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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 7 Fitness Ridge

Saturday has completely changed from every other Saturday at Fitness Ridge.  On Saturday, everyone use to go do the Stop Sign Hike.  But that was retired last week.  The end of an era.  Some would say that it's a good thing, while others feel it is removing a tradition.  Either way, with the growth of Fitness Ridge it is no longer feasible to have everyone trek up the mountain to the Stop Sign.  You can still do Stop Sign Hike on Saturday, only you have to be one of the first 11 to sign up.  There is about 4 or 5 hikes available on Saturday and you can also chose Cardio Blast and stay on campus.  I chose cardio because I am nursing my wounded feet.  I tried out my new sneakers today and I am going to be golden next week doing my workouts.  Be sure you have toe room in your shoes.  When hiking you point your toes a lot on the rocks and if you have little room in your shoes it will become uncomfortable.  Also you will find that you swell up a little bit hiking as well.  So have breathing room in your shoes, just not slippage. 

We started our day with breakfast, today was a fruit parfait that was a little on the tart side, which happens without the added sugar you might get in one elsewhere.  Immediately following breakfast, those who were hiking left with their guides and the rest of us poured in to the gym.  Marjorie was our trainer today, we started with some seriously crazy cardio.  I chose the bike again because of my feet.  I worried I wouldn't get a great workout and oh how wrong could I be.  This was like hiking on cardio machines.  We started at level 6 on the bike as instructed by the lovely, Marjorie.  Then we climbed up 6 each time.  We went 5 minutes at 6, then five minutes at 12, then five minutes at 18, then five minutes at Level 24.  Then down to 18 for five, then back up to 24 for five.  Eventually you work yourself down to 6 again which takes about an hour.  There is no recovery just lowered levels of intensity.  There is a lot to be said about the classes here, the motivation is so intense.  I watched my new friend Ivy go to the highest incline on the treadmill today.  The entire room was rooting for her.  She weighed in week one and lost 9 pounds.  I am waiting till I leave May 1.  That workout left my shirt completely soaked.  We had a 5 minute break then on to our next class, aerobic circuit.  We had kickboxing, ball works, steps, etc.  You rotated to a station and worked all parts of your body.  We spent 3 hours between the 2 classes working out with only a 5 minute break.  It was awesome, why?  Because we all got through it!

After that class we had choice of pool or cardio circuit, I chose cardio circuit for my feet.  Didn't want to get my feet wet till they heal more.  So more intense cardio, but the intensity and joint effort of everyone just makes you want to do it, and you do!  Lisa is a trainer from Canada and has spent the week here working on her education in nutrition and she was a motivator for many.  For me today, she pushed me to a new place on the elliptical.  Thanks Lisa, I love you and am sad you are leaving tomorrow!  But I am your caterpillar until further notice, that butterfly is coming soon!

We followed that up with lunch, then the rest of the day is yours to do whatever you want.  Maybe laundry, rent a movie, go swimming, tan, whatever it's your choice.  I rented a movie and took it to my room.  It is the first time all week you have time to dry your hair and put on make up if you so choose.  I put my jeans on for the first time since I got to Fitness Ridge.  Usually you wear workout clothes, bathing suits and pajamas.

Ivy above misses her mom and I miss my daughters so we decided to adopt eachother for the month since we are both here that long.  Ivy is staying 2 months so I promised to find a replacement for me when I have to leave.

Dinner was salisbury steak and pineapple sorbet, there was a lot of people savoring that meal.  It was made of turkey of course, but it was delicious.  Following dinner was graduation, they show video and pictures of all us on our hikes and working out, and you get complimentary copies on disc to take home.  Each week you are there you get a reward, being my first week of going to every class I got a tee shirt.  Next week is a hat, third week a gym bag, and my last week a jacket.  So not only am I gaining muscle strength here, I am gaining some nice rewards from Fitness Ridge. I am glad I have a new tee shirt because I realized today that my one tee shirt is too big for me and I can't wear it anymore.  Everyone speaks in to the microphone and says something most say goodbye to those going home tomorrow.  And everyone thanks everyone for keeping them motivated.  Someone said it best tonight, "once you come to Fitness Ridge you are connected to everyone for life".  It is so true, in just a week you will make many friends and be sad when you leave.
Tonight was game night and a small group of us stayed and played Deal or No Deal, oh well my side of the table lost, but who cares there was no real money at stake!  We had 2 groups after that playing scrabble and some memory card game.  The girls played the card game, but I opted for scrabble.  Poor Fletcher, he really didn't understand the game, but he learned.

Tomorrow I plan on going to Zion Park for the day.  But we will see, you never know if I will want to just stay and lay around on my "only day of rest".

Have a wonderful weekend, talk soon!! 

PS Miss and love my family and puppies!!  ((hugs))


annelisewojo said...

What a wonderful week!

I think it's brave that you're not weighing in until the end of your stay. I couldn't do it. I'm too impatient and would want to know too badly. Vacation is killing me not knowing where I stand. I need my scale to help assure me that I'm on track or not.

I hope you make it to Zion Park today. If not, baske in the joy of relaxing today and preparing for a funner week. :) By the way, you didn't mention, did the jeans fit noticeably different?

Take care and rest up. Sending you lots of muscle resting hugs this weekend!

Gerri said...

I absolutely love your blog. I just found this site on yesterday and I read everyone of your days and couldn't wait to log on today to ready how your Saturday went.

I'm truly thinking of giving myself the gift of Fitness Ridge :)

Thank you so much for sharing...

ALAN CHEZ said...

have fun o your day off. you deserve it.

the hub


Dianna said...

I want to also thank you for taking the time to post such a great Blog about your stay at Fitness Ridge! Your hard work and determination to reach your goals are such an inspiration. I hope your feet are ready to go on Monday morning so you can do everything you want to do. BTW, I also was wondering about THE JEANS...

Thanks again for helping us experience Fitness Ridge vicariously!

Robbie Kelley said...

as always great blogging Cat. We made it through week 1 and I for one feel a whole lot stronger. It has Saturday gym workout was really fun with you.

Looking forward to next week.

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

More on the jeans in sundays post. (grin)

Stephany said...

Can't wait to meet Ivy! I will be there May 16th