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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 26 Fitness Ridge

Today marked my last Treading class, Ball Works Class and Gym Class.  This morning I attended my last 6:00am class here at Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge.  It is a sad day as I am reflecting on the pleasures of having only yards to walk to get fit.  I have grown so accustomed to Anna Marie's 6am classes that I start her warm up before she does.  I will truly miss her and her classes, she will forever hold a special place in my heart.  As we started our Total Body Conditioning, this very fit Tonga guy comes in the room and its Sione Fa from Season 7.  Seems his cousin Felipe couldn't make it to our 6:00am class.  (jokingly)   Sione was adorable and full of wit and song.  He showed us how comfortable he was doing those squats and lunges Anna Marie had in store for us.

Breakfast was my favorite which I thought was fitting since I will only be dining for one more breakfast.  We had peanut butter and fruit sandwiches.  They are awesome as they are filled with berries, its a great breakfast starter!!

My new friend Lucinda a NYC girl that is originally from New Zealand has been so gracious to drive me to do the Stop Sign hike for the last 2 days.  Although it is customary to go on the assigned hikes in the assigned vans I have had no opposition from anyone to instead do Stop Sign.  When you are here a month there is a little leeway regarding the program.  I get an awesome calorie burn so it has been my desire to do that hike.  If I was given a hike I haven't tried before I would definitely go but after a month I have been on most of them.

On our return we had gym class and today we got to do cardio and/or weights.  I did a little of both because I am always wanting to work my abs and chest.

Lunch was an interesting mixture of tortilla soup, a HUGE favorite here and Hawaiian pizza.  It was all excellent as most everything is here.

Following lunch I took my last Treading class with Tiffany, I plan on incorporating that into my own exercise program once a week at home.  After Treading class it was Ball Works with John, he is great at kicking your butt.  Truth is, the trainers are all awesome they motivate you to be superior.  Due to lightening the last pool class was cancelled which left the gym very full.  While the Green Team was doing Treading the rest of us were working on the weight machines.  I was happy to work my abs and chest a little more.

Dinner tonight was stuffed chicken and brussel sprouts and dessert was the very tasty chocolate covered strawberries usually served on Tuesday night.  A friend, Kristen doesn't like the strawberries and so I held off on my early fruit so I could have her strawberries too.  It was a fitting end to my last dinner her at the Ridge.

Every Thursday there is a jewelry expo in the lobby where you can look at local jewelry made by one of the hiking guides.  I am taking home a ring that will forever remind me of this magical place.  It is cut from local crystal and the band is made of leather.

I settled my bill tonight so tomorrow I can worry about saying my goodbyes to the many friends I have made here.  I will be leaving a night early due to the Ironman that is coming in on Saturday.  I got a great group shot of all the Biggest Loser contestants that are here right now.  They are all involved in the Ironman or 10K that is taking place on Saturday.  There were so many cameras taking our picture they didn't know which way to look.  All of the BL contestants are like you and me, maybe a little nicer than your average Joe, because they know what it's like to overcome their addictions and get fit.  This is a place of relating to one another which adds to its magic.

In closing tonight, I have been through so much in the past month and have done so many things that a month ago I would have said "I can't do", and what I have learned is, the only thing that stops you from saying YOU CAN, is a T.  So consider the T, "Trust"... and trust in yourself that YOU CAN, and don't let anything stop you from achieving your goals.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 25 Fitness Ridge

Again as I start my blog tonight I am blown away by how many days I have been here.  It is really hard not to think about going home and joining my home and work life again.  It is on my mind all day long while I am working out.  My trainers say its my last Kickboxing class etc, and it really hits me that I am leaving this wonderful place.  Tomorrow will be my last Treading class and as it stands I have climbed my last Utah mountain already.  I am doing the stop sign hike both Thursday and Friday thanks to a new friend from NYC, Lucinda.  She rented a car and does it daily and I spoke to the guides and they gave me the thumbs up.  I have already done all the hikes they have me on this week so I would rather get that 1200 calorie burn on the Stop Sign hike.

