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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easy, Easy Like Sunday Morning

My weekend is almost over, and since my last blog my exercise consisted of "snow shoveling" on Friday.  We got hit with 26" of the white stuff.  As I type this, my muscles hurt in my arms.  I burned 925 calories doing that and it took me 3.5 hours to clear my walkway and cars.  Here is a picture of my back deck.  I didn't even have a clue we were going to get hit that bad.  Friday made up for Thursday, because Thursday I opted out of all exercise.

Saturday, it took all my gusto to get my sneakers on and get on my treadmill.  I spent a good part of my morning catching up on everyone's blogs.  I put on my new hiking sneakers as I plan on wearing them every time I workout until I go to Fitness Ridge.  I ended up buying Adidas Response Trail 16 sneakers.  I think they are going to be awesome, but who knows.  I have also decided to workout in the anti blister socks I bought from Wright.  Anyway, my workout got cut short due to feeling low blood sugar.  I ended up going upstairs for a cup of cottage cheese and pineapple.  There is a good amount of whey protein in cottage cheese so it's a good choice after a workout.  I called a girlfriend in Hawaii to make sure she was okay, then hopped on my treadmill to finish my 400 calorie burn.  Which is basically 2 miles at an 8.0 incline going 2.5mpg.

Today is family day.  My youngest daughter, 21 year old Morgan is bringing her bo' over for the first time to meet the family.  So her 3 sisters will be here and possibly Travis, my stepson and his girlfriend.  I will be making taco's with extra lean Jenni-O Turkey meat as well as enchiladas with turkey and low fat cheese.  To top it off a taco salad will accompany the meal.  Morgan, loves tacos and today is focused on her so it will be nice.  Before I partake in the cooking I am going to have my breakfast, its noon here pretty typically when I have my breakfast (that is going to change soon!).  Then getting my new sneakers on to get at least a 400 calorie burn on my treadmill.

To those of you heading to Fitness Ridge, remember everyone that has gone, that's there now, or that will be going are feeling/felt the same anxiety and excitement.  It is such a positive step for us all, so don't worry about what you can do when you get there or even how much you are doing prior to getting there.  It is going to change your life for the better, just be happy that you have made the choice to do it!

Stand PROUD!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weigh Awesome Week Five - 2 Time Loser

Another week has passed me by. 

Another day getting on my scale.  

The scale I packed in my bag and took with me on my 2 day trip to Atlantic City. 

Another weigh in, that weighs in on my week of eating and exercise.

And a weigh in that has me smiling!

I did horrible in Atlantic City

It was a definite loss!!

But what has me smiling?

My number this week on the scale!!

I have lost to date


Between you and me, if to be a loser on the scale
I had to be a loser in Atlantic City
I would be so there!
Guess that is how it worked our for me this week.

To reach my goal weight of 180.5 by March 15th I have 5.3 more pounds to go.

Wow it is actually possible!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Atlantic City Escape

It is so awesome to take off and escape reality for a few days.  And Atlantic City is close enough to home, yet far enough away to be a great escape.  Yesterday was not a great gambling day for us, but we had a great time anyway.  We don't really come to win, we come to have fun.  So Alan, had this absolutely wonderful idea yesterday to walk the boardwalk with me today.  You can bet your booty I made him keep that commitment!!
First off, I decided I gave Donald Trump enough money yesterday without paying another $20 to go to his fitness center.  Alan and I went to breakfast, where I had an egg beater omelet with fruit instead of potatoes and wheat toast dry.  Alan decided to get the same thing but added cheese and potatoes to his meal.  I took one of my slices of bread and used it like a napkin, soaking up all the shiny liquid on my eggs which looked nothing more like fat to me.  I only wanted one piece of bread anyway.  After our breakfast which was around 2 in the afternoon, we headed to the boardwalk.  We planned on walking at least 4 miles one way.  Alan started getting restless at the end of mile 2, but he kept going.  We managed to do our 4 miles one way and then turned around heading back the other way.  This is Alan on the boardwalk in this picture.

Some where in the distance are the hotels and where we are staying. It was a good walk!!  I wore my bodybugg and my display watch and kept saying to him how many calories we were burning.
In the end our walk burned almost 1,000 calories.  We walked for so long, that we ended up eating lunch      at the Rain forest Cafe, at 5:00. I had grilled Mahi Mahi with vegetables, holding the rice and beans.  
I even avoided the mango salsa, it wasn't my taste kind of spicey!! 

All in all it was great to get outside and walk, again changing up my workout.
On top of that, it was more burn than I planned on and I was hanging with my 
hubby.  Tomorrow we are bracing for another winter fury, so it was nice to
be outdoors.  It was chilly. but there were about 20 surfers who didn't seem to 
mind the air being 40 degrees!  burr..............

