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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 19 Fitness Ridge

My day started early with Anna Marie's Total Body Conditioning class at 6:00am.  It is an optional class but I like to take as many classes as I can, where else can you wake up and be in a class 5 minutes later?  After the class I went to my room and switched out of my aerobic clothes and put on clothes more appropriate for a hike. Mornings are still cool here and I prefer to start my day with a jacket or sweatshirt on for my hikes and take it off as I get hot.

Breakfast today was muesli with fruit, I enjoy this breakfast as it reminds me of my morning oatmeal at home.

Today my group was sent to Saddle, a hike named for the saddle like top of a mountain.  When they pointed out the mountain I would be climbing today I thought oh no!  I can't do it.  But the truth is, I can and I did do it.  It was an extremely challenging hike because you spend the first 45 minutes going up a mountain.  It is the first hike I have been on where I found myself touching the rocks to climb up.  The view from up top was beautiful as always, and offered great shades of red.  We go down a different way and get to go to the Fern Gully, which is a beautiful clash of rocks that sometimes has water falling between it.  Unfortunately, there was not water for us today.  Eventually this hike leads you to a very long path of sand, I think we walk in sand for at least a mile.  Spring is starting to bloom here so there is buds popping out of the tops of the cactus and many other wild flowers starting to show their colors.

I was so exhausted after that hike today, but that doesn't keep you from getting up and going to your next class.  We usually have about a 15 break from the time the vans drop you back off at the Ridge, till you go to your next class.  And if you walked through sand you have to spend some time cleaning your feet and never forget between your toes.  My next class was gym or pool, and the weather was so cold and the sky so cloudy that I chose the gym class.  I was thrilled that I did, as Tiffany our trainer had us do circuit with the weight machines.  I focused on my abs and chest and we spent 45 minutes going back and forth from machine to machine.  It was a great class!!

Lunch today was again, mushroom soup and a turkey sandwich.  There was no surprises as both are really good and I remembered this from when I had it a few weeks ago.  After lunch I went to my room to rest up before my next class.  I was suppose to take pool at 2:30 but it was so cold and the sky was so cloudy that I chose to take 2 treading classes today.  I chose the bike for my first class bringing myself to the highest level 25.  I had ball works with Anna Marie following the first treading class and it was a welcome change.  Right after that class I was back in the gym having another treading class, this time picking the treadmill and doing a level 15 on that.  The workouts today couldn't be over quick enough, I was really tired when I finished.

Dinner tonight was stuffed green peppers and vanilla pie.  It was a lot of food and I couldn't finish all of my green peppers, a little too much.  2 lectures happen on Thursday night, one is the departing guest lecture that I will attend next Thursday, the other was given by Sharon on increasing your income.  It is mostly a class about pledging what you will do next week to step it up.  I already plan on stepping it up next week since I will be going home that following weekend.

I guess the thing about today that really sticks with me, is saying "I can't climb that mountain", truth is, I CAN. What is your personal mountain that you allow yourself to say you can't do?  It's time to step it up and say I can, it's all about believing in yourself.  YOU CAN DO IT!


nicole11273 said...

Thank you very much for your blog. I have not been to FR yet and probably won't be for a while but I am finding that your daily journal has given me such motivation to make positive choices for the day. I also look forward to reading your updates because....a girl can dream, right? You always wrap things up with a positive message and I really appreciate that. Again, thank you! Best of luck to you and your journy, although, it doesn't seem like you need have all the determination you'll need to suceed to your goal! Nicole

Nutrish Mish said...

keep truckin! your almost there and then when you get home we can share clothes and workout and cook together and take a hike..err.. "a walk in the park" lol love u

myesha said...

I am so happy to see you PUSHING through the challenging hikes. I KNEW you could do it...and now you do to!! Keep up the great work. You are doing an amazing job!!!