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Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 13 Fitness Ridge

Oh, what a difference a day makes.  Yesterday was probably my toughest day here at Fitness Ridge.  I was tired all day, my hike reminded me that my foot was not cooperating.  And my emotions were explosive.  Every day brings different challenges, and that is one of things we do here, we overcome our challenges.  I did find myself tearing here and there from the shear agrevation that my foot may slow me down.  After icing my foot last night and taking my vitamin I, (Ibruprofen) I decided today was going to be a better day.

This morning I chose to sleep in I felt I needed more sleep.  I taped my foot and put my hiking sneakers on and headed for our morning breakfast.  Today was the yogurt parfait, not one of my favorites but knowing that it is full of the necessary nutrients to keep me going till lunch, I eat it.  I chose "hidden pinnion" today for my hike.  Oh what a beautiful hike this one is.  I wish my camera could show just how beautiful the colors are on that hike.  We start down at the bottom of the mountains and hike our way up.  My challenge today, was hiking to the top of "piano rock".  Last week we found an alternative way down the mountain so we didn't have to go up to it.  Today was the day that I took the steep incline straight up to that rock.  I was gleaming with joy, that this time there was no intimidation, I felt confident that I could do the hike.  What a difference a week can make here!  That pretty much set my day on the right path.

This pile of rocks pictured here, is the wishing rocks.  You make a wish and throw a rock in the pile if it falls off the pile it won't come true.  My rock didn't fall off the pile, so I am going to have a great next two weeks.

Fabulous Fridays you have choices of workouts all day.  So on my return from the hike I did Cardio Intervals which has always been a class I found extremely difficult.  But not anymore, week two and its all good in that class for me.  Marjorie not only was my guide on the hike but also the instructor for this class.  On our hike we didn't get to go back to our original parking lot and I was bummed because it was less of a workout. I told Marjorie, I wish you let me know I would have loved to go get the van with you.  She said if it happens again its a go.   I will hold her to it!

Lunch today was Parsnip Soup and Caesar Salad.  Every soup here has been pretty tasty, although the salad lacked flavor.  There is a salad bar where I could have reached for one of the dressings, but I ate it as the chef prepared it.  I never add extra calories to my day, never!

 Following lunch was our next week attendees meeting, where we share our greatest achievements and talk about what is coming for next week.
We are starting another new program with the hikes.  They will pick groups to hike together and you will hike with the same group all week.  You will have the same guides all week as well.  You will also be assigned your hikes and not pick them yourself.  It is the first week trying it and they are open for suggestions if something doesn't work well.

I chose the following 3 classes to finish my day, Total Body Conditioning, Cardio Circuit and ended it with Cardio Disco Jam.  A guest, Nicole went and bought 2 disco shirts at Target to wear today one for her, the other for this guy Jeff.  They surprised John our Disco Jam instructor by wearing the apparel for the 3:30 class.  I took it one step further and wore one of the shirts for the 4:30 class.  We do make time for fun and games here.

Dinner tonight was BBQ grilled eggplant with a turkey burger, followed by a cranberry sorbet, all "yummy"!

Theresa, one of my blog followers came this week for 2 weeks.  She had the opportunity to stay another week and is going to.  We hit it off right away and look forward to hanging and hopefully hiking together the next 2 weeks.  There are a lot of friendships made here with having so much in common with the other guest.

My day was great, I didn't let my foot ruin my day.  I took every challenge and succeeded and am icing my foot as I type to get it ready for tomorrow where I will once again conquer the "stop sign".

Devin Alexander, host of Healthy Decadence on Fit TV and author of 4 cookbooks including 2 Biggest Loser  cookbooks has been here for the past 3 days, and had some disco fun in the Cardio Disco Jam class. (Cat, Devin and Theresa in this picture.)

I have nearly survived my second week here at the Ridge, and I have noticed my double chin is almost gone, and my biceps are turning into guns.  I haven't weighed myself, and will pass on the option once again this weekend.  I am not a number, I am about the experience and it is not designed to end.  So my weight will be the icing on the cake May 1 when I weigh myself for the second time.

Everyday is not going to be a great day, but if you have a day that brings you down, try and make it a better day tomorrow.  It is up to YOU, you can make it a GOOD one!

Till tomorrow I sign off a very grateful Cat who is thrilled to be here making a fantastic life change and I go to bed tonight thrilled that I didn't let the obstacle of my foot ruin my today.


Eric said...

pulling for you cat! hope you are well.

eric sabach

Dianna said...

Way to go Cat! What a great attitude you have! Thanks again for your daily blog....I really look forward to reading them each day. And the pictures you post are beautiful. I used the one of West Canyon as my computer wallpaper. I hope you have another great day tomorrow!

annelisewojo said...

I'm amazed at how much difference one week seems to make for people at FR. It sounds like that is the case for you for sure. Imagine what the four weeks will feel like. Wow. And you are so right about about making each day a good one. It is up to oneself. It all starts in the mind. The day, what one can accomplish, and how one feels. Change the thinking and the day can always turn into a good one!
You are doing so awesome! Keep up the phenomenal work and make sure you rest this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Your Canadian Friends are cheering you on Caterpiller, and you know how loud I can be!
I know you will accomplish great things! Your one terrific lady!!!
Keep up the hard work! Lisa

Kathy said...

You're doing great, Cat! Glad to hear things were so much better after the bad day. I am heading to FR on the 25th, so will see you soon! You rock! Kathy

Stephany said...

You look GREAT in the picture! I can tell the difference too! Keep up the good work. Kind of bummed my "list of good hikes Cat recommends" is not going to be used now since they will be choosing my hikes for me. :( never know, it might change again by the time I come next month. :)