After our meal, we took a walk to the outlets on a quest for hiking sneakers!!  All the big athletic companies have stores in the area, so more walking!!  I ended up buying sneakers at Adidas called Response Trail 16 sneakers.  There best trail sneaker.  The are cushioned and have great trail traction on the bottom.  I will be wearing nothing else working out till I get to Fitness Ridge.  I have about a month to break them in.  

The list for FR is so big, and it is a bit overwhelming to think of all the things I need.  I ordered bathing suits online, that was a BIG, or should I say "itty bitty" mistake!  I could barely squeeze my body in to them and there were bulges I didn't know I could bulge in them.  So I am going to have go shop for a couple of suitable suits.

This is me today all bundled up, did have to buy that hat to keep my ears warm, but I LOVED the walk and was amazed at some of the amazing homes on the boardwalk, beyond monopoly.  That is beyond the hotels.  I say monopoly, because if you ever come to Atlantic City, you will see all the famous streets on the board, ie Park Place, Atlantic, and no wonder the boardwalk is the best property on the monopoly board, its made for a great workout! haha!  Okay time to try and get some of my money back.

Tomorrow is my 5th week weigh-in.  Guess who packed her scale?? Yeah I did!  PS I made sure I weighed the same at home and at the hotel so it is accurate.

Until tomorrow I bid you a good night!

I am the biggest Atlantic City (ooophs)

Well, night one and my pockets are feeling just a big lighter.  I have to fix that tomorrow.  The drive to Atlantic City (AC as known by Jerseyettes) was a wet one.  We left snow, sleet and freezing rain and drove 2.5 hours to get here.  We were really hungry when we arrived and shortly after checking in found ourselves a restaurant.  It is slim pickens at 9:30 at night in the winter.  We made our way to The Hardrock Cafe.  Alan was asking me the healthier choice of 2 dinners and then asked me what I was getting.  I told him (with a straight face mind you) that I was getting a hurricane to drink, nachos for an appetizer, steak for dinner and apple cobbler for dessert.  His face was priceless, I thought he was going to say what about how you are eating now?  Instead he was upset I was going to have dessert because he gave it up for lent.  I started laughing at him, seriously Alan, I would not be putting all that in my body!!!  The best choice on the menu seemed to be a citrus salad, with grilled chicken, pecans, cranberries and blue cheese with a citrus dressing.  I asked for balsamic vinegar on the side and had that instead of the dressing. Also, I left a lot of the cranberries on the plate, seemed to be at least 150 calories just of them.  I have to admit I left the table feeling hungry, but I will thank me tomorrow! 

Gambling sucked tonight, usually I do pretty good, but it just wasn't working for me tonight. (oh well )
My plan tomorrow is to LOSE pounds and I am not talking English money.  I will hit up the gym, even though Donald Trump is hitting me up for $20.00 to use his fitness center for 1 day.  (how utterly pathetic)  And since I have been a winner taking care of myself for the last 5 weeks, I expect to also win tomorrow on the black jack tables and slots!  (one can hope, wish & pray)

Wish me luck PLEASE!!!!  (grin)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh it is, My Picture of ME today!

Oh Lord Almighty!

This picture was taken last night by one of my singers!  That is me just about 10 pounds lighter than when I started this journey just 5 short weeks ago!!  Can I get a "gag me!"
How is it, I can look in a mirror and think I look better than I do!  I mean, I was feeling pretty good about myself last night.  Well, if this doesn't instill in me why I am on this journey in the first place!

Here I am a person that is blessed enough to walk red carpets, go to events like private parties at the White House, Emmy Awards and the soon to be Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductions Ceremony.  I walk around with glamorous "fit"  and famous people.  Then there is insignificant out of shape me!  Can I get a "hell NO!"

I can not wait till I am reading this again in a few months and can be reminded of what I looked like.  As much as this is brutally painful for me to see, its a steel toed boot in my ass!  I am not going to stop this journey, it is simply one of the cornerstones along the path.

Ironically, a gentleman singer came up to me last night and asked "I don't mean to interrupt you, but did you lose a whole lot of weight?"   That felt so good, I was in a great mood last night because of it.  When I think about it, about 3 years ago I was 204 pounds.  I had lost 22 pounds with the help of my daugther, Michelle.
Somewhere I lost touch and gained nearly all of it back.  Lets face it, if I didn't decide to make this change in January, I would probably be at 204 right now.  I was just 6 pounds shy of that.

Okay, I am glad I have this picture.  It keeps me in check.  It reminds me how important my life change matters and how vitally important it is that I am going to Fitness Ridge in April.

My goal in the end, is to wear a sleeveless gown to the Emmy awards in September.  I promise you, if I can get to that figure by then, I will be definitely going to the Emmy's.  (Right Alan?)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!  

Thanks for listening!!

(((Hugs to All)))

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday work, tomorrow play!