Since the first day of coming here I have never swayed at all with the program.  I ate whatever they served me, and I did whatever class they asked of me and went on every hike.  But with just a few days left I have stepped up a little bit more by doing more cardio classes and not doing anymore pool.  Today I had one of my best calorie burn days since I came.  My day actually started really early.  I decided to get a RMR Test which lets you know how many calories you burn doing nothing.  That test started at 5:30AM, and when it was finished I was off to Yoga at 6:00am.  My RMR is low, 1400 which doesn't surprise me one bit.  That means if I eat more than 1400 calories I better be working out to make up the difference.  Although it was necessary to get my weight, I asked Sharon not to tell me.  She did tell me for every 8 pounds I lose I have to subtract another 50 calories from my RMR.

So I went with Lucinda to Stop Sign today, I opted out of Camelback which I did last week.  I really savored the view today and took pictures and videos along the way.  It was nice not focusing on my time for a change.  When I was finished I burned over 1200 calories.  I have posted some of my favorite shots from my Stop Sign Hike today.

On my return to the Ridge we had stretch, and what's not to love about that class?  We work our bodies so hard here that its great we focus on stretching too once in awhile.  Immediately following my stretch class I had my VO2 test.  This test your personal fat burning zone.  You wear a mask on your face and walk the treadmill while your heart rate goes up.  It is also a stress test.  My fat burning zone is between 130-151.  My anaerobic zone is 151-155.  So basically I want to try and work out in the fat burning zone most the time and the anaerobic zone once a week.

Lunch was french onion soup and greek pita.  I love the greek pita.  I was offered to go on a trip to Quizno's being a month long guest, but the VO2 was at the same time, and truthfully I was fine staying in.  I also turned down a grocery store trip last week, I spend a lot of time in my grocery store with my nutritionist daughter, Michelle.

After lunch I did my Mountain class followed by more of the same instead of pool, then as Sharon put it, "my last Kickboxing class".

Dinner was salmon and couscous and pineapple with a strawberry glaze.  It was all pretty good.  I went to Target tonight to buy my adopted daughter, Ivy a birthday present since her birthday is Friday.  I have made many great friends here, some have already left and others leave when I do, and some will be staying for awhile longer.  It is a bittersweet goodbye as I truly will miss them all!

I am grateful that I came here for a month, even though I didn't think I could do it.  I think I have learned a very important lesson here, nothing is impossible.  DREAM BIG!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 24 Fitness Ridge

Teary Tuesday as its sometimes called seemed full of exhausted guest.  I watched a NY girl who came here looking super fit on her cell phone saying "this is really hard".  She is right, this is no walk in the park.  Where do you go and workout 7 to 8 hours a day?  This place is about YOU finding YOU!!!  When you come here, this place caters to YOU and its all about YOU taking care of YOU.  You leave everything behind and focus on you.  So many people come here leaving behind all those people and things that occupy all there "me" time.  It is a place that lets you get reacquainted with YOU.  It is magical.

Being my last Tuesday here I planned on stepping it up a bit more.  After all, when I go home I won't be able to walk 50 feet and be inside a gym.  I started my day with my last Hard Core class with Anna Marie.  This class really is great as it works your middle.  If you come here and spend the money why wouldn't you want to take advantage of the early morning classes?

My hike today was new for me, it was White Rocks.  We start at the Hidden Pinyon location and you walk to the White Rocks and over them.  We walked to the top of Piano Rock again, then a really high peak on another mountain top.  I posted a picture of the narrow walk down that high peaked mountain.  It was breathtaking.  It is liberating to be able to just head up these mountains and have no fear.  That is what 4 weeks have done for me.

After the hike I went in to the gym and worked out on the elliptical, bike and treadmill.  My new friend Teresa said I am an animal.  I just keep thinking about my weigh-in on Friday morning and it keeps me motivated to burn as many calories as I can before Friday morning.

