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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am the biggest Atlantic City (ooophs)

Well, night one and my pockets are feeling just a big lighter.  I have to fix that tomorrow.  The drive to Atlantic City (AC as known by Jerseyettes) was a wet one.  We left snow, sleet and freezing rain and drove 2.5 hours to get here.  We were really hungry when we arrived and shortly after checking in found ourselves a restaurant.  It is slim pickens at 9:30 at night in the winter.  We made our way to The Hardrock Cafe.  Alan was asking me the healthier choice of 2 dinners and then asked me what I was getting.  I told him (with a straight face mind you) that I was getting a hurricane to drink, nachos for an appetizer, steak for dinner and apple cobbler for dessert.  His face was priceless, I thought he was going to say what about how you are eating now?  Instead he was upset I was going to have dessert because he gave it up for lent.  I started laughing at him, seriously Alan, I would not be putting all that in my body!!!  The best choice on the menu seemed to be a citrus salad, with grilled chicken, pecans, cranberries and blue cheese with a citrus dressing.  I asked for balsamic vinegar on the side and had that instead of the dressing. Also, I left a lot of the cranberries on the plate, seemed to be at least 150 calories just of them.  I have to admit I left the table feeling hungry, but I will thank me tomorrow! 

Gambling sucked tonight, usually I do pretty good, but it just wasn't working for me tonight. (oh well )
My plan tomorrow is to LOSE pounds and I am not talking English money.  I will hit up the gym, even though Donald Trump is hitting me up for $20.00 to use his fitness center for 1 day.  (how utterly pathetic)  And since I have been a winner taking care of myself for the last 5 weeks, I expect to also win tomorrow on the black jack tables and slots!  (one can hope, wish & pray)

Wish me luck PLEASE!!!!  (grin)


annelisewojo said...

Good Luck!

Fitness Ridge Journey said...

Good Luck!!! And way to go on the willpower!

Stephany said...

Good Luck! Hope you win!!

myesha said...

Way to go with all of the healthy choices! Keep it up. Good luck with the slots. I hope you hit it big!