Well I am leaving shortly for my Monday night gig, where I will have a nice salad and order of the best broccoli I have ever had the pleasure to eat.  The hubby is on reruns this week, and its a perfect opportunity for us to run off for a few days of RnR.  We frequent Atlantic City enough to get comped rooms and have a blast eating, hanging, walking and gambling.  So this time is going to be a bit different for me.  Usually my taste buds are so excited to be eating whatever I choose, but this time I will be choosing wisely.  Luckily, my hubby will be happy to sleep in and I will head to the fitness center before gallivanting around the casinos.  I will be ordering comped water bottles instead of my usual screwdrivers at the blackjack tables.  And as such my one armed bandit will be sharing the other arm with water bottles!  Alan is super supportive no matter what and we were both hoping for decent enough weather so we could walk the entire boardwalk and back.  Its not looking too good for us weather wise, but we will see.  No trip to AC would be complete without a trip to the mall.  If that happens it will be in search of FR wear, instead of my usual jewelry run!  Can you relate to having more fun shopping for jewelry than clothes?  I always say its the one thing that will always fit ya! 

Hope you had a great Monday and your week is wonderful, wish me nice would it be to hit the jackpot and have it pay for Fitness Ridge?  (one can dream right?)

Sunday Kind of Love


Today was an absolutely blue sky day.  And I grabbed it by it's rays.  I look at sunny not so cold days as an opportunity to change put my workout.  I think that is one of the things that Fitness Ridge offers.  Lots of different hikes to keep you entertained.  I was grateful to not have to workout in the house another day.  I don't mind the indoor workouts, but getting outside with Spring around the corner is liberating!
No one appreciates me taking walks more than my four dogs.  My development is just a little over a mile when you do once around with inclines here and there.  Ziggy my overweight chihuahua was the first to walk.  Ziggy is an 18 pound chihuahua, and the average chihuahua is about half that weight.  Ironically, he has been on diet dog food since day one and I do not feed my dogs people food.  Ziggy has even been tested for a thyroid condition and we have concluded he is just a chunky chihuahua.  His only hope is with my weight loss.  Ha ha! Really though, walks are what he needs.  Lots and lots of exercise.  Sounds like someone else I know.  Yeah he is just like me!!  So we must work together.  After Ziggy's walk around the development he seemed he could go another mile so he joined Cooper and myself.  Ziggy's tongue dropped to the floor which was proof to me he needed a break after I returned with Cooper.  Following Cooper was Louie, oh Louie is one  difficult dog to walk.  I decided to spend some special time with Louie trying to calm him down and get him to heel.  It went better than expected so now I need lots of sunny warmer days to continue training my old dog Louie.  Thanks to the Dog Whisperer for teaching me you CAN teach OLD dogs new tricks.  Lastly was Rembrandt, oh and Ziggy, he decided he could walk one more time.  If Ziggy and his little legs felt anything like me and my much longer legs, he was happy to see me hang up the leashes when I was finished.
I think this picture of him says it all!

Ziggy asked me if he could join in on my weight loss journey, and I told him yes but he can't come to Fitness Ridge.  (we are both very sad about that) 

Alan and I went to the mall and tried to find shoes, to no avail.  But I did end up getting some pretty cool workout clothes at 50 to 80% off!  I bought a second battery for my cellphone so I can just use my phone as my mp3 player at The Ridge.  We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurant where I have soba noodles with tuna.  Super Yummy! And I brought home half!!

We ended our night seeing Shutter Island and I was surrounded by popcorn smothered in butter.  It was painful!  Alan also chomped down a box of butterfingers, another yummy favorite of mine.  Usually I reach in to Alan's candy box and get a couple pieces but I contained myself.  

I survived the night and passed all test today.  

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Saturday Night and this ones for you

That's right tonight I want to talk to YOU because this blog is for YOU!!

I have finished just over a month of my new life plan as well as my blog.
I am totally inexperienced with blogging, but am so glad I entered its gateway.
It has been excellent for me to be able to document my downfalls and my achievements.
But what has made it even more special is to have you, my followers. 
It has really made me keep at it and try and blog daily.  
I feel inspired by you all.  
Your comments, and just knowing
you are reading and supporting me has been wonderful!!

I am excited about the future and seeing less of me.
But what I am gaining is YOU
You are friends and family.
You are my support team.
You are my nutritionist (Michelle)
You are my trainer
You are new found friends I've never met!

Because of YOU
My blogging family
I have a renewed passion for good health
and weight loss

Little did I know by losing my extra poundage
I would also be gaining
In Conclusion,

Thank you my new friends, my old friends and my supportive family!!

Blog on!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weighing in on the disappointment



Like so many times in my past, the scale seemed somewhat of a betrayal today.  It really helped put me in a miserable mood.  But then I started calculating my weight loss so far, and my goal weight for March 10,2010.  I set my goal to lose 16.5 pounds by that date.  It is definitely not realistic to me anymore.  I have dealt with the disappointment, and am now seeking the positives.