Lunch was tomato soup and a turkey sandwich, it was yummy!  Following lunch I had to attend a departure meeting which basically has you plan your program for staying on track when you go home.  Going to this lecture kept me from taking even a small nap.  I decided not to take a pool class today and instead took an extra cardio class.  In this class I worked out on the stairmaster, bike, treadmill and elliptical.  It might have been after that class that I was called an animal.  Following that class I had Cardio Intervals and I was feeling a bit tired so I did them on the bike, but worked it on the highest level 25.  Following this class I still had my Total Body Conditioning class, it was a long day.  But to make it even longer, Teresa and I went back in the gym and did our ab circuit.  We worked up our hunger for dinner!!

Dinner was an enchilada and chocolate coconut sorbet.  The enchilada was filled with veggies and beans, it was pretty flavorful.  There was a lecture for the new guest following dinner, then The Biggest Loser in the aerobic room.  Even though its my last Tuesday, I once again opted for my room.  I needed to ice my knees and foot and I have an early day tomorrow so my room was the best choice for me.

Oh we have another Biggest Loser Contestant here now, Seth Word, Season 2.  So that makes 4 contestants, also Suzy Preston Hoover, Eric Chopin and Jim Germanako. You never know who your going to be working along side of here at the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge!  It's pretty cool!

In conclusion for my last Tuesday here, we discussed having goals, making goals along the way help you to become the person you want to be.  Have reachable attainable goals, they can be small goals, they don't have to be measured in numbers either.  One woman wanted to be able to play with her grand child, another wanted to be healthy enough to start a family.  For me, it's a strapless dress by September.  Once you make a goal you add what you are going to do fitness wise, nutrition wise, education wise and relaxation wise.  So make a small goal, and create a plan for yourself to reach it.  Try not to put a date on it unless it is attainable.  You have the ability to make the necessary changes, if you don't create a goal, what are you accepting for yourself?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 23 Fitness Ridge

Monday last Monday took place today.  This week has me thinking about going home a lot more than the weeks prior.  With every class I take I think wow, this is my last Pilates class, this is my last time on the Anasazi Hike.  I am trying to step it up a little more this week since it's my last chance to up my results.  Today I took the 6:00am class with Anna Marie, then my hike.  When we returned I took the Mountain class instead of pool, it is a better cardio burn.  I did mountain on the treadmill and went to level 15, the highest level possible.

Lunch was sunchoke soup and yummy yummy tilapia tacos.  I added a little salsa and cilantro to the top of them and I was in heaven.  After lunch  I went to my room for a little bit, closing my eyes.  I took about a half an hour nap then I got up and headed to the gym.  I did about 15 mins of cardio on the elliptical before the circuit training class.  I was really tired when we were finished with that class.  But with only 15 minutes to recover I was quickly in Step and Pump with John Yohman.  I don't know if he was trying to kick my butt, or everyones butt, all I can say is that was the hardest Step and Pump class I have attended here.  Whew!

I was so exhausted, it took all my energy just to get my bathing suit on and head to the pool.  I didn't workout in the pool as hard as usual but I was still burning calories.  4:30pm class always allows for a nice long shower before dinner.  Nothing feels better than getting a shower and dressing in my sweats for dinner.

Dinner was amazing tonight, we had wasabi mashed potatoes with chicken and asparagus with a pineapple sorbet for dessert.  Not only did the food look beautifully presented, it was out and out delicious!  Having a month of meals cooked for me, I worry about having to cook again at home. I am feeling a little spoiled, I haven't even washed a dirty dish in weeks!  Well there must be some calories burned cooking and doing my dishes, so I guess I will get through it!  (he-he)

Everyday isn't going to offer you a ton of energy, so on the days you feel tired do what you can to exercise.  Even if it's only for a little bit of time.  Not only will you be good to your body, you will be good to your mind.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 22 Fitness Ridge

I must begin by saying that I am amazed that my time here has almost come to an end.  As so many people left today many others have arrived.  Most for a week, few for more than a week.  So as they start their week feeling as though the week is long, I will be feeling very differently.  For me, it is again surreal to think that I have spent the last 22 days here with just a few more to go.

