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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Quit Diets and Joined a Lifestyle!

Here I am, it's 2010 and for the past 8 years I have been striving for what I was in 1999.  But every time I tried to get there, I quit.  I would get discouraged by my scale and say "it's not working" and that would end that.  Then, I would gain more pounds back then I lost.  I did this cycle of dieting for such a long time that I sit here professing my stupidity out loud!!

Here are some of the diets I remember trying in my lifetime...

Susan Powter - "no fat diet".... seriously she had me brain washed till 2 years ago when my daughter explained how important omega-3 fats are.  Shame on you Susan!
Grapefruit diet - Bacon & grapefruit.... really?  (I did it)
Beverly Hills Diet - Okay...some of this makes sense, but will you stick with it forever?  pure deprivation!
Nutrisytem - Structured yes...tasty...NO!  I don't want to live out of a dried box of food
Jenny Craig - Pricey and again boxed food!!  Palllllllllllllllleeeease~
Atkins Diet - Something is really wrong with the entire thinking of this diet, (but it worked off a few pounds)
South Beach Diet - Not a bad diet.  (but a little boring and structured)
Weight Watchers - Excellent diet to help you learn structure!  It works its been around forever!!(a thumbs up, don't think it should be labeled a diet its a lifestyle change)
I lost on all those diets and oh yeah...the pills I've spent money on!

Please!  I can't remember how many different pills I have bought in my lifetime that promised weight loss.
PS...every one of them failed!!  I am proud to say I never spent the money on Alli the newest diet wonder of the world.

Before we can change we need to take ourselves seriously...
I had to take myself seriously.
Inevitably we will be the ones in the hospital hooked up to tubes and wires if we don't.  I don't want to be laying in that hospital bed having people poke and probe me.  I don't want to hear a doctor say "this was preventable".  2010 opened my eyes and made me really think of my mortality.  I am a 50 year old woman, and the statistics state my high percentage of heart attack, stroke and/or cancer.  That is very serious.  So looking at life as the serious fragile component it is, makes it time to stop being a quitter.
Can I continue on a downward swirl right in to the nearest emergency room or do I have to make an effort to do everything I can to be healthy.
Educate yourself for success...don't listen to the weight loss gurus' or think there is a magic pill to help you...

Knowledge is good health.  I have learned so much from my nutritionist daughter, Michelle.  (Thank you, Michelle!!) So my eating habits were easy for me to tackle but I needed will power.  It's a quit, you accept bad health or even early mortality.

Lastly, do not call your new lifestyle a diet, diets are something that end.  This is a lifestyle change.  My daughter cringes if the word diet slips out of my mouth.  Its not a diet, I am not going to finish one day and eat everything in sight.  Instead, I am going to eat modestly, till full and enjoy the foods I am eating.  And occasionally eat foods that I know don't like my body but love my taste buds.  That's a lifestyle.  I am grateful I have the knowledge of knowing what to put in my body and what NOT to put in my body.
And move!  Move as often as you can, whenever you can. 
Find   the farthest parking spot and take the stairs!  

I know the changes I am making in 2010 are extending my life and if I chose the path I was on in 2009, it would have taken years off my life.  I want those years back, so I am taking them!

Next stop for me is Fitness Ridge, to educate me more and get me moving like I've never moved!  I am ready...2010 is going to Rock!  "4 more days" till Fitness Ridge!

Monday, March 29, 2010

One Week Till Check-In

I have been anticipating next week for "99" days!  The time has finally arrived.  It feels so surreal.  I have been prepping for months for what I am about to embark on.  And now I find myself in the final stages of leaving.
Wow, I can't believe the emotions it is stirring up.  First of all, is everything done that needs to be done before I leave?  I hope so.  I do so much in a month it worries me to be gone so long.  I do believe I have everything set for my long trip away. 