1) I weigh in the 180's again!
2) I have lost almost 10 pounds in a month
3) If I lose another 1.5 lbs a week for the next 4 weeks I will weigh 184 by my goal date. (Which is just 4 pounds shy of my goal weight for that date.)
4) The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductions Ceremony is actually March15th, 
giving me an extra 5 days to lose, and has changed my goal date.
5) Everyday I work out, I help make the job of working out a little easier,  maybe one day it will feel less like a job and more like a leisure activity.
6) I see a change in my appearance!!
7) I am being acknowledged by people about my weight loss.
8) My clothes are fitting better.
9) It's easier to look in the mirror.
10) I feel happier with myself.

I am fine, I am on my way.  And I will add more of a workout to my schedule whenever I can.
I will accept my loss as a VICTORY, because it is!!
It's all good.
I'm good.

Oh lastly, one bit of great news I did receive today was my blood pressure.
I have been anywhere from 150/90 to my last BP of 138/90.
Today my BP was 124/71
That is definitely something to be smiling about!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Fat Tuesday is usually just another day of bad eating.  Only difference it's acceptable to eat poorly on that day.  I struck a VICTORY yesterday eating good but once again.  The one thing on my mind, was Thursdays weigh-in and my goal for March. 

I contemplated giving up my morning coffee for lent, and even proclaimed the possibility.  But, as I walked in to my kitchen this morning, that stainless steel pot was calling my name.  So I will wait to give up my caffeine till I am closer to leaving for The Ridge.  Instead, I have given up all snacks sweet & salty.  So, basically all the 100 calorie snacks that I have in my house are no more till I return from Fitness Ridge.  Because, lent ends the day I arrive at Fitness Ridge.  In other words, my Easter is checking in to my home away from home.

I have been really pushing my incline walking and did 2 miles early today on an 9.0 incline.  I ended up going back on my treadmill later in the day and doing another 3 miles for a total of 1,000 calories!!  Yipee!  It's the weigh-in that's motivating me.  It's more like I  am so paranoid that although I have kicked my butt all week I will see no weight loss or worse a weight gain.  Believe me it has happened to me!!  So I know as I type this, my bike is waiting for me.  I will ride it for an hour tonight.  It is great having my bike in my media room as I can work out and still hang with the family.  Seriously, if my bike wasn't in there I would be missing out on some of my calorie deficit.

So as I finish up my blog today, I promise you I am scared that tomorrows weigh-in is not going to show how hard I worked all week.  Oh do I hope I am wrong!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just a quick note today

Watching the Olympics, missing my Biggest Loser!

Today was a bit hard, I was tired all day.  I decided to walk the treadmill the entire time.
However I inclined at 9.0 the entire time and racked in a 650 deficit.  Tonight while
watching American Idol I added an hour on the bike.

Calories were good as usual so hopefully I am on my way to a good weigh in on Thursday.

That's all tonight...Peace OUT!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Valentine Workout Spent Together

 Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today I really wanted to change my workout. And it was Valentine's Day after all, so I got my husband to agree to take a walk with my dogs.  It was pretty cold outside, but it was great changing my workout for a day.  We have four dogs and our development is a circle measuring a little more than a mile.  I wore my bodybugg and kept checking it to see how many calories we burned.  After once around with Ziggy and Cooper, I convinced Alan, my husband to walk my other two dogs, Louie and Rembrandt.  I was still not satisfied with my workout and once again got him to agree to walk around the development.  This time we took all four dogs, no small feat!!  There is a serious incline in our development if you walk one way, not so bad the other way.  We opted for the serious incline because I need to prepare for Stop Sign Hike at Fitness Ridge which is equivalent to an 11 incline on a treadmill.  These are my four dogs.


They had a great day and so did I!!
I ended my night playing the Wii with the hubby, and managed to burn a few 100 more calories.
It was a different kind of Valentine's day, no box of chocolates, no dinner out, but it was perfect!!

I burned 3100 calories, and ate about 1100.  It was a good day!!

Happy Valentine's Day ~ I love you Alan!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday nights alright for blogging

Today was a challenge for me.  We had company coming and I didn't have time to get a full workout.  But I managed to get 3 miles on my treadmill anyway.  We had dinner plans, and I was eating at my favorite Italian restaurant.  My body was craving my usual, angel hair pasta with pomodoro sauce.  I always chose that meal because it is low in fat, but the only wheat pasta they serve is penne.  I am not a fan of penne pasta so I didn't order that.  Instead I went out of my element and ordered salmon. With angel hair "plain" on the side.  I ate half of my salmon with no more than an ounce of pasta, plus ate all my veggies and said no to the bread.  Dessert was a simple, "coffee please".  Nothing more!  I did come home to a chocolate covered strawberry that my daughter brought home for  Valentines Day.  All in all, I feel pretty good of my food choices and more importantly my portions.  I may have not had the same workout or quite the same calories, but all in all I feel that I did great compared to any past dinner at my favorite italian restaurant.