We said goodbye to many awesome guest including the beautiful Brittany Aberle from Biggest Loser Season 5.  She did an absolutely amazing job here and her reward showed in her measurements, weight and the light of her smile.  She had so many motivational things to say while she was here and I hope to share them with you at a later date when we get a chance to chat about it.  As the old guest parted ways with us with many hugs and exchanges of emails, the new guest arrived.

I have a fellow Jersey girl here who actually lives less than 30 minutes from my house.  She is here for 2 months and is on her last 2 weeks right now.  She has lost 35 pounds so far.  She rented a car for a month of her 2 month stay and has taken me with her to go shopping.  We went to a store where I tried on a few things, I looked at myself in the mirror and had to ask her, do I really look like that?  She said yep you do and I teared.  You see, the mirrors at Fitness Ridge only show part of your body in your rooms and in the mirrors in the gym make you look bigger than you really are.  When I saw myself in that mirror I realized that I have truly lost inches and pounds.

After our little shopping spree we went to the Starbucks for "decaf skinny latte".  90 Calories in a large.  I accounted for these calories by not having my morning fruit and I passed on the chocolate pie dessert tonight. I have to tell you it was heavenly just to have the flavor of coffee pass my lips, it was the first taste I have had in more than 3 weeks.

I met many of my blogger friends today, very excited to have some of the Girl Gang from the Facebook Group here with me this week.  (sorry guys)
Here is the link if you want to join:!/group.php?gid=224172761686&ref=ts
If you want to join the Girls Gang every month there is a weight challenge and you can share your ideas etc in that group.  It can be very motivational!!  There are a few more Biggest Loser former contestants here as well, including Suzy Preston Hoover, Season 2 and Jim Germanakos, Season 4.

After our meet and greet I went to the gym with my new friend Teresa where we did an Ab circuit that trainer Tiffany went out of her way to put together for us today.   Love this girl!  Heck, I LOVE all the trainers here. Can I pack them in my suitcase???  Guess not, but I will pack all the knowledge I have learned in the aerobics room, the gym and the pool and will continue to keep my journey of good health going when I get home.  Whether you have the opportunity of this journey here or you create your own journey at home, it is all a positive move to good health.  One that YOU have control of, so take the drivers seat and head down the road to good health.  We ALL can do it!  There is no red light that doesn't turn green!  (2 of my loves, Teresa & Ivy are pictured here)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 21 Fitness Ridge

Saturday is a short workout day.  We start off doing our chosen hike, and I chose the Stop Sign once again.  It may sound really silly that a hike on pavement that leads to a stop sign could be so enduring, but let me put it this way, you start at the bottom of Snow Canyon, and walk to the top.  So when you have walked up that incline to the top and you finally see that red sign, you are thrilled to see it!  I was thrilled today because even though the ritual of timing Stop Sign no longer exist, a lot of us do it anyway.  I took a minute off my time, but even better than that was how the hike didn't seem intense like the last 3 times I did it.  So it shows me how my health has improved over the course of 3 weeks.  It is a great measurement of how your improving if you do it at the beginning of a week and a the end, or if staying more than one week, doing it once a week.  It is unfortunate that only 11 people can do it a day and the only day you can pick it is on Saturday.  You have to be really quick to the bulletin board to sign up for the Saturday hikes.

Today I had the option of pool or Cardio Circuit, I chose the Cardio Circuit.  Marjorie is this bouncy trainer that runs back and forth in the gym cheering you on.  Some how she named me the cougar, she said because my name is Cat and chants that a lot in our classes.  Yesterday she came up to me and said don't leave me, I need my cougar.  Oh I LOVE that girl!  She is also one of our guides along with her husband Pat.  In fact, don't be surprised if you see your hiking guide serving you dinner too.  The guides here seem to hold double duty jobs at Fitness Ridge.

The day ends at noon on Saturday, leaving time for long showers, relaxation, laundry and for many packing to go back home.  At 5:30 we have our last dinner with the departing guest and do a graduation.  We watch a video that was made of the week showing poses on the hikes and video working out.  They give the CD and DVD to take home complimentary.  This is week 3 for me so I also received a gym bag this week.  Next week is the jacket.

