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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 14 Fitness Ridge

Saturday is always a great day at Fitness Ridge.  Today is the day that celebrates your weeks accomplishments. Many people "test out" which means they get weighed and measured, and many more test out on Sunday.  You have the option to get weighed if you are staying, but I once again decline the scale.  I can't let that define my progress here at the Ridge.  Today after breakfast, those leaving take their last hike and last class, the rest of us know its the end of our week and shortly we will have the opportunity to catch our breath and take in some rest before Monday starts with another week of the same intensity.  I chose Stop Sign again, and since timing the hike was an age old tradition, many of us still want to time ourselves and use our watches.  I shaved off 15 minutes today, a HUGE achievement from last weeks Stop Sign hike.  Saturdays are a hike and a class and this week my last class was the best, it was stretch.  What an awesome way to end the week.  I think the stretching we do eliminates a lot of the muscle pain I would have.  Anna Marie had us almost sleeping by the end of the class.

Lunch today was Asian chicken wrap and pepper soup.  The soup was my favorite so far, which really surprised me.  After lunch I took a cup of hot tea to my room where I planned on staying till dinner.

Today is the day you can take your time in the shower, and you might put on make up and do your hair.  It is also a day a lot of us put on something other than workout clothes.  It's funny because so many of us look so different when we clean up, as we call it here.  I decided to wear the jeans I came here in 2 weeks ago, and to my amazement they have gotten bigger.  In fact, I am able to slip them off without unbuttoning or unzipping them.  When I realized that, I had an impulse to try on my smaller "goal" pants that I bought.  Two weeks ago I put my goal pants on just to see how they fit, and they didn't get passed my thighs, today I buttoned and zipped them up.  So basically I am down a pant size in just 2 weeks!  I pampered myself a little by painting my toes, something that is second nature at home is almost not even a thought when you are here.  I also got out my needle and thread today and took my bathing suits in 2 inches in hopes to not be in a baggy suit next week.  Who needs a scale when my pants and bathing suits are telling me I have lost weight.

Dinner tonight everyone looked cleaned up, nice hair, make up, real clothes and lots of smiles.  It is really exciting hearing the numbers of those that tested out already.  One girl lost 17 pounds and 20" and she didn't have a lot to lose.  There was a lot of great numbers and even better inches lost.  I am hopeful for my own test out in two weeks.  Sometimes the idea of two more weeks seem so exhausting, but truly every week I get stronger and stronger.  After dinner is graduation and we watch a video of everyone working out all week.  We then pass the microphone, I said "This is week 2 of 4 for me, and I had my roughest day on Thursday, but I decided to make my Friday a better day.  Just know you are going to have a "bad" day, but make the decision to make the next day a better one."  and of course I mentioned my pants falling off and my goal pants fitting me already.  Each week you do the program you get a reward, week one a tee shirt, being my second weeks I got a hat, next week I get a gym bag and my last week I get a jacket.  I said good bye to a lot of wonderful beautiful people this week I will truly miss them.  Many of us will stay in touch and even visit each other.

After graduation 22 of us when bowling we were split up in 5 teams on the lanes.  It was a combination of guest and staff bowling.  We had a good time, after two weeks of seeing nothing but mountains and gyms it was nice to get out and do and see something else.

Tomorrow as the last of the guest depart, a whole bunch of new guest will arrive.  We will have our meet and greet and dinner and then start another week of hikes and workouts.  We are changing our lives one day at a time.  With the support from the staff and trainers as well as from the fellow guest, it is easy to push yourself to YOUR limit.  I am ready for week three and the changes it will make not only in my appearance, but mentally.  It is life changing and wonderful.

I look forward to a day of rest tomorrow and hope you remember that YOU need ONE day to rest as well.  So if you are working out and exercising every day remember to rest one day a week.  If you are not working out at all try and workout just a little, then add a little more next week.  Remember this is something we all can do.  You only have one life, and it is 100% up to you to make it the best life you can live.



annelisewojo said...

I continue to be amazed by the results I hear from attendees in terms of inches or sizes lost. The fact that you couldn't get those goal jeans up two weeks ago and can now pull them up and zip and button them is amazing. Amazingly awesome that is.

Now this day of rest I have a hard time with. I guess I figure that my day of rest is the day that I just get too busy to do a good workout. I don't want to plan a rest day for fear I miss another day due to other commitments or just life. Truthfully though, that rarely happens these days because I'm so dedicated. I know my body needs the rest. I'll have to think about this and my schedule and look at trying to add in a rest, or at least an active rest (walking only) day. Thanks for the reminder.

And you are right, I CAN DO IT and so CAN YOU!!! :) Keep it going Cat. You are making us all proud. :) xxx

michelle said...
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michelle said...

Take your rest day.. take it and embrace it and maybe even go get a massage. You deserve that! You are inspiring many people at the ridge and at home! Even Alan wants to eat right and exercise! I cannot believe in 2 weeks you will be "Mini Cat." I told Alan yesterday that youre gonna come home skinnier than me..I literally said "She is already prettier than me, if she comes home all tiny, I'm screwed" lol my guy friends are gonna want you even more! lol Anyway, we love you. Can not wait to workout with you and cook with you when you get home. I miss my Dommy so so so much. Alan and I are bonding a lot though, so try not to worry about us! Driving range here we come... xoxoxoxoxxox