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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 4 at Fitness Ridge

Today I opted to stay in my bed till breakfast, because yesterday was grueling.  We had fruit and museli this morning. It was good, full of fruit in the museli.

I chose the Reverse White Rocks hike, which was an intense.  It is intro to intermediate.  The guides are awesome though and make sure you make it up and down every bit of the sandstone that you climb on.  Having a good pair of sneakers is highly recommended.  Finding a pair designed for hiking is a great idea, and if they don't have too much mesh all the better because they get full of sand.  The hike did scare me slightly, but then there was Joan, she was my muse today.  The true inspiration and my motivation on that mountain.  She uses walking sticks on her hikes.  She doesn't move as fast as the rest of the pack but you know if she can conquer the mountain, so can I.    I thanked her for inspiring me on that hike.  I burned over 2,000 calories before lunch, but remember that includes my RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate).  Upper right picture is where we climbed today, picture on the right is butterfly rock. Below is Joan, my inspiration today.  I walked down that sandstone in the middle pic, and lastly the picture all the way to the right is me bumping into a new friend I met on the shuttle ride to St George, we named her Shuttle Gail. She is staying elsewhere but we hit it off and exchanged info, it was awesome to bump in to her on the trail!!

As soon as we returned to the Ridge, I had just enough time to change my clothes and shoes and get to my circuit training class.  I described it Monday so I won't bother to again.  I like that class a lot!  Today I made sure to get on a machine that would keep me working my upper body today.
Lunch followed Circuit and was "Beet Soup" and "Green Pizza".  Unfortunately the pictures I took didn't come out so I will have to show you them the next time it's on the menu.  Every 2 weeks you get different food, if you are here for a month you repeat the food.  It's all okay with me, Chef Cameron is a Master Chef and I am loving having 3 meals served to me each day, with no thoughts or worries about calories.

After lunch, I had another lecture.  Everyone must go to madatory lectures that help you with nutrition, education, and what they call relaxation which is your personal body image.  So there is a lot of lectures but at least you are resting and fed while you listen. Breaking Barriors was a informative lecture by Kwinten Kemp, the Licensed Professional Counselor. 

Immediately following the lecture I was off to get my swim suit on, we had a pool class that had four stations with different exercises.  I have learned a lot of strength training methods in the pool so I intend on bringing that information home with me and sharing the wealth with the family!

After pool I had kickboxing with Sharon, and what's not to love?  Actually I am LOVING all the trainers.  They are not only really supportive, they keep you giggling through your workouts.  They make it "funner" to workout then it would be elsewhere.  No its not bad grammar, its Sharon's word for working it harder.  I loved that class.

My next class was Mountain, this one worried me, but it was actually really fun, and bicycle squatting, John Yohman was the trainer.  Not only did we get a great work out with an increase on a cardio machine every 3 minutes for 40 minutes straight, we sang backup for some of the music playing.  The class went by really quick, and John is always fun!  Did I mention I am LOVING the trainers!

I found out because I am here a month I get a 15 consultation with a trainer of my choice.  It will be hard to pick one, so I will wait a few weeks and decide then.

Today was much easier than Tuesday, which they call "Teary Tuesday".  And I did break a tear yesterday when I let my electrolytes get too low, so I can't argue with them.  Today just seemed a lot easier and I wasn't as sore as I expected when I woke up this morning.  But unfortunately, I did find 2 blisters on my toes at the end of the day. (sigh)  They haven't popped so I have put moleskin on them which protects what they call "hot spots" (areas that feel like they are going to blister).  I even found a blister under my bodybugg which is attached to my upper left arm.  I must have been wearing it too tight. 

Dinner was Cafe Salad and Mango Sorbet.  It is absolutely amazing what Chef Cameron does with food,  The salad had a tortilla at the bottom so I ate half then made it into a wrap.  Again food was awesome.  We had another lecture following dinner with the dietician.  I have attached a picture of her talking tonight, her name is Emily Fonnesbeck, she is a tiny little thing, but don't let that fool you she is BIG on nutritional information.  She is here to keep you successful when you get home from Fitness Ridge.  Todays lecture was on Intuitive Eating, which is what kind of eater are you, how do you handle food situations etc.  We have had 3 lectures with her so far.

And every Wednesday is "Target" night.  Where you can pile in the van and go shopping for 30 minutes.  With my new found blisters I chose to stay back at the Ridge and blog.

All in all, Wednesday gets 2 thumbs up, I conquered a hike that was a bit of a challenge, I got a lot of cardio and strength training, dined like a queen and feel pretty good for my third day of hard core working out.

Tomorrow comes quick here, so I am off to lala land...a good place to be when I am not working out!


Jen Adkins said...

Your postings have been great. So detailed. Good point about the mesh shoes...I wondered about that. :) Keep up the super work!

Brandi said...

Im glad you got to do White rocks! It is such a beautiful hike :)

Stephany said...

So inspiring! You are going to make me kick up my training for FR to a even higher notch. Don't think anything will compare until I get there! I read on Twitter that the author of the Biggest Loser Cookbook will be at FR this month as well as Coleen from BL Season 7, I believe! Is Wayne there? The guy that lost 400 lbs? I am hoping to meet him in May.

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

He's not here yet, I messaged him but he didn't get back to me as to when he is coming. Britney is here for 2 more weeks. She is so insiring and adds great comments to the lectures. Also, Suzi Preston Hoover is suppose to be here the last week. Every week is a surprise, never know who is going to be here. Its just a great enviroment of people getting healthy a great way. Can't wait to meet you!!

Dee Dee said...

I'm so proud of you Cat! Love your writings. Sorry I haven't commented much, but just know that I'm keeping up with you! Hang in there ... I'm jealous! I want to be back there again! I miss the trainers sooooo much! Please, tell them hello for me! Keep up the great work!

Bettykiddon said...

Good job Cat...keep up the good work. I'll be there May 2nd.

Linda said...

It is just so great to read your blog, Cat, I can't wait to get there and get started! I really appreciate the comment about mesh shoes and the sand, that is a really good point, I HATE sand in my shoes so I'll be sure to give me new and unused hikers a spin and get them broken in. Can't wait to read your next post!

Sabine said...

This sounds all so familar. I was there last April, this time for 2 weeks. Once you are past Wednesday you knpw you can do anything.
Now a question:
Why did you change your weight loss stats to pounds lost from real pounds?
Just confusing.
When you weighted in, were you close to your home scale? Are you planning to get weighted every week?
Just curious
Enjoy, Sabine

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

I opened my blog to all my friends and family and although I don't mind them knowing how much I loss, rather not let them know how much I weighed. I will not be weighing and measuring till I leave at the end of the month. Don't want the numbers to get in the way of my workout.

Robbie Kelley said...

I'm loving doing this with you also. This place is such an inspiration to me and I will never regret coming for a month. You are rocking it girl!

Sabine said...

Hi Cat,
I was just asking about the weight since you originally had it on your blog. I hope i did not offend you by asking.
How close to your home scale was your weigh oin at the Ridge?
Although it does nto really matter, jsut wait till the clothes fall off your back when you leave...
Keep blogging, I enjoy it immensely!

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

I would say it was the afternoon, and I had clothes on so about a pound higher maybe??...I am not offended at all, no worries. As my blog shows, I wear everything on my sleeve, or my blog! lol Glad you are enjoying the blog. More to come tonight!!

Gayle said...

Yes, it was great meeting you as well and I love the picture of us!!! You are so right about the mesh shoes, mine kept getting filled with sand, I had to stop and empty at least 3 times per hike. Keep up the great work, I are rooting for you. Gayle