After graduation they had karaoke, I being a Karaoke DJ back home, was happy to get it started.  I sang about 4 or 5 songs throughout the night and we had a few groups of other singers.  We also got Paige  and Fletcher singing .  It was a fun night and it ended around 8:45.

Bringing me back to my room for blogging and some much needed rest before Monday.  As this week ends I see a lot of guest who on Monday seemed broken, turn in to healthy happy people.  We say good bye to Britney Aberle from Season 5 tomorrow, she was a treat to have here.  She had so many motivational things to say and I wish I had a tape recorder so I could blog them.  Eric and Doug Chopin still have 4 more weeks here.   All in all, this week proved that I could do way more than I ever thought possible.  I will be sad to see some new friends leave, but look forward to the many new ones coming in tomorrow.  This place is just amazing, it changes everyone for the better.

As another week comes to a close, remember that you do need a day of rest.  So if you are not taking one day for you to relax you must do it.  Our bodies crave many things, we must keep moving, eat right and we must rest at least one day a week.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 20 Fitness Ridge

The last 3 days I have started my blogs by placing ice bags on my foot.  It seems to help me get through the next day no matter what terrain I may be hiking and no matter what I do in the gym.  This morning we had facon and eggs on english muffins for breakfast.  No I didn't spell facon wrong, it is a fake bacon, we like to call facon.  Paige started today by saying that the method in which we are hiking seems to be working, and she is absolutely right.  I never would have put myself out there to go on the hikes I went on this week.  I am super pleased with myself that I got out of my comfort zone and did the hikes requested of me.

Todays hike was Volcano, I really feared this hike a lot.  When it came down to it, it was so much easier than yesterdays hike on Saddle.  I have become fairly comfortable with not only climbing to the top of the mountains, but with coming down.  You see, I have had a phobia since I was in girl scouts about falling face down into a rock.  When I was about 10 I was on a trip to Lake Arrowhead, California with my troop and I tripped face first into a rock.  That was the biggest fear I have had here with the hiking, well that and falling off a mountain.  So pushing through that phobia all these decades later has made me a new person.  A lot of guest have fear of heights but leave here conquering their fears and going home a stronger and more confident person.  Those that chose not to overcome their fears are still able to ask for hikes within their comfort zone.  For me, I have chosen to give 100% to the program not only on the hikes and gym but with the food.  If I don't care for a food, I eat it anyway as I know it has the nutrients I need for my day.  Some people chose not to eat the food and get substitutes such as toast and 12 almonds or boca burgers.  I even ate the sloppy joe's today which were mostly beans.  And anyone who knows me will tell you I am not a fan of beans.

Friday afternoon, those leaving meet in the dining room for a Budget Review Lecture, and those staying another week meet in the aerobic room and discuss their greatest accomplishments and words of wisdom.  I told everyone that last Thursday I hit a wall here, I felt I could go home, then later that night I noticed my face and legs were thinner and I remembered why I was here.  I told them they would hit walls, either at Fitness Ridge or at home and they need to remember why they are doing what they are doing.  And also, to remember what they looked like and how they felt when they were heavier anytime they felt like eating bad or not working out.  I looked across the room at Eric Chopin, Season 3 winner of the Biggest Loser and I said to him, I was you.  I weighed 216 pounds at the age of 38, and ate right and worked out and got myself down to 145.  But 10 years later I was almost 200 pounds and starting over again.  We both discussed that fear of falling back again since we both have experienced it.  I think we both realize how easy it is to miss the gym more than a day or two, or eating wrong and doing it anyway.  I think that will keep us both on track this time.

Fridays are kind of laid back, we get to pick all our afternoon classes.  A lot of people chose the Total Body Conditioning class which left very little room in the aerobic room.  Many others did a cardio circuit class. Following that class those that did the Total Body Conditioning class ended up in the cardio circuit class, and visa versa for those that were taking circuit.  Are final class on Friday was either Kickboxing or Pool.  I chose pool because I slipped on the treadmill and my knee needed a break.  Pool was fun we danced the class away and it did raise my heart rate.