That leaves 2 I am really not looking forward to what starts Tuesday.  I am quitting drinking coffee.  Reason being, no caffeine at Fitness Ridge.  That means Tuesday morning I will not be reaching for my coffee pot.  I will smell that coffee all week when my husband has his morning coffee, but I will pass.  I will more than likely get some headaches when I get to Fitness Ridge just because of the altitude.  I am not going to add caffeine withdrawals on top of it. 

Secondly, I need to finish my packing.  Truth is I started a few weeks ago.  I just need to add the last few things.  I am trying to relax about that part and am now concerned whether I have everything I need for packing. Usually when I go away I don't worry because I always have a car and can go pick it up at the store. This is different, I will have no car, although on Wednesdays, Fitness Ridge offers a ride to the local Target, so if I need to I can pick up things there.

I am pretty burnt out tonight because it was a very long day getting business stuff taken care of.  Although it was Sunday, I have only 6 days left to get things done so today was a work day.

I am filled with anxiety tonight, its absolutely horrible.  I don't think its the challenge of Fitness Ridge, but instead the challenge of saying goodbye to my family, home, friends, job and my adorable dogs for an entire month!
I want to say thank you to my followers, and how much I appreciate your support and comments.  I hope to keep you informed daily on my progress when I arrive next week at Biggest Losers Resort at Fitness Ridge.
Hope you have a great week and I will blog to you soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Have you ever thought about the number 10 and it's true significance in life?  
It seems to be a very strong number.  

The first time we experience the number 10 is when we no longer live by a single
digit. And that took you 10 years of your life to achieve.
The next time you experienced the number 10 you said good-bye to your "teens" 
no doubt making you feel like a grown-up and feeling proud.
 After this point, the number 10 in it's significance to your age seems to lose its desire.  The next time you reach a 10 it seems you are getting old.  

But then you experience 10 when you have your wedding anniversary, making you feel proud that you survived your first 10 years of marriage.
 "Tin" is the 10 year gift of a marriage and is a symbol of how a successful marriage
needs to be flexible and durable and how it can be bent without being broken.
I think that says everything about our lives, and our lifestyles.

Life is about being flexible, and we know how durable our bodies are.
And if you have any doubt about the ability to be bent without being broken, just look at what we do to our bodies with the wrong food choices and avoiding exercise.

When losing weight, 10 is always the number to beat.  
I want to be in the 170's, saying goodbye to the 10 that equals the 180's.  
I have been fighting that 10 for 5 weeks. 
Every time I get on that scale I want to see that 7 appear after the 1.  
For 5 weeks straight I have been in that 10 status called the 180's!!
Now that I have typed that, I realize, how good that actually sounds.  
I have lost almost 10 pounds in 5 weeks!
                         If I could do that every month...heck that would be awesome!
                    Why am I so consumed with the numbers game?

 We all need to stop focusing on the numbers game and simply worry about eating right and staying active.  If we learn to eat right and stay active whenever possible,
the numbers will drop and our health will climb!!

We all have our own numbers to beat, mine may sound small to you, just know where ever you are in your weight loss, the getting to your goal comes with many gifts along the way:
1)You will hurt less as the weight comes off and your health will improve
2)You will be able to challenge yourself and have the gratification of being successful
3) You will find yourself fitting better in your clothes
4)Your appearance will show signs of weight loss
5)You will believe in yourself again
6) You will have to wear smaller clothes.

It doesn't matter if you have 300, 200, 100, or as little as 10 pounds to lose.  
We all feel the same way when we are in the journey of weight loss.  
We are disappointed in ourselves for letting ourselves go. 

I started my journey needing to lose, 60 pounds.  I am almost 20 pounds down.  
The rewards have been coming with each 10 pounds I lose.  
My first 10 pounds were just for me, no one said I looked smaller, 
but I knew I was downsizing and I was proud that I stuck it out. 
Now, people are noticing my weight loss.  
But really its not about them, its about ME, I want this for ME.  
We all can do it!  Never give up! 
I believe it is important to set small goals for yourself, along the way. 
I reached my March 15th goal, just shy of where I wanted to be. 
Will I reach my next goal?  
Maybe, maybe not. But I am trying, that is what counts.

