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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 11 Fitness Ridge

I am writing my blog late tonight, its almost 9:00pm and I should be brushing my teeth and heading to bed.  Today started with Yoga, something I never have taken before.  From what I have been told the class was harder than a beginner class.  I believe it would have been a lot easier if I had a strong fit body.  So I have promised myself to try it again in the not so far off future, when I have my strong and fit body.

Breakfast this morning was once again Muesli with fruit.  I really enjoy it, because at home I eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning.  I was signed up for 101 Third Ravine, which is a beginner hike.  But many of my fellow campers were taking the moderate, intermediate, fast intermediate third ravine so I switched it.  I am really glad I did because I was able to keep up with the fast intermediates and go to go to the top of the mountain.  This hike takes you through a dry ravine then straight up a mountain.  When you get to the very top there is stacked rocks as well as a rock that rocks when you stand on it, its called teeter totter rock.  Britney Aberle is here from Season 5 and on her second week too.  She has one more week.  I noticed that she can manage to be on her cell phone and hike.  All I can do is watch my every step to make sure I don't trip.  Turns out she is updating her twitter and facebook as we hike.  I was really happy that I took the challenge and managed to keep up with everyone.  The longer you are here, the more you want to push yourself to the next level, whether on a hike or in the gym.

After the hike I had everybody's favorite class "Stretch" if there is one thing you can not do enough of, it is stretch.  Following stretch was lunch, today we had pumpkin soup followed by Greek pizza, Yummy!   I am really going to miss all this great cooking when I go home.  Thank God for the cookbooks.  I bought both of them and mailed them back home so my daughter could try out some of the recipes before I get back.  As a matter of fact, my mother was asking me to get the cookbooks for her too so I sent them to her for her birthday which was this week.

After lunch we had mountain class, John was our trainer for the class.  He started it a little different today, playing the song "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus and reading a letter from a former guest that just left a few weeks ago.  She was singing the praises of Fitness Ridge and how it changed her life.  How the day she got there she said she couldn't do it, but she learned she could.  Never say "I can't", never.  We had some extra energy from the power of that letter and we all kicked butt in the class.

After mountain was pool, I have learned so many wonderful exercises for the pool, making me very excited about my pool at home.  I plan on buying the floating weights for my pool, and not just one set, it's a family affair!!

Our last class was kick boxing and unfortunately my foot started hurting today after my hike, so I found my self using caution in the class.  With every class we hear, "do what YOU can do, not what your neighbor can do".  And it is so true, we are all at different levels of fitness and there is no pressure to do the same as another.  They even teach alternative exercises for those with weak knees, shoulders, etc.

Dinner tonight was Salmon filet and dessert was a fruit skewer, it was another tasty and very filling meal.  Ironically, I am rarely hungry for dinner even though I burn all those calories during the day.

Following dinner they have a target run on Wednesdays for the first 12 guest that sign up.  There are a few guest with cars here as well.  I hitched a ride with two guest because the van ride was full.  I wanted another pair of hiking pants.  I chose not to wear shorts because it is too cold when we head out and because of the bushes.  It was funny to find out the girl  I                                   hitched a ride with lives a short 30 minutes away from me.  Small world!

I iced my foot and knees tonight, they keep a nice supply of plastic bags and ice for you to take to your room for any after care you might need from your day.  I hope to be 100% again tomorrow so I can continue to kick butt.  I am here, I am going to give it my all!!

Lastly, I can't say enough about this place it is absolutely wonderful, and now that I am here I understand why the alumni can't wait to come back, its a magical place where you learn one thing..."get comfortable, with being uncomfortable".  It's all good because at the end of the day, there is no place you'd rather be than getting healthy and renewing your life.

Have a great tomorrow and take charge of your life now, don't wait to get to Fitness Ridge.  If you can't come here, make change if you need to because you have to be the one in the drivers seat to make the necessary changes in your life.  And you are worth it, the benefits are many!!  Off to brush my teeth...good night all!


JulieLeyden said...

Hey Cat! I just finished marathon reading of your blog and got myself all caught up! I read from Day 1 thru today and all I can say is WOW!! I am more excited than ever to get there. I had my share of tearful, emotional moments reading about yours and your fellow FR'ers experiences...All so touching and inspirational! I truly enjoy how detailed your blog is... It seems you leave nothing out and I love that!! Please keep up the blogging! It's absolutely a wonderful thing you are doing by sharing all your thoughts! Have a great week! Be healthy! ~Julie

Linda said...

Cat - How cool is it that you fouind someone who lives so close to you? That is just great!
I keep thinking about your toe blisters...I use two of these little gel toe caps when I run and they work wonders. If you can find them I think they would really help! I think the ones I use are made by Pedifix.
Thanks again for the great inspiration!