Don't deprive yourself of your favorites, it's all about the PORTION!!

Technically it's still Friday for me!


Here I am at my Friday gig...

Seriously, although I ate the amount of calories I usually do, they just didn't hold me well tonight.  Ugh!
I get free food and drink at all my gigs, but for the last 3 weeks, I have brought water bottles with me.  I eat at home before I get here.  No alcohol either.  The truth is, I am BUSTING MY BUTT to lose this weight, and it is really hard to consider having calories that are not within my budget.  So my belly is screaming at me, but that is okay because my karaoke singers are screaming louder.  


Making a change such as this, requires "change".  

What is usually the norm... is now the abnormal.

Change is good!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 3 is finished

Just a quick blog today.  Today was my personal weigh-in and I have lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks.  I must admit I weigh myself every single day.  Why?  Well truth is you have days with water weight and what if that falls on my weigh-in day?  So, today was my lowest weight since I started my life change.  It is 1 pound short of where I should be at this point, but not too worry it is a loss!  

I jogged 2 miles on my treadmill, walked 1 mile at an 8 incline, then raised it to 10 for a 1/4 of a mile.  Another 1/4 mile of cool down, followed by a mile on my elliptical.  Total calories burned 650.  I plan on slipping in to some workout clothes tonight and riding my bike for an hour.

Keep on keeping on!!!

A Snow Day

Here I sit with a towel in my hair, feet up on my coffee table and laptop on my lap.  This was the storm  of storms for my area.  I was thrilled to miss the last Jersey storm, but this one said its "your turn to get hammered".  I am still thawing out after spending a good long time in my yard.  I must admit, although I usually find going to bed before 2:00am to be out of my element tonight my pillow beckons me.  I am exhausted!

My wonderful hubby, Alan works in NYC which is approximately an hour commute.  We knew the storm was going to unleash its fury and it was a no brainer that he should stay near work.  You see if he doesn't go in, he doesn't get paid.  Luckily his boss put him up in a hotel both Wednesday and Thursday night.  Lucky for him, not so lucky for me.  Actually, I can't lie...I didn't mind having to take care of the snow removal so it wasn't all that bad.  I was just relieved he was safe and kind of looking forward to changing my workout.

My daughter, Michelle and I were snowed in together today.  We proceeded to add layers to our bodies and slip on our snow boots and gloves and out we went.  She started shoveling the snow and I got the snow blower working and removed the snow on our driveway.  I loved having Michelle join me outside, but I was looking forward to doing all of the snow removal.  I was ready for a  full workout.  But it was all good, because we both decided to take a walk when we were finished.  It was snowing really heavy and our neighborhood was so silent you could hear the flakes fall around us.

The snow was falling fast and heavy and on an angle, directly in our faces.  So we turned and walked "down the hill".  You see I really wanted to end it with the hill, I'm looking for that incline to help ready me for the stop sign hike.  Stop sign hike is one of the many hikes at Fitness Ridge, and it is one that requires inclines of up to 11%.  So it is my goal to try and get my body ready for incline walking.  I always avoided inclines in the past.  Until planning for this trip, I never even raised the incline on my treadmill.  Of course all of that has now changed.  Back to our as we proceeded to turn the corner, the snow once again was pounding us.  We turned around and walked that block backwards, which is quite a workout.  Once we turned the corner, Michelle started challenging me.  There were post on the neighbors lawn, so the snow plows would know where the street ends and the lawn begins.  Michelle used the post like they were mile markers, and said lets do lunges to the 3rd post.  After we completed the lunges she had us doing side steps.  And then we ended it with a decent incline walk.  I called her trainer Michelle today.  It's great to have someone to motivate and keep you going like she did today.  Thank you Michelle, I love you!!  You have done so much to keep me on track these past few years, and have taught me sooooo much!! 

I ended up going back outside after the snow finally stopped.  I spent 2 hours out there snow blowing, cleaning off my car and Michelle's.  And shoveling my walkway.  It was fun to change up my workout, and I plugged my bodybugg in to see how many calories I burned today, 3300.  Not bad for not getting on my treadmill, elliptical or bike.

Its nice to change your workout if you grow tired of what you are doing.  And everyday doesn't have to be an intense workout.  The most important thing, is to keep moving.  I remember years ago when I traveled a lot (back when I was on "The Home Shopping Network"), I use to walk in place in my hotel room and do other exercises in my room.

It really is a shame that I let myself go, stopped moving and stopped eating good.

It feels good getting back to those good habits.

Most importantly, I need the change of lifestyle because I want to LIVE!