Today was my weigh-in, it is week number 9.
Unfortunately, I didn't reach my new "10" on the scale.
The 180's remain below my feet.
I did however lose 9/10's of a pound this week.
Almost sounds ironic to me!

I am not discouraged, a little frustrated perhaps, but the number is still going down. 
So more significance of the number 10 for me.
I leave in 10 days for Fitness Ridge
I have one more weigh-in at home before I go, it will be my 10th week on my journey.
I believe the number on my 10th week will be in a new digit, the 170's.
 I may not reach my goal to lose 2.6 pounds in the next 10 days, but I am trying!!
That's what counts; not the number, the effort!

10 days and I will be making more changes, I am excited and scared, but I am in it for the win this time, and failure is just not an option!

See you in 10 days Fitness Ridge!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday - Manic - Monday

Sometimes I think I seem too positive.  Let me make sure to lay it out there, I battle daily with my negative side.  My motivation and drive right now is "FITNESS RIDGE".  

Back in January when I started my journey, I was ready for my failure once again.  I have said I was going to lose weight so many times, my broken record was lying on deaf ears.  No one wants to hear how once again I am going to eat right and workout.  La-de-da!  Yeah right Cat, we have heard THAT before!

It is so easy to sound positive that you are going to make change, but inside there is that negative spurt just waiting to geyser over all my best laid out plans.  I have been doing this same thing for more years than I care to count.  Okay...I will count.  I have been battling this newest weight for 10 years!  I say newest weight, because dieting has been a lifelong thing for me.  The numbers were much smaller when I was much younger, but I have always watched my weight.  To be 145 pounds at 40 and to let myself grow to over 200 pounds was exactly what I did.

A few years ago my daughter coached me on losing with the help of her college degree in nutrition.  Both my husband Alan and myself followed her recommendations and saw significant weight loss.  I went from 204 to 182 with her help.  Then, I climbed up once again in 2 years to over 200 pounds.  I hid my disasters in the food department from her, but my body told no lies.

So what is going to make the difference this time?  I believe you have to find a place inside yourself, that does not want failure ANYMORE!  I have experienced the pain of trying to go up my stairs and feeling as though my muscles were giving up.  I have felt flutters in my heart that made me question heart attack.  I hear everyday my odds for getting so many diseases.  I do NOT want to be laying in a hospital bed some day saying "I could have prevented this." 

Eating whatever taste good, has been self gratification for my stresses in life.  I was raised to eat for comfort like so many Americans.  I even passed that a long to my own children.

One thing I am trying to change is that mindset of eating to gratify.  Because it is only a gratification at the moment.  I am looking at my life as calories in - calories out.  I have to look at it this way!  It keeps me going!!!  If I eat that 500 calorie dessert, how long do I have to work out so that it doesn't stay with me grabbing on to my belly and thighs?  Is it really worth it?

In the morning, am I happier that I ate it?  Or do I wake up feeling miserable?  Reading this, you know how I feel...I don't even want to get out of bed, and hell no I am NOT going to weigh myself!

What I do now, is I think about the morning after before I open my mouth for that 500 calorie dessert.
I have an opportunity to make my morning, is it going to be better or worse?  I try and remember other "morning afters" when I passed on the calories the night before.  It is easy to remember how good it felt waking up and saying...I survived!  I can get on the scale!!

That keeps me going.

Do I eat that 500 calorie dessert?  Of course I do!  Only, I take a bite and savor its flavor.  I let it wrestle in my mouth till it nearly dissolves.  Maybe I take 2 bites.  Sometimes, I might eat half a dessert.  I always joke when I eat the wrong thing, it only has 1/2 the calories because I only ate half!  I do allow myself to indulge, I have just learned how to indulge a little not a lot!!

I want my health back!  I do not want my children leaning over me in the hospital, knowing I could have prevented that.  I want to be a grandmother one day, I want to be a great-grandmother one day!

