My Scale

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hi all, I know it seems as though I disappeared down the rabbit hole, and I kind of did for awhile.  I am back and planning on a really strong 2013.  I am over at my other blog to do my writing as I am not on a countdown to the resort anymore, but instead continuing my journey.  With 2013, I have started a support group where we can FEED off of each other and NOT gain weight!! (hehe)
Feel free to come read my blog and also join the unsolicited group Cat's Support Station.  Just send a request and know the only ones who can read in this group are the group members.  They are made up of fellow friends working and striving towards better health, as well as trainers, dietitians and nutritionist.  Nothing to sell here, just support for giving, sharing and receiving.  The link to the group is:

Here's to a healthy 2013 my friends!