Dinner tonight was the salmon burgers which are loved by many.  We also had fruit skewers that were pretty tasty.  It is nice sharing dinner time with the new friends you make here, although it is a bit different drinking decaf tea instead of a glass of wine.

Fletcher, handles the activities which I rarely seem to have energy for.  Tonight was pool volleyball, and for a while there it looked like Fletcher was going to be in the pool alone.  He did find a husband and wife team and Jennifer who has been here longer than me to join in on the fun.

Today if you get to the bulletin board quick enough you can pick your Saturday hike  from the hikes offered, and if you are one of the first ones to get to it, you will get the hike you want.  Tomorrow they offered, Stop Sign, Gallup, West Canyon and Overlook.  I managed to get on the Stop Sign hike, which gives you the best calorie burn.  I find it a great hike to end the week since I have a day and a half to recover.

Reflecting on this week, I am amazed at my accomplishments and know I will be going home a stronger, healthier, more confident person.  I have broken barriers that I have had for decades and will be forever grateful for all that I have conquered here at Fitness Ridge.  If I could recommend one thing to another person it would be to push fear aside in you life and dive in.  The fear we allow to be present in our lives is nothing more than walls that we must break down.

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear".

"You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear does not exist anywhere except in the mind".

"You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith".

"Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time to figure out whether you like it or not".

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 19 Fitness Ridge

My day started early with Anna Marie's Total Body Conditioning class at 6:00am.  It is an optional class but I like to take as many classes as I can, where else can you wake up and be in a class 5 minutes later?  After the class I went to my room and switched out of my aerobic clothes and put on clothes more appropriate for a hike. Mornings are still cool here and I prefer to start my day with a jacket or sweatshirt on for my hikes and take it off as I get hot.

Breakfast today was muesli with fruit, I enjoy this breakfast as it reminds me of my morning oatmeal at home.

Today my group was sent to Saddle, a hike named for the saddle like top of a mountain.  When they pointed out the mountain I would be climbing today I thought oh no!  I can't do it.  But the truth is, I can and I did do it.  It was an extremely challenging hike because you spend the first 45 minutes going up a mountain.  It is the first hike I have been on where I found myself touching the rocks to climb up.  The view from up top was beautiful as always, and offered great shades of red.  We go down a different way and get to go to the Fern Gully, which is a beautiful clash of rocks that sometimes has water falling between it.  Unfortunately, there was not water for us today.  Eventually this hike leads you to a very long path of sand, I think we walk in sand for at least a mile.  Spring is starting to bloom here so there is buds popping out of the tops of the cactus and many other wild flowers starting to show their colors.

I was so exhausted after that hike today, but that doesn't keep you from getting up and going to your next class.  We usually have about a 15 break from the time the vans drop you back off at the Ridge, till you go to your next class.  And if you walked through sand you have to spend some time cleaning your feet and never forget between your toes.  My next class was gym or pool, and the weather was so cold and the sky so cloudy that I chose the gym class.  I was thrilled that I did, as Tiffany our trainer had us do circuit with the weight machines.  I focused on my abs and chest and we spent 45 minutes going back and forth from machine to machine.  It was a great class!!

Lunch today was again, mushroom soup and a turkey sandwich.  There was no surprises as both are really good and I remembered this from when I had it a few weeks ago.  After lunch I went to my room to rest up before my next class.  I was suppose to take pool at 2:30 but it was so cold and the sky was so cloudy that I chose to take 2 treading classes today.  I chose the bike for my first class bringing myself to the highest level 25.  I had ball works with Anna Marie following the first treading class and it was a welcome change.  Right after that class I was back in the gym having another treading class, this time picking the treadmill and doing a level 15 on that.  The workouts today couldn't be over quick enough, I was really tired when I finished.