I want to enjoy the ocean by feeling comfortable in my bathing suit.  I want to climb to the top of that mountain to see what is on the other side.  I do not want to sit on the sidelines and watch my life pass me by.  I chant these things over and over to get me over my hurdles and to keep me going down the right path.

Moderation brings promise, and so many rewards.  I want to tuck my shirt in!  I want to undress in front of my husband, and even try out our double shower together!  I want to wear a sleeveless shirt and I want to feel sexy.   Moderation brings promise!

No one but me can make it come true.  I hold on to all my desires everyday.  I think of that when I pass by my refrigerator or when I see the french fries on my daughters plate across the table.  I don't want that nearly as much as I want my future!

I am not an alcoholic, but I love my food no less than an alcoholic loves his liquor.  Both things damage our lives.

I refuse to fail! 


Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring In My Step

 Oh what beautiful weather we have had for the past 4 days. I am privileged enough to be just blocks away from an absolutely beautiful state park, and have reintroduced myself this week.  It is loaded with trails that wrap around bogs, creeks and lakes.  I have walked the yellow trail year after year at least a few times each year.  But this year is going to be different.  I am going to explore and hike every trail in that state park.  Being a Southern California girl, it can be really hard dealing with the harsh hand of winter.  It is truly sad that when I see the leaves falling off the trees in the fall, instead of being awed by its gorgeous palette of color I am instead depressed at the thought of what is coming, "WINTER".   Winter has become an excuse to eat what I want and hide it behind jackets and big sweaters.  This winter started the same way.  I enjoyed my holiday feast and my body was not a worry for me.  Creatures of habit we are.  What made this winter different, was my Christmas present.  I have asked for Bob Harper for Christmas year after year.  This year of course, I saw the ad for Fitness Ridge and quickly I stated that is what I want for Christmas!!!  "Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge"  When I opened it Christmas morning, I was shocked to learn I was booked for an entire month.  I knew as soon as I was reading it that I would change that to 2 weeks.  A month? Is he kidding??  He will never survive and the world will not survive without me.  I can't leave my gigs for a month!  My family without me for a month???  My dogs without me for a month????..........Although I knew I would inevitably change the length of time I was there, I graciously accepted my gift.
I spent the next month, trying to heal from an injury I had in October where I kicked my vacuum cleaner so hard it chipped my toe.  January was nearing end and I had not prepped at all for Fitness Ridge.  It started to become real that soon I would be in Utah getting my butt kicked.  I didn't want to be towering near 200 pounds when I arrived.  I always can take off the first 10 pounds or so when dieting, it's getting passed that number that is hard.  I always hit walls, that make me give up.  I have been writing about my journey since the day I took charge of my body and my life.  And now a little over 2 weeks away from heading to the Ridge, I have managed to lose just under 17 pounds.  I am hoping for 20 total before I hop on that plane on April 4th.
My weigh in was yesterday for week 8, and the scale only showed a half pound weight loss.  There is no turning back for me.  I see the weight loss every where.  My face is smaller and my pants size have dropped from a size 16 to a size 12.  I am not worried about the scale telling me I didn't do enough, because I did do enough.  I am exactly 16.3 pounds lighter, than January 21.  Next week I intend to have a smaller number on that scale.  No longer am I discouraged by the number in front of me, I am on the right path!

So Spring is in the air, and I am a new me.  I am working towards my goal of an additional 40 pounds of weight loss.  I am 1/3 to my goal or close enough.  I will continue to make healthy choices and move each day.  Changing the workout keeps it fresh, and right now I am enjoying exploring new trails, yesterday was the blue trail.  Wow was I missing some beautiful scenery just sticking to the yellow trail.  Today, who knows? 

I believe, nothing will really prepare me for what I am embarking on in just over 2 weeks, but making steps at weight loss and exercise is a good start.  If I could suggest one thing to everyone, it's to "move" and keep "moving" everyday you can.  Little steps in the right direction are that, "steps in the right direction" to a healthier happier you.  "16 Days till Fitness Ridge"  Oh yeah...and I will be staying for a month!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Times Were My Reward!

