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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 8 Fitness Ridge

Sleepy Sunday would be a great name for this day.  Today is the day of rest.  You have the entire day to do whatever you want, if that is nothing at all its all good.  My day started by saying good bye to some fellow campers that I really connected with and will forever be in my heart.  The diningroom was full of empty seats from those that left after graduation last night and the others that had early shuttles.  Tonight would be a new group of week one campers anticipating there week at Fitness Ridge.  But for now, dining seemed a little sad, because so many amazing people had left.  Zion National Park was offered to me, Wes here for I think the 3rd time and Pam here for here 3rd or 4th time were going and I tagged along.  They mentioned hiking and I reminded them I was just finishing my first week and were they going to be doing some advanced hiking.  They assured me that I was going on simple hikes and I agreed to go.  Before we left the diningroom I was reminded of MUCH younger days, as I searched through the sack lunches till I came across my name.  I had a deja vu of grade school.

We piled in Wes' rent a car and headed to Zion around 9:30AM.  It was nice to be able to take our time hiking and not having to worry about getting it done in a short time.  We had time to breath in the absolutely stunning scenery.  Other's chose to go to the movies, some shopping and others spent the day just lounging around.  We went to the top of Zion through the infamous tunnel, which I didn't take a picture of because there is no lights in it!  I took so many pictures on this hike, that I will have to post just some of my favorites.  After we completed our hike, we went back down the mountain where you can hop on the bus which takes you to many stops along the way.  We had our bag lunches just prior to our second hike.  We opted for the Temple of Sinawava hike, it is described as a narrow river canyon confined within the Navajo sandstone, with rock slabs and cliff lanslides that have sliced straight down, creating a perpendicular gorge.  If you ever go to Zion, walk the walk, it is beautiful one ear hears the trickle of the tearing rocks while the other ear hears the river as it undercuts the softer, easily eroded Kayenta Formation.  It's a big WOW.   I wouldn't have had the confidence on these hikes if it wasn't for Fitness Ridge.  We stopped at a Rock Shoppe for Pam as she collects small rocks.  We headed back to Fitness Ridge so we had time to relax a little before dinner and week two. Woo-hoo its week Two!  I like how that sounds!!
 What a glorious sight, the scenery was magnificent!

The next  group of guest reminded me of last week when I wandered on to the resort.  No one really knows what to expect and yet there is such a positive vibe from the staff to all the guest.  I met a couple from Indiana, they said they came to recoup, I said "Don't you mean regroup?"   Soon after meeting them, dinner was being served.  I sat down next to Chris and Chris friends that came on this journey for this week together.  I gave them some of the run down such as, there "is" a salad bar however, it is for "after" you eat and only "if you really need it".  It is extra calories to your meal plan.  After they devoured their meals I let them in on a little secret, that chocolate pie that was so delish, well it was tofu!  Everyone passed the mic around and introduced themselves.  I am not happy with what I said, but the mic came way to quick for me.  I said, "no matter how you feel tomorrow, don't worry because Tuesday you will feel worse".  Ugh!  It is true but what I should have said is, "no matter how tough this is, there is going to become a time this week where you are going to be smiling and proud of your acomplishments".  Oh well!  I will have to do better next Sunday when once again I will be greeting the new guest.

After the introductions I went to the gift/pro shop and got tablets for my camelback that clean it out.  I figure I should clean out the bladder of the hydration pack at least once a week.

 So tomorrow is upon me, and second week guest must step it up by adding 1 more class to their day.  I will start my day with Yogalates as I have been told I missed a great class when it was offered last week.  Which means getting up before 6:00am to head to class.
I want to step it up a little more each week anyway so I am all for it.

Oh, some of the numbers I heard from those that left were for the most part at least 3 inches off the waist and many lost from 4 to 11 pounds.  Remember give it your all, a 9 pound weight loss came from Connie from Canada, who came for one week and gave it everything she had.  Way to go Connie.  A fitness trainer took off 5 pounds, and everyone chuckled, you didn't even need to lose weight.  Which was true in her case she came for the education of nutrition.

In conclusion, I miss my family and my puppies so much.  But the satisfaction of what I have accomplished already has me so driven to take it up a step for my second week.  I will be coming home a healthier person, and that is the gift to give those I love. 

Make time for yourself, walk, go to the gym, park your car in the farthest spot and take the stairs.  You CAN be fit and it is up to YOU. Make a food journal, count your calories and be accountable for your body, because it's the only one you have.  No one can force you, YOU have to want this, and don't you?  Make everyday count! 

PS I have been reminded that I would tell you about how my jeans are fitting.  Well, I kept having to pull them up all day.  I may need a belt if I wear them in a week!  Not Bad!!


Sabine said...

nice blog, again,,,what can I say. I know where you are at since my first visit was 4 weeks too.
Keep up the good work. Suspense is mounting. 3 more weeks to weighout (which is more about the inches than the weight, I think).....
Have a great week.

annelisewojo said...

So true about no one being able to force you to be accountable to your body. Everyone has to want it, and be ready for this in their own time and mind. Then, there will only be success. You are ready and rockin it! Glad you had a nice active rest day at the park. Go get week 2!

annelisewojo said...

PS.... You said more about the jeans in Sunday's post. ???? :)

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

Read my just added PS

clare rowley said...

Yet again, a fantastic read Cat! I was there in my mind - wishing in person :) Off to the garment district wishing you were here with me in NY - Love and miss you~

annelisewojo said...

:) Woot! Baggy jeans means shopping ahead!

michelle said...

We're so excited for you to come home. You're leave tomorrow right? lol jokingggg. I miss you a lot and wish I was experiencing what you are. Everyone is fine here though so try not to worry or miss us. Soak in every second of time and every panting breath you attempt to breathe while on those hikes and in your classes. You will eventually be missing that ridge longer than this brief time you're missing us. We're behind you 100%, 100% of the time.


Lucille said...

Your pictures are showing your weight loss. You look great..I am reading your blog each day, and I am trying to exercise more as well. Love mom

Fitness bench said...

Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!