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Monday, February 15, 2010

A Valentine Workout Spent Together

 Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today I really wanted to change my workout. And it was Valentine's Day after all, so I got my husband to agree to take a walk with my dogs.  It was pretty cold outside, but it was great changing my workout for a day.  We have four dogs and our development is a circle measuring a little more than a mile.  I wore my bodybugg and kept checking it to see how many calories we burned.  After once around with Ziggy and Cooper, I convinced Alan, my husband to walk my other two dogs, Louie and Rembrandt.  I was still not satisfied with my workout and once again got him to agree to walk around the development.  This time we took all four dogs, no small feat!!  There is a serious incline in our development if you walk one way, not so bad the other way.  We opted for the serious incline because I need to prepare for Stop Sign Hike at Fitness Ridge which is equivalent to an 11 incline on a treadmill.  These are my four dogs.


They had a great day and so did I!!
I ended my night playing the Wii with the hubby, and managed to burn a few 100 more calories.
It was a different kind of Valentine's day, no box of chocolates, no dinner out, but it was perfect!!

I burned 3100 calories, and ate about 1100.  It was a good day!!

Happy Valentine's Day ~ I love you Alan!!


mgreen said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time! You are doing it!!

Sheila Herring said...

Cat - I hope when I am finished with this current round of PT that I get at least 1/2 of your motivation. I look forward to everyones blogs and know they will really help once I am allowed to do more then my stretching/ strengthing exercises. Did walk 1.5 miles home from car shop after dropping it off today - that was a challenge in itself as not very many sidewalks here have been shoveled and the cars drivers really get annoyed hen they have to slow down to go around me! Lucky us - IT IS SNOWING HERE AGAIN ERRRRRR. Take care - your dogs are real cuties!!

Diana said...

Wow! You are so inspirational. I love the part when you say "I still wasn't satisifed with my workout"--- and then you went for more. Way to go! I hope to become you some day.

ALAN CHEZ said...