January seems ages ago to me now.  It was back then that I had set my goal on "This week".  The day I set my goal I thought, no way is it going to happen, but maybe I will be close to that weight.  Turns out I was so close to my goal weight that I didn't notice it wasn't achieved.  My rewards were abounding.  It was the first time in some years that I felt good about my appearance.  I am a far cry from where I want to be, my goal is another 40 pounds.  But to be able to walk the
same floor that Meryl Streep was walking, Michael Douglas crossed and so many amazing Rock n Rollers were on and to feel "in place"...well that was my reward.  I had no one to thank but me, and for the first time in my life I really knew that.   This is not to say I don't owe some credit to my friends, family and even you the followers of my blog, I thank you all.  You have been encouraging with your words, comments and acknowledgments.  But I really just feel like patting myself on the back, because in the end, without my personal commitment, it never would have come to be.  (Pictured above, Meryl Streep and friend)  (Pictured to the left) The finale at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductions at the Waldorf Astoria.  Featured in this picture are Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra, Rob Thomas, Ronnie Spector, Peter Wolf, Chris Issak, Fefe Dobson, Eric Burdon.  I had an awesome night, hanging with many old friends and hanging with some new friends.  Maroon 5 were super awesome and had me dancing with them throughout the night.  I wanted a picture with them, but the night didn't call for it, and in the end, FUSE actually taped us all dancing together.  (check for the RnR inductions on FUSE channel - they always rerun the show a lot)

CBS Orchestra Horns:
Left to right
Tom "Bones" Malone, Trombone
Alan Chez, Trumpet
Bruce Kapler, Saxophone
Inductee, Iggy Pop of The Stooges singing with Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day rockin it!

Faith Hill singing "Winner Takes It All" 

Jimmy Cliff and
the CBS Orchestra horns

 The Hollies & Maroon 5

   Chris Isaak singing
   "Don't Be Cruel"

  Rob Thomas sings
  "Save the Last Dance For Me"

Band wives:
Cathy Shaffer
Cat Chez
Sally Malone
Cynthia McGinnis

Felicia Collins
Cat Chez

To see all my pictures from RnR Inductions, go to my Facebook page photo link below:!/album.php?aid=7258&id=100000736533375&ref=mf

Lastly, before leaving NYC on Tuesday, 2 of my 4 daughters came to the city and met me for the Dr. Oz show (airing in a few weeks).  We were VIP guest of the show and received front row seats.  My daughter, Michelle will be featured doing the hoola to get Dr Oz' attention on the "Ask Dr Oz" segment of the show.  After the show we were invited back to meet Dr Oz in person, super nice staff and amazing man, Dr Oz!  He was really concerned about my daughters question and hooked her up with a specialist.  It was a great time.  When Dr Oz found out I was a karaoke DJ he told me he was considering having karaoke at his 50th birthday this summer and wanted my card.  All in all it was a great 2 days in the city.  

In conclusion, I skipped the desert at the Induction Ceremonies, but opted for a few glasses of wine.  Took the skin off the chicken, and stayed within my calorie count.  Tuesday, before the Dr Oz show, I walked to the show (much shorter walk than anticipated) I walked the stairs every chance I could. (lots of times actually) Had a fiber one bar & nectarine for breakfast, a NYC breakfast on the go.  Had a veggie burger for lunch, and opted for wheat bread instead of the bun, ate only one piece of the bread to boot.  Came home, ate a light dinner.  Still managed to burn 2200 calories for the day.  It goes to show you can have a great time, and not lose sight of the prize...permanent weight loss!

"Getting healthy happens a day at a time, there is no race to the finish line.  Just do what you can to live healthy today".  Dr Oz

Thanks for reading and encouraging me as always....Cat Chez

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting Ready to head out....and new goal number???