And on that note....I have run out of fuel today and I can hear my bed calling my sweet dreams all, I will be talking to you tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dentist - Doctors - Vets

My Cooper

 Today was a very busy day for me, making it extremely hard to do everything I set out to.  Getting up early to accommodate my full day just isn't an option.  I use to regularly live on 6 hours sleep, I would literally look at my clock in the morning and calculate if I got at least 6 hours sleep.  I have tried to change that up a bit, since every expert talks about how important it is to get 8 hours.  So I try not to get up without 7 hours sleep, 8 when possible.  Being a DJ it is hard to get enough rest and I have become very comfortable staying up late at night.  Tell me that's not going to be a problem at Fitness Ridge where your expected to be up and at em' at 6AM.  (sigh)

With Fitness Ridge coming up quickly, and reading so much about the "foot damage" I realized I had to address my toe. (read blog toe vs vacuum) I went for an MRI today to see what kind of damage I have, and I am hoping for the best.  I won't know anything more until the doctor calls.  I have refused to let it keep me from getting in my daily cardio, so what I have an inflamed toe!  Hopefully, he will say time will heal it.  As I laid motionless in that MRI machine, I thought about the amount of people that must get MRI's that probably wouldn't need them if they only took care of their health.  I have a bad case of "white coat" syndrome  (as my daughter calls it).  When I was a child I went through horrific painful test for months straight and to this day, I just don't want to be in need of a doctor.  So getting on my healthy path, I can prevent a lot of that and hence not have to fear the "white coat".

Oh big news, I have bone loss in my gum line and it has caused my bottom teeth to shift.  I am forced to get lower braces on my front 6 teeth for the next 6-8 months.  I am pushing for it to get started now so that I can get a month of my braces wearing at FR.  I told my dentist, put them on asap so that by the time I leave in April they won't be hurting.  I told them I will be in enough pain in the month of April without having mouth pain too!!

My afternoon, which I like to save for my workout was instead used for my dog Cooper and cat Monet.  I was at the vet for about 2 hours between the exams and shots they received.  Needless to say I came home feeling completely out of sorts.  My routine was shot!  I ate my lunch, got my water and put on my sneakers.

I was feeling really sore in my joints because yesterday I pushed myself harder than ever doing 3 miles running, 1 mile walking at an 8 incline, followed by a 1/2 mile cool down walk.  It seemed to keep my joints aching throughout today.  I just didn't have my mojo today.  I ended up walking for a mile and walking on an 8 incline for a mile.  I kept thinking of The Biggest Loser being on tonight and that I would watch it while riding my stationary bike.  I rode my bike a 1/2 marathon and called it a night.  I didn't do as much as usual, but I believe my body was needing a break so I took it easier.

In conclusion, tomorrow calls for a lot of snow and the hubby was put in a hotel for 2 nights so he wouldn't miss the show.  So I expect to be exercising not only with my cardio, but with my shovel!!  Also, I put on a shirt today that I never wore because it was too small.  IT FITS NOW!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh Monday! Oye!

Being a Karaoke DJ, you would think Mondays are a day off, but for me I work every Monday night.  I force myself to sleep in to insure a safe drive home since its an hour away and I leave the gig at 1:00am.  This leaves little time to get anything done.  On top of that, today I have to make 4 stops on my way to my gig.

One good thing, the restaurant I work at tonight has some healthy choices on the menu and if I have to eat there it is easy enough to do.  I always plan on eating at home for the best food choices, but sometimes it is not practical.

I have read my morning blogs and had my wonderful morning coffee.  I really do savor every sip of my coffee and am not looking forward to our "parting of ways".  I am not worrying about quitting drinking coffee till late March.  I will quit in my 3rd week of March, that is plenty soon.  I think Sunday was a trial for me, and I will survive without it.  For those of you that do not know, FR does not allow caffeine.  Luckily its been a year since I quit drinking diet coke so it is the only thing I have to really quit before going away.  I will survive!!

So as I sit here typing away, a little voice in my head is saying "get up, make breakfast then WORK OUT!"

I know, I know..I gotta get a move's to Monday and making it count!!

Lets all have a great week!  

PS I think I fixed my comment problem.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Superbowl Sunday

Days like today are always a challenge.  Eating right, not drinking too know the drill. 

Most days I wake up after 10:30am, my bedtime is around 2:30am so it's understandable.  My morning routine is straight to my coffee pot then I feed my dogs.  I await my caffeine injection then head to check my emails and now faithfully the Fitness Ridge Bloggers. I'm not gonna lie, I sometimes find myself getting lost in the blogs.  (Thanks to the bloggers; I really enjoy reading the information and the inspiration being shared).  At some point after breakfast, I get my sneakers on and hop on my treadmill followed by my elliptical.   It always feels great when I hop off the elliptical because I know I have accomplished my goal.  Following a good meal plan is not that hard for me, as my daughter Michelle is a Nutritionist and has taught me a lot.

