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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 10 Fitness Ridge

Wow, I just finished another Tuesday, and I am so exhilerated that I did it and feel pretty great.  Today started with "Hard Core".  This class starts when the roosters crow.  Seriously if you take a 6am class you do hear the roosters crowing in the distance.  I make a point of having my clothes laid out the night before so I can sleep till the very latest.  I wake at 5:40 to get ready to go to the early AM classes.  Remember these classes are NOT mandatory but if you are spending the money to come here, why not get the most out of your stay.  I skipped Hard Core last week because I thought it meant it was a really hard class.  Turns out it is a class designed to work your core.  I have felt very little muscle stress so I knew I wanted to step it up and get that work out for my middle.  This class is really good and its great for any level of fitness.  As usual, after taking my morning class I go back to my room and switch out of my aerobic clothes and put on my hiking clothes and shoes.  This is all personal preference, but for me I like to wear long pants on the hikes, because being here in April the temp is in the 40's when we head out for our hikes.

With my camelback in hand, I headed to the dining room and kind of went What? My breakfast seemed so small and I wondered how that could hold me over till lunch time.  It was very tasty apple muffin and our usual mixed fruit.  I decided that I would try everything and although I am not a huge fan of melon, I eat all my melon everyday.  Can't cheat your body with too few calories, you are working it and you need your fuel.  The muffin not only held me over, I didn't have my snack today.

So I tried all last week to get on the West Canyon hike and never could get on it, so today was the day.  It is a beginner hike with almost no incline at all.  The total for this hike is about 8 miles round trip depending on your pace.  I was just shy of the guide and the head hiker, so I figure the hike was very close to 8 miles for me.  My next class was pool and I was still trying to dry out my blister so I chose to walk back to Fitness Ridge from my hike.  I was told it was about 4 miles.  I walked it alone, something you CAN do if you are on at least your second week.  First weekers and one weekers can not walk back.  I have to admit it was really a challenge walking back after doing a hike.  But I managed to get back in 1.20 minutes.  My feet were crying when I got back, so I went to my room took some vitamin I aka Ibruprofen and raised my feet up for awhile.  I really worried that it would ruin the rest of the day for me because I was so exhausted.

Lunch was next for me, and today we had an absolutely mouth watering lunch.  We started with tomato soup and had Quinoa Lettuce Wraps for our main meal.   Absolutely wonderful, can't wait to make them at home!  Since I am on my 2nd week I didn't have to take the cooking class and chose to go to my room for a much needed break.  I could have done open gym, but with the extra walk and the early morning class I was well over what I needed to do.  And that extra walk made me need a rest.

I had pool for my next class and decided it was time to get my blister back in the water.  Sharon our "funner" trainer was teaching the class.  I really welcomed this class today as my feet needed the break the water brings.  For some reason I feel the water almost massages the sore muscles, even though we spend the entire time in the pool exercising.

I ran upstairs for a quick shower, something you get use to around here.  Then off to Cardio Intervals, my favorite class, NOT!  Okay this one kicks my butt every time.  But its all good because when it is over I have the satisfaction that that I did it.  My last class today was Total Conditioning, which includes a lot of squats and lunges, 2 things you better be prepared for if you come here!!  Being our last class of the day we were treated to 10 minutes of stretching, and that is something you come to appreciate around here.

Dinner was amazing tonight Shephard's Pie and 2 chocolate strawberries.  The pie was amazing!  Wow again I can not say enough about the food here, it is just fantastic! I think today was my favorite lunch and dinner...yummy.  Okay Michelle, the books are being mailed home, start cooking and try those 2 recipes.  Wow!

Again, Biggest Loser is set up in the aerobics room, and again I am opting for my bed to watch it.  I can put my feet up and prop my head on my pillows.  And after the workouts you do in a day its what the doctor ordered.

If you are making a trip here, make sure you start preparing yourself now by moving more and eating better.  Little changes will make it easier for you.  Regardless, we all need to keep moving and watch out for processed foods for a better tomorrow.  Make your tomorrow better by moving and eating right today.

Until tomorrow...have a great one!!


Stephany said...

Great job on the hike and walk back. 8 miles and you added another 4! You are awesome! I bet you sleep GREAT! Food did look amazing! Since I am only going to be there one week, hope they serve that meal while I am there. :)

Question -- when I come I am not staying at the resort, do they have showers available to those not staying there? Or am I just going to have to stay stinky all day?

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

Yes, they have a shower and lockers for you, no worries. There are a few guest staying off campus. It doesn't cause any problems. ; )

ALAN CHEZ said...

so proud of you.
you rock bagby

love you

the hub


annelisewojo said...

As usual, great advice and insight for everyone. Teary Tuesday is over, and I didn't read about any tears! :)

Keep on keepin' on and bein' proud! You're doing awesome. I'm feeling stronger just reading you.