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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 25 Fitness Ridge

Again as I start my blog tonight I am blown away by how many days I have been here.  It is really hard not to think about going home and joining my home and work life again.  It is on my mind all day long while I am working out.  My trainers say its my last Kickboxing class etc, and it really hits me that I am leaving this wonderful place.  Tomorrow will be my last Treading class and as it stands I have climbed my last Utah mountain already.  I am doing the stop sign hike both Thursday and Friday thanks to a new friend from NYC, Lucinda.  She rented a car and does it daily and I spoke to the guides and they gave me the thumbs up.  I have already done all the hikes they have me on this week so I would rather get that 1200 calorie burn on the Stop Sign hike.

Since the first day of coming here I have never swayed at all with the program.  I ate whatever they served me, and I did whatever class they asked of me and went on every hike.  But with just a few days left I have stepped up a little bit more by doing more cardio classes and not doing anymore pool.  Today I had one of my best calorie burn days since I came.  My day actually started really early.  I decided to get a RMR Test which lets you know how many calories you burn doing nothing.  That test started at 5:30AM, and when it was finished I was off to Yoga at 6:00am.  My RMR is low, 1400 which doesn't surprise me one bit.  That means if I eat more than 1400 calories I better be working out to make up the difference.  Although it was necessary to get my weight, I asked Sharon not to tell me.  She did tell me for every 8 pounds I lose I have to subtract another 50 calories from my RMR.

So I went with Lucinda to Stop Sign today, I opted out of Camelback which I did last week.  I really savored the view today and took pictures and videos along the way.  It was nice not focusing on my time for a change.  When I was finished I burned over 1200 calories.  I have posted some of my favorite shots from my Stop Sign Hike today.

On my return to the Ridge we had stretch, and what's not to love about that class?  We work our bodies so hard here that its great we focus on stretching too once in awhile.  Immediately following my stretch class I had my VO2 test.  This test your personal fat burning zone.  You wear a mask on your face and walk the treadmill while your heart rate goes up.  It is also a stress test.  My fat burning zone is between 130-151.  My anaerobic zone is 151-155.  So basically I want to try and work out in the fat burning zone most the time and the anaerobic zone once a week.

Lunch was french onion soup and greek pita.  I love the greek pita.  I was offered to go on a trip to Quizno's being a month long guest, but the VO2 was at the same time, and truthfully I was fine staying in.  I also turned down a grocery store trip last week, I spend a lot of time in my grocery store with my nutritionist daughter, Michelle.

After lunch I did my Mountain class followed by more of the same instead of pool, then as Sharon put it, "my last Kickboxing class".

Dinner was salmon and couscous and pineapple with a strawberry glaze.  It was all pretty good.  I went to Target tonight to buy my adopted daughter, Ivy a birthday present since her birthday is Friday.  I have made many great friends here, some have already left and others leave when I do, and some will be staying for awhile longer.  It is a bittersweet goodbye as I truly will miss them all!

I am grateful that I came here for a month, even though I didn't think I could do it.  I think I have learned a very important lesson here, nothing is impossible.  DREAM BIG!!


JulieLeyden said...

Hi Cat! As always, love your blog posts.. You mentioned a trip to Quiznos this week and a trip to the grocery store last week... Were these learning field trips offered by FR or just side trips with friends? I will only be there for 2 weeks just wondering if any "educational" field trips will be offered? I'll take all the training I can get! I agree with you that sticking to the plan that FR puts us on is the best way to go...I'm gonna do it just like you!

Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

If you are here 3 or more weeks they offer the educational trip to the grocery store and Quiznos. There is a lot of lectures and some repeat them multiple times for 1 and 2 weekers.

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Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

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Cat Chez said...

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