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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Marilyn Monroe was a size 14

Marilyn Monroe was truly a size 14, voluptuous blond bombshell.  So does that make you feel a little better about your size?  Are you fitting in to the size 14's ?  One might think this is something almost to brag about...but is it really?

Don't kid yourself...why are we such a obese nation these days?  For starters, the processed food available is like never before.  And isn't it easy to feed our children the less expensive snacks than the good fruits and vegetables available?  Look how much it cost to serve a family of 4 a healthy dinner opposed to an affordable dinner. I raised 4 daughters and I have to tell you, it was within my budget to feed them the way I did.  I now shop healthy for the 3 of us still at home, and the cost of eating that way is astronomical.  So why are we such a fat nation?...not only are we finding it more affordable to eat poorly we are also uneducated.  90% lean, 95% fat free, no saturated fats, etc etc. We get reeled in to false advertising!! I am so very blessed to have a nutritionist daughter who educated this lifetime dieter to things she never really understood.  You know, I thought I knew it all after all these years of dieting...but she showed me...and oh how I listened and still listen.

So how did the fashion industry accommodate the statistics of obese people?  They changed our sizes.  Have you shopped vintage?  If you do and you can't fit in to that size 14 dress and you think it must be mislabeled, just know it is labeled properly.  Statistically, the sizes have grown with the obesity.  Manufacturers realize you can make a person feel better about them self when they try on a piece of clothing and its loose.  So by making clothes bigger but saying they are smaller you feel better.  I wear size I have the body of Marilyn Monroe?  Hell no!  Marilyn's frame would fit in a size 8 today.  Funny thing...I tried to find statistics on this, and really didn't find any helpful information...I guess we as a country don't want to talk about how we have increased the size of our clothes while keeping the size # the same.  Shame on us, shame on those that let this happen.  Tell me its not really the way it is today?  Is this my size 14 body?  I wish!!

I got my cardio in today, it took so much to get moving.  I didn't move as fast, but I did manage to get 3 hours of cardio between my treadmill, elliptical & my stationary bike.  I wish it was easier, yet I know it will get easier with persistence.  My fit in a size 14 "vintage" dress by summer!! 

"61" days till Fitness Ridge!!


Robbie Kelley said...

I remember when they were talking about changing the sizes in clothing to make us feel better. I was angry then and more so now. I was a 14 on my wedding day and I can tell you that I didn't look like that. Enjoy reading your blog. I think you must be the little voice in my head!

Anonymous said...

I learned that the bra industry also adjusted sizes not long ago...I believe Victoria's Secret was at the forefront of it, taking things up an entire cup size. So someone who was a 34B has since become a 34C. The theory was that women would buy VS bras since with their brand they were "bigger" (and I guess *most* women would prefer to be a bigger cup size).