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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 15 Fitness Ridge

Wow, first I must say typing its day 15 I am amazed that 2 weeks have gone by already.  The strenuous workouts that we get here as well as our daily hikes seem to make the week just fly by.  No matter how much work it takes you to get through a week before you know it, the weekend is here and you have survived another week.

  For me not weighing in, I measure my successes here by looking in the mirror and seeing less of a chin, or smaller thighs.  And the weekend brings the only time I wear jeans, and that measures my weight loss as they get looser and looser each week.  As I start week 3 here at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, excitement feels me as I look forward to the successes and challenges in front of me.

I did very little today, but I managed to organize things and do my laundry and even did a fresh manicure.  Although it is not recommended to do cardio on Sunday, I have decided to take a little extra time every day to work on my abs, since its a sensitive spot for me.  So I sneaked in the gym and used the ab equipment.  I am really glad I have decided to add that extra workout each day.
After all, I am here to get the best work out for ME.

Sunday finds a lot of hugs good bye as our guest move on back in to the real world.  There they will have to make the right decisions on their own.  Where the temptations lay in front of them in their homes, or down at the local restaurant.  There is no trainer telling them to step it up and tell them they can do it.  It is time to take what they have learned here and make it work in their own life.  I wish each and everyone of them the best with their new found lifestyle.  The tools are learned here, and ready to be brought in to the reality of life.

Tonight welcomes the newcomers, and this week is full of reunion people.  Many guest have been here before and our back for more structure.  It is a place that will call you back, because it teaches you so much about you, and your abilities.  You will leave here saying "I CAN DO IT".  I already know with 2 weeks still to go, I will miss this place, from the structure, the food, the staff and the absolutely wonderful trainers.  I am already planning my return next year.

Tomorrow starts a new trial with the  hikes and I will blog more about that as it unfolds.

As for now, I am ready for another week of getting fit.

I decided to share some photos of Fitness Ridge today, from my perspective.

 I posted pictures of the jacuzzi, front reception area, aerobic room, computer room, pro shop, laundry room,  and gym.  So until tomorrow, focus on what positive step you can take to make tomorrow a healthy day.


Robin said...

I LOVE reading your blog. You write so well and explain everything in such detail, it makes me smile because I experienced FR, too. I love how you're always so positive, too. Granted, I know we all have those bad days but you seem like you have it all together and getting stronger by the day. Keep up the wonderful work!

Leslie said...

Keep it up Cat! You're doing great! And give LEN a big hug from me. I love and miss that guy!

annelisewojo said...

Love the insight/pics to these areas I had not yet seen pictures of. By the time I get there, there will be no surprises. It will be like I've been there repeatedly after reading your blog and others. That's ok though, the less surprise, the more I can concentrate on what I'm going there for. :)

So you snuck in a Sunday ab workout, eh? Good job. Looks like you had a peaceful, restful day. Now go rock week 3!