feel like the teens!  Bring appropriate clothing for the Fall through the Spring.  Heck it snowed yesterday just above Fitness Ridge.   On the way down I saw one of the guides and he asked if I wanted to be picked up now or at the next parking lot, I said the next parking lot, he said I needed to step up my pace.  So I ran, well jogged for 90% of the way back.  The guide seemed to be about 15 late, turns out he was looking for me at an earlier parking lot. 

After stop sign, the day continued to be intense.  First was Free Weight Workshop which was the easiest thing I did all day, I listened to John instruct us on how to work with free weights and learned a lot.  It was the relaxing part of the day! lol  After John it was lunch time, we had tuna salad and salad with a mango salad dressing and the best part was the turnip soup which warmed up my frozen body!  After lunch we had a Calorie Challenge and I am proud to say my table won.  It didn't hurt having Britney, Biggest Loser Season 5 at my table.  After that was a cooking demo by Chef Cameron.  It was great!!!  Learned how to make the mango dressing and the awesome salmon burgers.  I bought both of his cookbooks today.

After that, the rest of the day was just pure craziness.  I did Cardio Intervals first, and picked the elliptical.  It is a constant increase in speed and/or incline.  You do this 8 times, then drop down 8 times, then you pretty much do this for 45 minutes.  I noticed I had dehydration symptons because I was starving and I just had lunch.  I drank 3 bottles of water and after 30 minutes realized I needed to switch out the elliptical for the bike.  Its all about doing what you can do, you push yourself as hard as you can.  But you best know when its too much and take it down a notch. 

I had my first class with Sharon after that, in Total Toning, but first I ran to the gift shop and got electrolytes to take.  Don't let yourself get to that point, the electrolytes are there for you, take them!  You lose the electrolytes with your sweat and may need to repenish them.  Sharons class had us using weights and a weight bar.  She is this giant beautiful person that has in interesting way with her grammar.  Because its all about being "funner" in her class!

After that class I had just enough time to put on my swim suit and head to my last workout class of the day, "pool".  They supply robes for you to wear to the pool, and you replace them daily for a dry one.  I forgot to get a dry robe today and ended up going to the pool in a wet robe.  Not so much fun since it was in the low 50's and windy!

I was so grateful when it was over.  I ran to my room, took a hot shower, blo dryed my hair in minutes flat.  Then off to dinner.  We had lasagna and the famous Tuesday dessert, 2 chocolate covered strawberries.  The food was fantastic, only I was so tired it took me forever to eat it, and I didn't really care if I ate or slept.  I ate, because you need your nutrition here.

After dinner I sat through week one lecture on Spending Your Calories Wisely.  My daughter has really got me educated, I can say I didn't learn anything new, and wished I could have gone to my room.  It's great information and education on eating right when you go home.  Thank God you also have the information to bring home in your book, because it is hard to retain all that info when you are so exhausted.

Lastly, it is Biggest Loser night and they have it in the aerobic room, but I passed and am watching it while blogging, because I need my bed really soon!!!!!!!!!

It's hard work being here, but it is the best experience you can have for your body.  Do not be afraid of what you will be embarking on if you are coming here, because it is absolutely a gift, the gift of a longer life.

For my family and friends I love and miss you all, and look forward to seeing you in May.  I know you all understand why I am here and your support is awesome.

One last note, I am ready for my bed and it is 8:33pm.  (what a change from my usual 2:30am bedtime)

Nighty-night, here is me saying goodnight and hoping tomorrow I can move!! haha


annelisewojo said...

Whew! What a day! I don't know how you found it in you to put it all in your blog here. You must be exhausted. So, the stop sign hike is everything its talked up to being, eh? Congrats on showing it all you have to give!

Interesting that there is a personal trainer there. Just not the venue I'd expect to meet a personal trainer. Hopefully her calling you caterpillar was a good motivation.

I think I'll not be having the 36 degree weather problem you have going on. I'm thinking I'll have to worry about the heat index being maybe 136 when there in late July. Hot hot hot. I'm sure you'll have some really nice weather days coming up soon.

Take care of yourself and keep on staying strong! Sleep well!

michelle said...

despite the obvious exhaustion in your post I am..

uber jealous.


ultramichelle said...

Congrats it sounds like you are fitting right in and I can't wait to hear about your wings growing as you continue. Do you feel that the posts you have followed have helped you? Do they make sense now? I am so glad you followed me and commented. It really helped. I am so excited to followed on your journey and I am pleased to see your determination, it makes me wish I had you by my side last month and I am more inspired to call and make my new reservation even sooner. GO CATERPILLAR GROW!

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

Yes following blogs is so smart! I have had very few questions since I got here and have been able to offer some of my supplies already to a few campers. Everyone coming here should follow the bloggers that stay here. It was beyond helpful for me.
Thank you all for the comments, I see now that I am here how helpful they are to get!!! Off to my Wednesday..not too sore starting out.

michele c said...

WHEW! Cat! I think I need to go lie down now - your post about day 2 is exhausting! Oh boy! I'm in for an adventure! that's for sure! Thanks and go CAT!!!!!

clare rowley said...

I love the way you write! I'm there with you in my mind - I feel the excitement, the burn the determination~ I love you sista~ so proud.... Can't wait to read more :)

Fitness Ridge Journey said...

Wow Cat is it what you expected?..sounds like you are doing great!!...I packed everything for 60-90 degrees what they forcasted on their website...has it been cold everyday that you have been there? Look forward to meeting you next week!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing day. You should be very proud of the accomplishment. My trip is coming up in May and this is very informational and also a bit scary. However I'm totally looking forward to it

Anonymous said...

Wow Cat! I am so impressed and proud of you for these efforts! What an amazing experience! I will definitely be following you, and moreso, CHEERING YOU ON! When I told Victor, he was like "WHAT?!?" He is uberly proud of you too! We will be thinking of you daily, and will send you positive vibes! Stay strong! ~Heidi & Victor (your #1 karaoke couple!) We miss you!