Dinner tonight was stuffed green peppers and vanilla pie.  It was a lot of food and I couldn't finish all of my green peppers, a little too much.  2 lectures happen on Thursday night, one is the departing guest lecture that I will attend next Thursday, the other was given by Sharon on increasing your income.  It is mostly a class about pledging what you will do next week to step it up.  I already plan on stepping it up next week since I will be going home that following weekend.

I guess the thing about today that really sticks with me, is saying "I can't climb that mountain", truth is, I CAN. What is your personal mountain that you allow yourself to say you can't do?  It's time to step it up and say I can, it's all about believing in yourself.  YOU CAN DO IT!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 18 Fitness Ridge

Wednesday had me saying rain rain go away, and don't come back till I've gone away!  I am the biggest couch potato when it's a rainy day and the idea of taking a hike today in the wet weather was just uninviting.  I contemplated staying at Fitness Ridge and working out in the gym.  But my group were put on Stop Sign Hike today and I thought okay I can do it.  As you know from following my blog my feet and knees have been bothering me.  And so I chose to go to mini stop sign then back down to the very bottom rather than aggravate my feet.  You have to get to a point if you are having issues with your body to know what is best for you.  There are many alternate exercises in all the classes for any problem areas you may have.  Some guest have pinched nerves in their spine, lots of knee issues, ankle problems and some feet.  We all manage to work around it and keep moving.  Today was much better for me since I had the good sense to take it a little easier today on my hike.  It made it possible to get a better workout throughout the day.

Before our hike we had breakfast, today was a sausage and egg muffin sandwich.  It was okay, I seem to not really get too excited about breakfast here.  Ironically my favorite breakfast so far is the peanut butter and fruit sandwich.

 We had a chance of thunderstorms all day today, but the sky was kind and instead only brought us a little rain and a lot of cold. Burrrr.....

We had Cardio Circuit on our return from Stop Sign and I was so cold I got a cup of hot tea before the class to warm up.  Once again I planned what machine I was starting on so I could end up working my abs.  There is so many workouts here for your arms, legs, shoulders and back so I like to get in extra exercise on my abs whenever I can.

I was so tired today, I didn't even care if I had lunch.  Seriously I would have been happy just sleeping my lunch away but I knew I would be needing those nutrients later in the day.  Lunch was a yellow beet soup, and I mention the color because they also have a red beet soup here.  The yellow beet soup needed some extra spice and luckily you can get some spices that are always available.  I will picture the red beet soup because it is so beautifully presented.  With our soup we had BBQ pizza,
which is similar to the greek pizza and the green pizza.  This would be my 3rd favorite of the 3 pizzas I have had here.  But it was good either way.  I was so tired after lunch I went straight to my room and set my alarm so I could get a decent nap.  If you are here for more than a week, this is your opportunity to go to open gym or rest up.  I enjoyed and needed my nap today.

Right after my nap it was on to Kickboxing with Sharon which is always funner!  It is actually a funner class having Sharon as our instructor, and I always enjoy it.  We had Mountain class next and I used the treadmill for it.  I went to the top incline of 15 in my mountain class, although I was so tired still.  Following that class we had pool, and Marjorie instructed both classes with us.  She was all bundled up and we were all cold in the pool.  Well really, we are not cold in the pool, just getting in and out.  The pool is heated and on cold days the water always feels warmer.  I couldn't wait to take my shower after pool class, when you have pool for your last class you can take your time and even blow dry your hair before dinner.  And that is a rarity around here.

Dinner was the cafe salad again, which I always eat half of, then wrap the other half into a sandwich.  Our dessert was mango banana sorbet and actually had the consistency of ice cream.  Many people here do not eat all their food, or substitute some of their food for salad bar or fruit.  I always stick with the program that has been set for me here.

I went to the pro shop tonight to try out some rub called, "BioFreeze" for my feet and knees.  They were waiting on an order and Cody was a dear and gave me a lot of samples to take to my room.  Cody runs the pro shop and is a sweet heart.

