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Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh Monday! Oye!

Being a Karaoke DJ, you would think Mondays are a day off, but for me I work every Monday night.  I force myself to sleep in to insure a safe drive home since its an hour away and I leave the gig at 1:00am.  This leaves little time to get anything done.  On top of that, today I have to make 4 stops on my way to my gig.

One good thing, the restaurant I work at tonight has some healthy choices on the menu and if I have to eat there it is easy enough to do.  I always plan on eating at home for the best food choices, but sometimes it is not practical.

I have read my morning blogs and had my wonderful morning coffee.  I really do savor every sip of my coffee and am not looking forward to our "parting of ways".  I am not worrying about quitting drinking coffee till late March.  I will quit in my 3rd week of March, that is plenty soon.  I think Sunday was a trial for me, and I will survive without it.  For those of you that do not know, FR does not allow caffeine.  Luckily its been a year since I quit drinking diet coke so it is the only thing I have to really quit before going away.  I will survive!!

So as I sit here typing away, a little voice in my head is saying "get up, make breakfast then WORK OUT!"

I know, I know..I gotta get a move's to Monday and making it count!!

Lets all have a great week!  

PS I think I fixed my comment problem.


justpeachie said...

Cat, I'm enjoying your blog while waiting for my daughter to attend FR on Feb 21st for a month. Thanks for taking the time to blog, it truly does help encourage others. Here's hoping the comment will post this time. Paulette

Cat Cee said...

Woo-hoo it worked, it is my pleasure.
I am finding inspiration from others, and blogging is keeping me on track. Hope your daughter blogs when she goes, would love to follow her progress.