Well, the clock is tickin' and the time is comin'.  I leave in 22 days for Fitness Ridge.  I have been so fixated on my trip, my kids are sick of hearing about it!  I can't stop myself, I am so excited and terrified all wrapped up in one.  With 3 weeks left, I am trying to get everything I need for the trip so I don't forget anything.  Being gone a month is a long time! Usually when I travel I say if I forget something I will pick it up when I get where I am going,
But I will have no vehicle to get me to the store so I want to be prepared.  After being on Fitness Ridge website and reading many blogs I have compiled my list.  And have purchased most things:
Neosporin ointment
Blister bandaids
Toothpaste & toothbrush
Shampoo & conditioner
Purex Sheets
Bleach pin
Duct tape
Cell phone also my mp3 player
Extra battery for my cell phone and a portable battery charger
Surge protector due to lack of plugs
Travel blo dryer, the ones at FR are weak
Powder for chaffing
Knee brace (heaven forbid I would need 2 at the same time)
Sewing Kit
Camelback aka Hydration Back (I bought a Coleman 2L)
Anti Friction cream
Icy Hot Roll on
Advil PM
Vitamin I aka Ibruprofen
Over the door holder
Laundry bag
2 bathing suits
Pool Shoes
8 pairs of workout shorts
8 pairs of capris
Lots and lots of shirts
Sports bras
Regular bras
2 pairs of sneakers, 1 for hiking (I bought Adidas Response Trail 16) 1 for indoor cardio
Rain jacket & poncho
Anti-Blister Socks (I bought Wrights)

I am prepared to take 2 suitcases weighing in under 50 pounds each. 

If you are heading to Fitness Ridge or have been there and you can think of anything I forgot, please let me know!!

Okay so, my goal weight was to lose 17.5 pounds by the Rock n Roll Inductions this coming Monday.  I missed my goal slightly.  I am now placing my new goal for April 4th.  Drum roll.....I want to be 20 pounds lighter by my weigh in.  So, I need to lose about 4 pounds in 3 weeks.  Pretty doable.  If I lose more...yippee!
I will shoot for more, but I am keeping it real.  I will be actually shooting for 175 by weigh-in.  If I accomplish that I will be 22.8 pounds on April 4th.  I will be happy with either weight. 

PS I intend to enjoy Monday nights Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Ceremonies being fed by the Waldorf Astoria and drinking more wine than I should! lol  I will however, be passing up any desserts they serve as I gave that up for lent.  Also, the morning after usually starts with room service eating naughty things.  I will be passing that up and instead head to the gym for a workout before the Dr Oz Show. (I hope anyway??)

Well this blog should be my last till after the Dr Oz Show on Tuesday, hope you have a wonderful weekend, make it count!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weight a minute, I missed my goal???

Not really worrying about not reaching my goal weight!

Originally my goal was to drop 17.5 pounds by March 10th.  Basically for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductions Ceremony.  Only the ceremonies are March 15th now, so I have 4 more days to reach that goal.

But I am not fretting about it at all .  I guess you could say I am looking back to the day I started my blog and this journey.  I was near 200 pounds back then.  And now I am a sneeze away from the 170's.  So again, I am not fretting that I have not quite reached that goal weight.

I lost 2.1 pounds this week. 

I have been in a limbo for 2 weeks, with my weight loss.  I have been daily frustrated by my scale. (yes I weigh myself everyday).  I just didn't let it kick me.  I knew one day that number was going to drop.  And lucky for me it did today!!  On my Thursday weigh-in.                                                                                           

Before, I would have given up on eating right and exercise because the scale was NOT moving!!  I am not that person anymore!!

So I said, today would be the day I tried on the outfit I wore to the Emmy's (I was the same weight back then as I am today).
I put it on, it zipped up and ironically, I don't want to wear it on Monday!!  I am going shopping for something to wear even though I know it will be something that won't fit me for very long.  I cut my face out of my photo today because I hadn't brushed my hair or put make up on..but you can see me at the Emmy's in it and today in it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unveiling my Cee

When I started this journey, I had a lot of business to wrap up prior to going to Fitness Ridge.  The day has come where it is no longer a secret to the bars I work at that I will be taking a hiatus for the month of April.  I have decided to let my singers and followers know that I am going to be away for the month of April.  I am leaving for a month to get healthy!  That is pretty much what I have told them.  Now that the "cat" is out of the bag, I can be honest about who I am.  So Cat Cee is now shedding the Cee and is proud to say its is really Chez.  Cat Chez.  I am married to a NY musician, Al Chez.  You can find him 5 nights a week on "Late Night with David Letterman".  He is the trumpet player, the middle horn player behind Paul Shaffer. 