Alan got me fresh flowers today, and they make my room feel warm and
cozy.  Thank you honey I love you too! This is a picture of the 2 buildings where are rooms are. (across from the pool)

So, although today was a dreary rainy day, I managed to burn 3,000 calories.  Guess the thing to learn here is, don't let the rain slow you down.  Get a move on and make the day count.  It worked for me today.  I may have to lose the couch potato attitude I get on my rainy days!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 17 Fitness Ridge

Today is teary Tuesday for some, and for others we call it terrific Tuesday.  Either way this is my 3rd Tuesday of my stay here at the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge.  Many new people have come this week, as a matter of fact there is 46 new people this week, which means there are few that have been here for 2 weeks or more.  I am on the green team this week.

Joining us here this week is Eric Chopin, Biggest Loser winner Season 3.  He is here again, he was here earlier this year.  This time, he came with his brother Doug Chopin.  They are both on the green team, my color this week.  Eric is something else on the treadmill and he is like a boat out of water in the pool.  We race from side to side and he is half way back before I get to the other side.  Both Eric and Doug are really super nice guys here to improve their health and fitness just like the rest of us.

Breakfast was english muffins and smoothies, it is tasty and holds you over just fine till lunch.  Today started the "new hiking program".  Paige said the changes made are going back to the way they were a few years ago.  She named each group of hikers and told them what van and guides they will be with all week.  Then she told us that my group was doing Camelback today.  First off, my group is very fit, some of the ladies in my hiking group hike all over the world and they are all return guest.  It was nice to have Theresa, my new friend from the state of Washington in my van.  I guess the challenge with being with so many fit women is not a bad thing as I am pushing myself really hard to keep up on the hike.  Camelback got its name from the two mountain humps that in a distant look similar to a camels back.  The reservoir let out some water and to start our hike we had to jump a river.  This hike is actually really beautiful and you shouldn't feel intimidated to take it.  The terrain is very different from any of the other hikes I have ventured on so far.  There is this hole they call the vortex that you can climb down in to, but I wasn't adventerous enough to do it.  But half of my group did.  We climbed to the top of 2 mountains, and it is absolutely amazing when you are up there and you think, wow, I never thought I could ever climb a mountain like this.  This place is magical and turns you into something amazing.

After lunch was stretch which is always a crowd pleaser.  We all want to stretch our muscles to keep them from hurting.   It is rather amazing how I rarely feel sore, considering our strenuous days here.  I wish I could say the same for some of my bones, but that is why God invented ice right? (giggle)

Lunch today was a rainbow sandwich and squash soup, I have had both before, the rainbow sandwich is 3 different types of tomatoes.  I am grateful that I try everything even if I think I won't like it, because for the most part I have enjoyed everything.  Following lunch I had Total Toning with Nicole.  Oh my!  That girl really knows how to work your body.  Our bodies were screaming after that class!!  But that is all good, because when your muscles are screaming you know you are making good changes with your body.  Pool with adorable Marjorie followed that class, and our bodies were so sore already that anything that Marjorie added was just pain on top of pain.  No worries though, I feel fine just a few hours later.  After pool,. I ran upstairs for my quick shower, taped my foot and headed to Cardio Intervals.  I tried to get on a treadmill, but my foot was really hurting so I opted for a bike.

Dinner was bbq burger, which was made of ostrich.   If you haven't had an ostrich burger yet, I highly recommend them.  Fuddruckers has them on their menu, and they are so much better for you than the alternative of a beef burger.  Tuesdays are always chocolate covered strawberries.  A lot of the guest take them to go and eat them in the comfort of their rooms.

I did manage to go to the gym before my room for the night and work my abs like I promised myself I would do every day.

Tonight is also Biggest Loser in the aerobic room, but like the past 2 weeks, I prefer to be in my room watching it.

Those of us that are on our second plus week here are noticing eachothers weight losses, which is pretty exciting.  When you don't feel like working out or eating right, try and remember how good it feels to be noticably smaller when you do take care of yourself.  Try to hold that close to your heart, so you make the right decisions.  If you choose bad food and avoid exercise you will find nothing but dissapointment and it is up to you and only you.  Do you want to be happy with your choices or regret your indulgences?  You hold the answer.