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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Turning 50 and the Toe vs Vacuum

I am reminded of my pledge to change back for my 50th birthday.  I had told myself prior to my birthday that I was going to be a fabulous 50, being in the best shape of my life.  As we know, the best laid plans don't always work out.  So 50 came and I was at a higher weight than just a few months earlier.  I told my husband NOT to throw me a party for my 50th, and had no clue what he might have planned.

It was Friday night, September 18th and I was off to work.  Every Friday I do karaoke at a local Irish Pub. It takes me about 30 minutes to set up and be ready for the nights festivities.  I have a HUGE following and almost always get a great crowd.  I always start the evening singing the first song, then I pass the mic on to my singers.  I must have been 10 minutes into my gig when I see my mother walk in.  Now understand, my entire family live in Arizona and I live on the East Coast.  I was pretty shocked, but before I could even catch my breath, in walked my father.  Then 3 of my 4 daughters walked in, smiling as if to say "we got you mom."  My daughter Marie, (the 2nd oldest)  is my sub DJ and helps me here and there.  She quickly pushed me away from my mixing board and said, go be with your family mom.  Within a few minutes of my astonishment, Marie announces the cake.  And to my utter surprise a lit cake approached me being carried by my brother and followed by my sister.  Pinch me I must be dreaming!  My youngest daughter was away with my sister at a sewing trade show a few hours away and they had work to do for the weekend...but here they came in too.  It was unbelievable and the best surprise EVER!!  For me, this was truly the best 50th gift I could receive. It is kind of ironic because I had been thinking the night before (to myself) I can't think of a single thing I need except for my family for a birthday present.  Someone was a mind reader.

Oh yeah...the toe vs vacuum,   well not long after my birthday I realized it was time to get me healthy.  Our treadmill stopped working early summer and I ordered new parts for it.  The unopened box sat on my floor for my treadmill simply got dusty.  Finally I was ready to tackle this added weight and get that treadmill working.  I was really motivated, extremely excited about making that treadmill my best friend.  I opened the box and started to replace the 2 belts inside my treadmill.  Occasionally I would have to go to my tool closet.  As I headed back to my treadmill to finish fixing it, I managed to kick my vacuum with my baby toe.  I joked about it, saying my vacuum was trying to tell me it felt neglected.  I finished my treadmill, put on my sneakers and did a 5 minute jog.  I quit after 5 minutes because my toe was in excruciating pain.  
I spent the next 3 weeks trying to make my toe feel better, but it just kept getting worse.  I ended up going to the doctor finding out I broke it and needed to see an orthopedic specialist.  I ended up in a orthopedic boot through the holidays.  And finally 2 months later felt I could wear a shoe again.  From October to December I gained an additional 5 pounds from lack of exercise and of course the holidays.

At the beginning of this journey, some 9 days ago, or so...I put my sneakers back on and reintroduced myself to my treadmill and elliptical.  Its been good, and we have started a new close friendship.  Having our close bond is helping me stay friendly with my scale too!

Unfortunately, my toe is becoming sore and inflamed nightly following my workouts.  I was told by my  specialist if it didn't get better I would need an MRI.  With all the talk about feet problems at Fitness Ridge, I realize this pain is no joking matter.  I am going to keep my scheduled workouts, but I am also scheduling an MRI.

One thing I  can definitely say..."While you CAN move...MOVE...there are people in wheel chairs, canes, and walkers that can't.  Don't wait till that becomes YOU."


Robbie Kelley said...

Loved your last statement. Gives a person a lot to be grateful for and the inspiration to make their life better. Thanks for that Cat.

michelle said...

amen! I had an injury with my foot and couldnt run and I swore I would never take running for granted after a month without my favorite activity. Boy did I soon forget that. Thanks for the reminder.

Don said...

Hi Cat,
It's great to see your determination to re-order your metabolism and permanently reduce your weight for good health, vitality and a long life. You are blessed to have your own personal NUTRITIONIST, Michelle to help you achieve your goals. I'm at 155 lbs, which is normal for my age and height, after loosing 30 lbs over the last 10 years. As you know, I avoid everything that comes in a box or can, beef, white flour and sugar. I mainly eat chicken, salmon, fruits and vegetables and realize the importance of regular exercise.
Keep up the GREAT EFFORT.

Love, Dad.