We have a great life together, and spend so much of it sharing music with the world.  It is always hard for me to prioritize my life, never mind I prefer not to do mornings!  Well all that is about to change.  I have made my peace with my world and am ready to leave it for a month.  This is a great sacrifice to my husband Alan and to my 4 daughters.  I am super close with all of my daughters and spend a lot of time on the phone with them.  They range from 30 to 21.  It will be hard for us all to be apart for an entire month.

Because I have been preparing for Fitness Ridge for near 7 weeks, I feel I am on the successful path to good health.  I want to be there for my family and I want to be there healthy.  I don't want to be someone who said I could have been a healthy person if I only took the initiative.  I am taking the initiative.

So let it be known, I am Cat Chez, goodbye to the Cee.  I am happily married with amazing children.  I plan on being a healthy weight before this year ends, and really hope before the fall begins.  I have lost 14 pounds since my journey began and hope that I lose a minimum of 10 pounds while I am away.  My stage name is Karaoke Cat and I do have a website:,  I also have a and facebook page, karaokecat chez.  I am no longer hiding myself behind my monitor.

I intend on living a healthy life for ME, and for those I love so much!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A weekend of buttery movie popcorn aroma!

So we have this ritual that we do every year at this time.  We try and get in the best pictures before tonight, Academy Awards Ceremony.  On Thursday Alan said, the Academy Awards are Sunday, lets see what we can see before then.  There started the mission.  Thursday night I met Alan at a theater that was still showing two of the movies, The Last Station and Precious.  We double featured it.  I bought us both Subway on our way to the movie along with sliced apples for me.  I had a late lunch so I opted to wait to eat my subway between the two movies.  Alan on the other hand ate his subway during the first movie, then had the greasiest popcorn along with some butterfingers during the second show.  I also had carrot sticks with me so  I munched on my imaginary popcorn (carrots) while he ate his popcorn & candy.
Friday followed with a 3pm showing of "An Education", it is funny how prone we all are to want to have something to munch on while watching a film.  I brought my own popcorn and candy, now..don't laugh...I brought in carrots, an apple and a couple of prunes!  I was just as satisfied as Alan was with his candy.  I can't begin to tell you how strong my sniffer was, I could taste Alan's chocolate in my mouth!  No I did not make any bad choices!!
So, last night took us out one more time, this time we had a little more than an hour between our first film and our second.  We saw, "Up in the Air"  then went to the Macaroni Grill for dinner.  I ordered a salad along with the balsamic chicken over angel hair with a side of broccoli.  I broke down a little and had some of their bread, but kept it to a minimum.  I ate a small portion of my chicken and gave Alan the rest and focused on all of my broccoli and some of my pasta.  Back we went to the movie for our next feature film, "Crazy Heart", the best of all the movies we saw this weekend.  It is great seeing someone clean up their act and make it right.  It is inspiring!  Just like so many of the blogs I read!!!!
We finished the night off watching our last film, "The Hurt Locker" on our couch. 

So we are all set for the Academy Awards Ceremony tonight, and to get all revved up, I am heading to my elliptical now, then my treadmill, and lastly its another beautiful day here so my dogs are being treated with walks.  My hopes is to award myself with at least a 1,000 calorie burn today.  After all, I am 28 days away from checking in to Fitness Ridge!!

Happy Sunday to all, see you at the movies..............

