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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 17 Fitness Ridge

Today is teary Tuesday for some, and for others we call it terrific Tuesday.  Either way this is my 3rd Tuesday of my stay here at the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge.  Many new people have come this week, as a matter of fact there is 46 new people this week, which means there are few that have been here for 2 weeks or more.  I am on the green team this week.

Joining us here this week is Eric Chopin, Biggest Loser winner Season 3.  He is here again, he was here earlier this year.  This time, he came with his brother Doug Chopin.  They are both on the green team, my color this week.  Eric is something else on the treadmill and he is like a boat out of water in the pool.  We race from side to side and he is half way back before I get to the other side.  Both Eric and Doug are really super nice guys here to improve their health and fitness just like the rest of us.

Breakfast was english muffins and smoothies, it is tasty and holds you over just fine till lunch.  Today started the "new hiking program".  Paige said the changes made are going back to the way they were a few years ago.  She named each group of hikers and told them what van and guides they will be with all week.  Then she told us that my group was doing Camelback today.  First off, my group is very fit, some of the ladies in my hiking group hike all over the world and they are all return guest.  It was nice to have Theresa, my new friend from the state of Washington in my van.  I guess the challenge with being with so many fit women is not a bad thing as I am pushing myself really hard to keep up on the hike.  Camelback got its name from the two mountain humps that in a distant look similar to a camels back.  The reservoir let out some water and to start our hike we had to jump a river.  This hike is actually really beautiful and you shouldn't feel intimidated to take it.  The terrain is very different from any of the other hikes I have ventured on so far.  There is this hole they call the vortex that you can climb down in to, but I wasn't adventerous enough to do it.  But half of my group did.  We climbed to the top of 2 mountains, and it is absolutely amazing when you are up there and you think, wow, I never thought I could ever climb a mountain like this.  This place is magical and turns you into something amazing.

After lunch was stretch which is always a crowd pleaser.  We all want to stretch our muscles to keep them from hurting.   It is rather amazing how I rarely feel sore, considering our strenuous days here.  I wish I could say the same for some of my bones, but that is why God invented ice right? (giggle)

Lunch today was a rainbow sandwich and squash soup, I have had both before, the rainbow sandwich is 3 different types of tomatoes.  I am grateful that I try everything even if I think I won't like it, because for the most part I have enjoyed everything.  Following lunch I had Total Toning with Nicole.  Oh my!  That girl really knows how to work your body.  Our bodies were screaming after that class!!  But that is all good, because when your muscles are screaming you know you are making good changes with your body.  Pool with adorable Marjorie followed that class, and our bodies were so sore already that anything that Marjorie added was just pain on top of pain.  No worries though, I feel fine just a few hours later.  After pool,. I ran upstairs for my quick shower, taped my foot and headed to Cardio Intervals.  I tried to get on a treadmill, but my foot was really hurting so I opted for a bike.

Dinner was bbq burger, which was made of ostrich.   If you haven't had an ostrich burger yet, I highly recommend them.  Fuddruckers has them on their menu, and they are so much better for you than the alternative of a beef burger.  Tuesdays are always chocolate covered strawberries.  A lot of the guest take them to go and eat them in the comfort of their rooms.

I did manage to go to the gym before my room for the night and work my abs like I promised myself I would do every day.

Tonight is also Biggest Loser in the aerobic room, but like the past 2 weeks, I prefer to be in my room watching it.

Those of us that are on our second plus week here are noticing eachothers weight losses, which is pretty exciting.  When you don't feel like working out or eating right, try and remember how good it feels to be noticably smaller when you do take care of yourself.  Try to hold that close to your heart, so you make the right decisions.  If you choose bad food and avoid exercise you will find nothing but dissapointment and it is up to you and only you.  Do you want to be happy with your choices or regret your indulgences?  You hold the answer.


Sabine said...

Here we are, found your blog.
Camelback is my favourite hike. Glad you had a chance to enjoy it. I have never been down the vortex. First time I did not know that you could (nobody did) and it does look pretty steep. The second time I was too chicken (although I made it all the way to the top of the hump). So I will do t vortex in June, promse.....
hanks for blogging and good night.

myesha said...

I am so glad things are continuing to go well for you. Keep up the great work!!