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Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 2 at Fitness Ridge

I had my first morning all set to wake up at 5:40 giving me 20 minutes to get to the first class, which is intro to Circuit Training.  But unfortunately a bunch of us got a 4:15 wake up call.  It was so loud and obnoxious that I couldn't fall back to sleep.  So the DJ that usually sleeps till 10:30 got up at 4:15AM.   Circuit training is all the equipment in the gym.  You do 2 minutes on a cardio machine, elliptical, treadmill, etc. followed by 2 minutes of a strength machine, then back to the cardio and then back to strength for a full 45 minutes.  Breakfast followed our Intro to CT then we were told about the new hiking plan.  They tell everyone what hike they will be going on, which did not include the infamous Stop Sign Hike.  It looks like every other day you can pick the hike you want to take, Monday is the only day they tell you which hike you will go on.
My first hike didn't start in a van like all the other hikes, but instead you walk right out of Fitness Ridge and explore the mountains in the horizon nearby.  The hike was beautiful and fairly easy to do.  We saw lots of indian writings on the rocks along the way as well as ruins of where towns use to be.  In the distance there is still a small indian tribe.
This hike is called Anasazi.
When you arrive at Fitness Ridge you get a color, they break you up in to 3 teams.  You do all the same activities with your color your entire stay.  If you come with someone they keep you on the same color.  So I am on the blue team and after we returned from the hike we had stretch class.  The music is really soothing and the class is calm and very good for our bodies. 
Following Stretch we had lunch, and at that time I felt as though I was going to dinner.  It was hard for me to imagine the hardest part of my day hadn't begun.  Everyday at Fitness Ridge they serve a soup with your lunch, today was carrot soup..I give it 2 thumbs up.  Accompanied by a bean and rice buritto.  Also quite tasty.  Following lunch there are announcements, today they told us about the hikes and levels of hiking.  Directly following that was a lecture on Budget, and trust me there is no dollars involved.  It's all about your eating.  Immediately following that lecture they demonstrate stretching so you do it while you are here on your own, not only when in a class!!

2:30 had me in the infamous "Step and Puke" aka Step and Pump and really I want to say it was more like "Step and Giggle" because John really has a way of doing this class with you.  The guy balances on 2 bicycle seats and does squats!  It's hard to take that seriously when he's telling you how to step.  I won't mind the return to this class.

3:30 was my first pool class and the weather did not cooperate.  It was bitter cold and rainy wet.  So cold that the trainer let us out of the pool 5 minutes early.  But there was a catch, that same trainer was teaching out last cardio class of the day, and wanted us there 5 minutes early.  For the record, the pool is NOT chlorinated it is salt water.  I was thrilled to learn this today because I don't have to worry about coming home with green hair.

4:30 was circuit training which I described earlier in my post.  I enjoyed it, but watched an older gentleman fall off the ball and land on his back.  He recovered nicely, but it scared the bajeezies out of me since he was directly next to me.

5:30 was dinner call, and you could see the fatigue on everyones faces.  Poor Myesha was so exhausted and we still had a lecture to hear following our meal.  Our meal was the famous "salmon burgers" so many previous campers have stated was one of their favs.  For the record, it didn't was delish!  Now, to my surprise I had a plate of brussel sprouts, and its no secret that I can not stand them.  My daughter Michelle will be thrilled to know, I LIKED them, they were barely cooked and that seems to be key. (look at the picture of the empty plate Michelle, I ate my brussel sprouts!
Dessert was a chocolate sorbet which reminded me of the ice that forms in ice cream. 
But I ate it, it was after all chocolate flavored.

Tomorrow starts day two and I signed up for Stop Sign, I guess I am christening it's first run as "just another hike".  I will have some of my Facebook girls, Ivy, Connie, Robbie,Sheryl and I think Myesha also on the hike. It will be interesting because they said tomorrow is our sorest day.  Although I have heard that about Wednesday.  Tune in tomorrow and I will let you know!  I would like to add one thing.  I have been here less than 48 hours and I am LOVING it.  This is a blessing, don't be afraid of coming, it is an excellent experience, and will rate as one of the most awesome things you did.

Oh yeah, my sweet and wonderful Alan, sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear named Alan Chez.  I love you honey.

Sweet dreams all, the clock just struck 8:00pm so I am off to bed, because 6:00am is Open Gym and starts another intense but wonderful day.

Calories burned today 3100 plus unregistered pool calories.

A special note to Annelise, Oh girl, I see you are going to LOVE this place. 


Sabine said...

loved your post. I know how you feel:
Qustion: The pool. It was never saltwater when I was there before(2008/2009 total 6 weeks) Do you know when that changed?
Now I forgoot the other question. Mya have to do another

Sabine said...

now I remember, I think Wednesday is the "worst" day for people. Just my experience.....But it still is all good....It's up hill from there, in more ways than one.

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

I will ask, it is possible you didn't know. The salt is light. Do you remember it smelling of chlorine?
and yes, I think you're right about Wed. everything I have read says Wed is the sorest day.

Stephany said...

So excited for you!!! What a GREAT husband you have!!! Must miss you already! Can't wait to hear tomorrow how the Stop Sign Hike goes!

michelle said...

i ate brussel sprouts with my dinner tonight too :) you are like one my kids at Health Barn.. lol you will have to let me know how you want them cooked when you get home. I lost in scrabble and owe nick wine. Although, I practically let him win because he was horrible in the beginning (6pt words) and I felt bad. haha I miss you! Off to Massachusetts tomorrow.. sigh LOVE YOU MAMA!!!

michele c said...

Hey Cat! Thanks for the great play-by-play of your first day! It;s really helping me think that I can do this! I will keep reading if you have the strength to keep writing! haha - Sounds like you are already a machine and doing great! Can't wait to meet you on the 25th! Go Girl!( It's funny how many things we worry about being there - your hair turning green and I am worried about my gray roots showing! lol

ultramichelle said...

I guess all the Michelle's are checkin in on you. Did you like JOhns class? boy he gets you moving, you will love the Disco jam and may want to do several in a row. Did you think that the pool tasted like sweat? It makes me laugh. You are going to thrive there. I can't wait to see how today goes for you. Keep it up.

annelisewojo said...

, YES, you are right I think. I am going to love it! Wish I were there with you. I've always loved to exercise but it is hard to push myself which is why I like doing classes and working with a trainer. Also why I know I'm going to love it there.

Sounds like you had an awesome first day. I sense nothing in your post that you weren't prepared for what it brought you. All that hard work has paid off!

And what a sweetheart your husband is! You can let him know I'll be there July 25th! (hehehe)

Looking forward to reading about day 2 next. Stay strong! Smile!!!!

lama said...

Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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