Michelle prepared for Superbowl by making a veggie chili.  So I picked up some fat free hot dogs, buns and fritos for the hubby.  I woke up at 9:00am today and instead of making coffee or feeding the dogs I grabbed water and went straight to the treadmill.  Today I was able to jog for 3 miles straight without stopping.  It is amazing how I am able to push myself a little harder each day.  I followed my jog with making coffee (not ready to give it up yet) and feeding my dogs.  I was able to get showered and make it to church on time.  I did almost pass out in church as I didn't have breakfast.

I managed to survive the day with good eating, oatmeal for breakfast, (extremely late) chicken breast over salad for lunch and 2 hot dogs with chili for dinner.  I even fit 1.5 glasses of wine into my allotted calories for the day.  A bag of 100 calorie popcorn for a snack.  And although I'm not a fan of football I was routing for the Saints, New Orleans needed a good win.  So all in all it was a good day.

I am finding it hard to not talk about my healthy habits and Fitness Ridge, I may be slightly obsessed.  I don't really mind, if that's what it takes for me to be serious and get it done.

In conclusion, I didn't workout as long as planned, or eat and drink exactly perfect, but all in all I consider today conquered and am happy with my results.

Lastly congratulations to the New Orleans Saints!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

From my last post of negativity to this positivity!!

There is little doubt that I was feeling a little down on my previous post.  But I really did take it to heart.  I figured out what I did wrong, and fixed it.  Yes I didn't eat properly the entire week, I paid the price for that!  It was worth it really.  I really didn't go nuts and I made all my food with healthy choices.  I made a lasagna with wheat pasta, and fat free cottage cheese, (instead of ricotta), ground turkey & turkey sausages.  It was delicious!  It was a very enjoyable meal celebrating a family birthday.  I didn't workout as hard as the week before, my energy level seemed to be low.  I figured my body was telling me something and I'd better listen to it.  When I got on that damn scale Thursday I was disappointed, but after following up on my bodybugg I realized I was exactly where I should be.  So I made my peace with it.  Then as I wrote, I was only going to be more determined to change that around.  It was just the kick in the butt I needed!!

I have been a driven force since Thursdays weigh in.  I have been sure to keep my exercise and food intake to the levels needed to reach my "first goal" of 16.5 pounds by March.  I want to be feeling good about going to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductions this year.  I don't want to pass it up as I have a few years because of my weight.  I feel as though someone waved their magic wand and gave me the energy I needed to really push myself.  I am a far cry from where I was just 2 weeks ago.  In the last few days I have added more jogging time to my treadmill (2 miles straight jogging), longer walking inclines and managing to keep up with my 1 mile on the elliptical.  I have been burning an average of 600 calories in 1.5 hours.  I have also managed to get in an hour on my stationary bike. I remember when the season premier of the Biggest Loser had the bike marathon.  My husband and I both did it.  I did 1/2 he did 1/2.  The other night I did more than a marathon on my bike at level 6, I pedaled for 2 hours straight.  It is absolutely amazing what a few short weeks can do to you when you push yourself.

Now although I don't want to weigh myself but weekly, I admit that I have gotten back on my scale.  I am down exactly to the ounce, 6 pounds.  I weighed in today at 191.8.  I feel better, slightly looser in my clothes and see a definite difference in my face.   Not only in less fat, but a HUGE smile I can't get rid of.

I wake up ready for the day, and try and get my workout in before I lose interest.  It is getting easier to do the same workout, which only makes me stronger for Fitness Ridge in April.

I was disappointed today when I realized my travel day is Easter Sunday.  But I will look at is as my personal resurrection to a healthier life, and the beginning of an amazing experience.

In conclusion, keep at it, take one more step tomorrow than you did today.  Keep looking forward at the BIG PICTURE, a healthier happier YOU.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Weigh-in Brings Disappointment

Disappointment = Discouragement 
Discouragement = Quitter

That was the "old me", that is not the "new me".  I refuse to give up!  And for the first time I can really understand why the scale said what it said.

I was excited and scared to once again weigh in, I knew I didn't have the same work out as I did the week before.  Although I didn't skip a day working out, for some reason the mojo wasn't there.  The week before I was so impressed I was able to increase my speed and mileage without much effort.  With such a good week I felt that in no time I was going to be a running force.  But as if Monday reminds people it starts a new work week and leaves you feeling a bit drab, it started a different workout for me.  I had trouble pushing myself to do what I did the week before.  Even the first day work out seemed easier than this.  My speed was slower, much more walking a lot less jogging.

I was just so exhausted from it all!