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Weigh In, A wee bit closer to my March 15th goal

Today is another week, another week wishing, praying, hoping the scale is my friend.  That it paid attention to all my good choices, and noticed the sweat that beaded off of me every single day this week.  That it noticed that I ate that bowl of broccoli, instead of that bowl of sweet potato chips.  That it noticed, that I passed on a late night snack every single day.  That instead of reaching for that cheesy enchilada in my fridge, I opted for the carrots.  And no matter how tired I was, I got my feet planted on my treadmill, and did a workout.  I even reacquainted myself with my elliptical of which I ignored the week prior.  Lets not forget that this week, I increased my workout from the week before.  I even did sit-ups for the first time in so many months I am embarrassed to admit. So, it is THAT TIME but once again!  I tap my scale, its blue hue in front of me, as the 8888 disappears and rewrites itself to read 0.00.  I know this can make "or" break my day.  As I lift my feet one at a time, on to that little piece of glass that measures my achievements and failures of my week.  I contemplate, did I do enough?  Or am I going to spend my day getting over the crankiness that the scale is so good at creating within me.  I didn't jump for joy as the number climbed and stopped at 184.1.  Yes it was a loss, but heck I really had hoped for more.  But it is a loss.  I have convinced myself of that every 5 minutes since I got on that bloody scale!

I am 10 days away from the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductions being held in NYC.  I had hoped for 180.5 for that date.  So basically, I need to lose 3.6 pounds in the next 10 days to reach my goal.  Okay, so it seems plausible that I can do it.  But it is frustrating that a week brought only a 1.5 weight loss.  I am not complaining, I CAN do this.  I did plateau this week and so I will do more than the last 6 weeks to get to and pass my goal!

My actually use the gym membership I have continued to pay for the last year.  I wanted to step up this month with weight training anyway.  I am leaving here in "31 Days" for Fitness Ridge and don't want to go there without some strength training.  I want to be able to lift my arms, leg and be able to breath without pure agony.  So now is the time to step up my game even more.  More cardio and the addition of the gym!!  My goal is to wear if I feel I want to, my Emmy dress from a few years ago to the RnR Hall of Fame Ceremonies.  I wore it at 182, and will try it on next weigh-in (next Thursday).  If it looks good, I will more than likely wear it March 15th.

So, to date, I have lost 13.7 pounds. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Plateau Means Step it UP

Today typically is my first day of an old onset.  Today is usually the day
I give up.  I get discouraged by the "numbers game".  I convince my inner
self, that it's not worth all the effort if its not going to show up on my scale.

Today is the day plateau means quitter.

Think about it, what is the one thing that happens in the middle of dieting?  At first the excitement is there, you can't wait to get on the scale to see the pounds have dropped.  At first there is an immediate feeling of being a skinny person.  You can almost taste the cardboard you will be eating as you achieve your goal.  Everything is going along as planned and you are smiling at your accomplishments.

Then BOOM!
As if a ton of bricks just came crashing down on you, you start to analyze what happened.  Saying it's not fair, you ate great, you worked out.  It is just not worth the effort! 

If you are like me in your thinking, its NOT YOUR FAULT!  You have been doing your thing!  You have been eating right and working out, and for what?  Then a temptation shows its ugly face, something that always comforted you in the past when you were feeling frustrated.  Or maybe you just don't feel like getting up and sweating if it isn't going to make a difference anyway!!

That was before, this is NOW!  Now is NOT being OVERWEIGHT!!  NOT saying yes to temptation, but saying...there is a new dawn and it's coming up roses!  It is going to be me climbing over that plateau and continuing down the right path of my journey!

Today I changed my breakfast to an egg beater omelet with spinach, ham, low fat cheese, peppers, onions, and tomato.  My usual is oatmeal with raisins and nuts.  I changed my workout to reps of jogging and running, then incline, then less incline.  And went on to the elliptical and did a good 300 calorie burn on there.  And lastly, tonight while drawing inspiration from one of my favorite shows, "The Biggest Loser", I will get on my bike and ride like the wind! lol So hopefully I will have a calorie burn of at least 1,000 calories today. (a small cry from the burn I will be getting in Utah).

No longer will "plateau mean quitter"  from now on it will be: "plateau means time to step up my game!"