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Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 16 Fitness Ridge

Today started with Pilates with Anna Marie at 6:00am.  I was thrilled to find out that I could do things in her class that last week were impossible.  It is absolutely amazing how one week can change my body so drastically.  In fact, my body was at ease in all my classes today so I plan on taking Anna Marie's yoga class which I swore I wouldn't take again.

Breakfast today was green frittata and fruit.  Basically a layer of potato with egg and avocado, and a touch of cilantro. I didn't take a picture because I took a picture of a similar one in an earlier blog post.  Paige told us about the hike plans for the week, and sent us in vans with our guides.  We didn't know where we were going until we got in the van.  This is very different.  Today was about judging everyones level of hiking and I believe they reported to Paige what level they thought we all are.  So they posted the van number we will be in all week, but we have no clue what hike or what guides till tomorrow.

Our hike today was once again Chuckwalla.  It is a beautiful hike which I actually enjoy.  A lot of the guest have been here before and our group only had one person that was new to Fitness Ridge.

On our return from the hike we had a choice of pool or mountain class.  I opted for mountain, which is a bit harder than pool.  I took it up to the top, level 25 on the bike.  My feet have been bothering me all day so I didn't really want to push it with the treadmill. (but did later anyway)

Lunch was chili and cornbread, first time there was no soup.  I am not a fan of beans, but like every meal I eat what they serve.  It was actually quite good and a favorite for many people here.

After lunch I iced my feet and knees then took a power nap.  After my nap we had pool.  A good portion of the people in my pool class are new to Fitness Ridge.  I showered quickly after pool, then taped my foot before cardio circuit class.  I made a point of being near the ab machines because I am really trying to add to my ab workout for the next 2 weeks.  I did the highest incline on the treadmill today which is a 15, and also ran at 5.0 when I didn't have the incline raised.  After circuit, it was time for John, who didn't disappoint anyone, and made sure to do his lunges using 2 spinning bike seats.  Its hard not to smile when he is teaching classes.  I really do love the trainers at Fitness Ridge, they are awesome!  In John's step and pump class I found that my balance has improved leaps and bounds.  So all in all I am finding that my body has come extremely far in 2 weeks.  Although I miss my family, it makes me wonder what 2 months here would do.  No worries to my family I am coming home in 2 weeks!!  And I can step it up at home and I will!

Dinner was the famous purple mashed potaoes with chicken and aspargus, and grilled pineapple for dessert.  It was good as usual.  I took 2 bags of ice and a cup of hot tea back to my room so I can ice my sore feet and knees and relax with a nice cup of vanilla nut decaf tea.

In closing, today was a tough day because some family friends were in a car accident and 2 of the occupents of the car died.  I am very grateful that 2 more will recover from their injuries thanks to seat belts.  Accidents happen and we have no way of preventing them.  But when we give in to the temptations of bad food choices and don't get enough exercise, we are allowing ourselves to age prematurely.  We cause our bodies to get sick with illnesses that could have been prevented if we only took care of our bodies.  Where ever you are in you life right now, you have an opportunity to be in good health, maybe you are.  But if you are not, think about how fragile life is, and make everyday count.  Think about the future of your health and how important it is to take care of yourself so you don't end up a statistic.  Our bodies can bounce back quick from the damage we cause, so love your body by feeding it quality food and by moving.  It is up to YOU, believe in yourself and think about how you don't want to end up in a hospital bed hearing, this could have been prevented "if".  Get rid of the "if" and make it "so".  YOU CAN BE THE HEALTHY PERSON YOU KNOW IS INSIDE!!


gottaluvme3 said...

Thank you SOOO much for those inspiring words Cat! I really needed that today....if only I had read it a few hours ago......*sigh*

Keep up the good work!

JulieLeyden said...

I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your friends. My prayers go out to you as I know that must be heart breaking. <3 to their family!

Thanks for the always good advice! You motivate me everyday to work harder so I can be as strong as you! I can't believe you only have two weeks left there. You are an inspiration!

I came in Friday night with my hubby (date night) to pay off my trip and did a lil shopping in the pro-shop! I thought about you & secretly hoped to run into you...


Have a great, happy & healthy week!

Nutrish Mish said...

<3 even if you can't be here to hug me...your words are consoling and I am able to still feel close. Keep those boys and their family's close at heart. We are blessed and I thank God for you and the rest of our amazing family everyday. Thank you for making the choice to prevent an unfortunate future.

Lucille said...

You are looking better eveyday. Keep up the good work..Hugs, mom'

I do not know who died but Our prayers are for them and their family.

Stephany said...

I am sooo impressed with your workout on the treadmill WITH a HURT FOOT! YOU ROCK!!! Keep it up!

Janette said...

Wow I'm so sorry to hear about your friends. What a day you've had, and yet you still find time to write and share some wonderful encouragement to others. Thank you!! Your work outs today sounded totally impressive, and sounds like you are using every opportunity you have there to make the most of your stay!

Lucille said...

Can't wait to see you Friday Pm.
You are looking, so you can share with us your experience in person. Hug, mom