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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Eve!

Happy New Year to All!

Once again we contemplate the things we didn't achieve in 2010 and add them to our resolution list for 2011.  This year, the one thing that I want on my resolution list, is to stay a winner throughout the year.  To stay driven, and not fall back.  I want to find myself one year from today making the resolution to do exactly what I did in 2011.  A year of living a healthy lifestyle.

I would bet that living a healthy lifestyle is the number one resolution out there.  Staying fit consist of so many things from quitting bad vices such as smoking, drinking and over eating, to moving and exercising.  Another form of living fit, is emotionally, living positively, being spiritual.  Most of us would like to be more financially secure as well, however without a healthy lifestyle these other securities will fall flat.  

I pledge that one year from today I will be fit and happy with my body size, I will be living a positive life and finally over 50 years in the making will have managed to stick to a resolution.  That is not my plan, that is my reality!  I will find ways of dealing with my hardships without reaching for the wrong foods and I will always make plans for exercise at least 3 days a week.  So, I guess my resolution really is being able to emotionally make it through 2011 without falling in the same traps as every year before.  This year I will come to grips with my emotions and I will stay strong, as the greatest reward I can give myself is the reward of a healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, I want to thank "The Biggest Loser" program for showing the world that you can be everything you want to be.  For joining forces with Fitness Ridge to create a place where you can really get a kick start to a healthier life.  I want to thank "Cynthia Sass" author of the book "Cinch" for everything I learned being apart of her study.  She is one of the most amazing woman I have the pleasure to know, she has created a plan that gives you total balance when eating, leaving you feeling full and not depriving you of your chocolate.  I want to thank "my readers", you keep me in check, reminding me I am not alone, we are all having similar battles.  Your comments give me strength and help keep me motivated.  I want to thank my family and for their constant support, for the education of my daughter Michelle,
may she never forget how important her degree really
is as she helped me and Alan get back our life.

I wish for everyone to have a healthy New Year full of positivity and may all your resolutions persevere!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting Motivated

Today was "d" day, or should I say "m" day.  Today was the day I got my motivation back.  My house is presently filled with all he delights of the holiday, cookies, chips, cake, chocolates and so much more.  How tempting it is for me to reach for these and say tomorrow I will begin.  That is going back to bad habits I formed ages ago.  I started my day by being honest, I weighed myself.  To say I was disappointed would be an under statement.  Not only am I disappointed in myself, I am concerned that I let my readers down.

I have been run through a mill this summer and fall and I let it win.  Unfortunately for me, I rewarded myself with all the wrong things, and never took time for me to workout, walk or move.  I know my "rewards" are really punishments but I fell in to my old traps of weight gain and failures.  So here I sit declaring that I have put many pounds back on.  I was almost in a size 8 at the beginning of the summer and am now a size 12.

Its really ironic that to get my motivation back, I went back in this blog.  I started reading it from day one.  When I got to February I stopped reading, took my clothes off, got on the scale, starred down on my reality.  I then whipped on my workout clothes and sneakers.  I grabbed a rubber band and 2 water bottles and head down to my treadmill.  The remotes were still resting on the machine just as I had left in more than a month earlier.

To my relief, I wasn't back where I was in February, doing 1/4 mile walking followed by a short jog.  Instead I was able to push myself for an entire mile  jogging, followed up by walking on an incline of 7-11 steadily for another mile.  My cell phone rang as I was jogging and it reminded me of some of the stresses that allowed me to gain back pounds.  This time I must get a grip on these problems, and find rewards in eating healthy and exercising.

One of my Christmas presents this year is Jillian Michaels kettle balls and video.  Unlike previous years, it didn't take months for me to open it up and try it out.  Today was the day.  I am super excited to add this workout to my schedule so I can get a good core workout and great strength training.

Last January I had high hopes of losing so many pounds by a certain date.  This time, I know it can be done, proof is within my blog.  I just can't be a quitter, and really I am NOT a quitter, I just sometimes put me on standby.

So to all of you that have received inspiration from me in the past, forgive me for falling off the wagon, but I promise you I am back.  And this time I intend to work on my emotional issues a little more so that I won't be writing about my failures to you again but instead of my strengths.

Well, tonight is the Devils game, and me and Alan are attending which means an opportunity to eat horrible.  Instead we are leaving early, (since he is home on reruns) and will be eating at a restaurant nearby.  Better choices for me to eat right, and we have to walk from our parking garage to the restaurant and the arena.  More exercise for me! Weeeeeeee!!!   I am rooting for a win for the Devils, as we have both been on a terrible losing streak its time for winning!

Go Devils, Go Cat!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 to end....what will it bring in 2011

Most of you know, I have not blogged on this page since Spring, mainly due to the name of my blog.  I added a second blog called Cat's 1 Life.  But here I sit this late December morn, once again opening up this blog and writing.

I made a decision last month, that once again that I would like the Biggest Loser Resort for my Christmas present.  I knew I wanted to go back in April but for 2 weeks this time.  Knowing how popular going there is, I knew I would have to be wait listed for the weeks I wanted to go.  Sure enough that was the case.  I told my husband, give them my cell phone number to call and I kept it on 24 hours a day.  I almost missed out on the first call because it was early morning for me and being a DJ I prefer shut eye when they called.  I took the area code and quickly googled it to realize it was Fitness Ridge calling me.  I called them back and luckily they hadn't moved on yet to the next person waiting.  Only one week was available, but I was confident I would get another call at some point.  My second call came on December 26.  I was ecstatic to get both my weeks.  So it is now official that I am once again counting down to the Biggest Loser Resort.  I will be at Fitness Ridge in Utah the last 2 weeks of April.

I am extremely blessed to be going back again just one year after my first trip.  I sit here before you after a very trying 2010.  From the beginning of this blog, I weighed in at just under 200 pounds, in a size 18/20.  Today I sit here a size 12, one size bigger than when I left the Resort.  

I sometimes feel we are given challenges to keep us humble. From the beginning of summer till now, I have run in to many stumbling blocks.  I have been under great stress, so bad that I started to see changes in my health.  I had the sound of a truck rumbling in my right ear, and I am certain my stresses caused them.  My weight started changing with a lack of exercise and even my food didn't matter much to me.  What a far cry from where I started in late January.  It is easy to let your troubles in  life take over and make you ignore what is  important most, YOU and YOUR HEALTH. 

For me it's always been easy to go back into the mode I was raised on.  I've been having a bad time with things lately, so its time to have a meal or snack that satisfies me.  Its not even like I am consciously thinking about it at the time, its just "habit".  I skinned my knee, I got a cookie.  Kids were cruel at school, mom made  something good to eat.  Whatever the case, I find myself going back to habits I grew up on.  Habits like that never die inside you, but lay dormant.   I think that is why I have often had the yo-yo affect.  

So as I confess to you that I have gained back weight, I also profess to you.  I will once again be getting myself ready for my upcoming trip to Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, with weight loss, exercise and a constant check on my eating.  
What will make 2011 different than the years before is getting to the "head" of it.  I am going to work on the habits that have caused me failure my entire life, reminding myself, that eating right and exercise are the greatest gifts I can give myself and my family.

So if you have fallen like me, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start again.  And try and keep your dormant habits in check so you can have great success along with the good health it provides.