As with many times before when trying to make a life change, I found myself getting lax on registering my food intake as well.  And the minute you do that, you are forgetting about 10 calories here and 50 calories there.  I know for the most part I ate good, but I did have a few moments of weakness.  And of course you shouldn't deprive yourself if you have to have a taste of that ice cream cake your daughter made, after all it is low fat.  I really did just snack a bit, but my plate balance was also lax this week. (see my balance plate in an earlier blog)

I was GUILTY once again of exactly what my scale told me.

What has made this time different, is my bodybugg.  As I plugged it in this morning and looked back on the past 4 days of eating and exercise, I realized I am exactly where I should be for what I ate and exercised.  I am at peace with my scale, just not so much at peace with myself.  Yes it really is ME that is to BLAME.  My bodybugg said I had a deficit of a 1.5 pounds, and pretty much that is where I am today with my weight loss.

Always hold on to the other things involved with your weight loss when the numbers are low...

Clothes feeling looser ~  Thinner face
People noticing weight loss
More energy - less fatigue

Positive thinking is your bottom line...keep that in check don't get discouraged by disappointment!!

I am a winner this time!!!!!

After all, it is loss!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Fuel Tank Was On Empty, and I Paid The Price!

So unlike the Biggest Loser and the "Last Chance Workout", today has not been me kicking butt with my workout.  I am lacking energy and barely managed to get a walk/incline/jog in on my treadmill.  I did it for 2 miles but believe me it took me a good long while.  Just don't have strength today and tomorrow is week 2 weigh-in.

I believe I have an explanation for my lack of energy...I blew it yesterday!  I simply didn't eat enough.  I have an egg beater omelet daily (occasionally change it up with oatmeal with fruit n nuts).  My omelet consist of a lil ham, lil low fat cheese with a combination of spinach, peppers, onions, mushroom & tomato.  I have it with 2 pieces of low calorie wheat bread and what I like to call my "breakfast cocktail".  I mix 2ozs OJ with 2 ozs Dr Tim's Acai Berry (not to lose weight, but to aide in good health), ruby red mix and water.  I also have my "post menopause" vitamin pack that I get from women to women.  My breakfast is approximately 300 calories.  It really gets me moving on my treadmill. Unfortunately, it didn't really help me today because yesterday I skipped a meal, eating 800 calories.  So when you think you are doing yourself a favor by not eating enough, remember it will catch up with you.  We all know it slows down your metabolism and for me, it has just simply slowed me down entirely.  UGH!

So tomorrow I get on the scale for week #2 in hopes to have lost 2.38 pounds to meet my March goal.  And I am so mad at myself for not eating enough yesterday, because today I want to be a bum.  You can bet that I won't be skipping anymore meals.

There are no short cuts.  No quick fix. Patience and perseverance will make me a winner.  Tomorrow will be a better day, regardless what my scale says.  It's all downhill from here!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Marilyn Monroe was a size 14

Marilyn Monroe was truly a size 14, voluptuous blond bombshell.  So does that make you feel a little better about your size?  Are you fitting in to the size 14's ?  One might think this is something almost to brag about...but is it really?

Don't kid yourself...why are we such a obese nation these days?  For starters, the processed food available is like never before.  And isn't it easy to feed our children the less expensive snacks than the good fruits and vegetables available?  Look how much it cost to serve a family of 4 a healthy dinner opposed to an affordable dinner. I raised 4 daughters and I have to tell you, it was within my budget to feed them the way I did.  I now shop healthy for the 3 of us still at home, and the cost of eating that way is astronomical.  So why are we such a fat nation?...not only are we finding it more affordable to eat poorly we are also uneducated.  90% lean, 95% fat free, no saturated fats, etc etc. We get reeled in to false advertising!! I am so very blessed to have a nutritionist daughter who educated this lifetime dieter to things she never really understood.  You know, I thought I knew it all after all these years of dieting...but she showed me...and oh how I listened and still listen.

So how did the fashion industry accommodate the statistics of obese people?  They changed our sizes.  Have you shopped vintage?  If you do and you can't fit in to that size 14 dress and you think it must be mislabeled, just know it is labeled properly.  Statistically, the sizes have grown with the obesity.  Manufacturers realize you can make a person feel better about them self when they try on a piece of clothing and its loose.  So by making clothes bigger but saying they are smaller you feel better.  I wear size I have the body of Marilyn Monroe?  Hell no!  Marilyn's frame would fit in a size 8 today.  Funny thing...I tried to find statistics on this, and really didn't find any helpful information...I guess we as a country don't want to talk about how we have increased the size of our clothes while keeping the size # the same.  Shame on us, shame on those that let this happen.  Tell me its not really the way it is today?  Is this my size 14 body?  I wish!!

I got my cardio in today, it took so much to get moving.  I didn't move as fast, but I did manage to get 3 hours of cardio between my treadmill, elliptical & my stationary bike.  I wish it was easier, yet I know it will get easier with persistence.  My fit in a size 14 "vintage" dress by summer!! 

"61" days till Fitness Ridge!!