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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Weigh-in Brings Disappointment

Disappointment = Discouragement 
Discouragement = Quitter

That was the "old me", that is not the "new me".  I refuse to give up!  And for the first time I can really understand why the scale said what it said.

I was excited and scared to once again weigh in, I knew I didn't have the same work out as I did the week before.  Although I didn't skip a day working out, for some reason the mojo wasn't there.  The week before I was so impressed I was able to increase my speed and mileage without much effort.  With such a good week I felt that in no time I was going to be a running force.  But as if Monday reminds people it starts a new work week and leaves you feeling a bit drab, it started a different workout for me.  I had trouble pushing myself to do what I did the week before.  Even the first day work out seemed easier than this.  My speed was slower, much more walking a lot less jogging.

I was just so exhausted from it all!

As with many times before when trying to make a life change, I found myself getting lax on registering my food intake as well.  And the minute you do that, you are forgetting about 10 calories here and 50 calories there.  I know for the most part I ate good, but I did have a few moments of weakness.  And of course you shouldn't deprive yourself if you have to have a taste of that ice cream cake your daughter made, after all it is low fat.  I really did just snack a bit, but my plate balance was also lax this week. (see my balance plate in an earlier blog)

I was GUILTY once again of exactly what my scale told me.

What has made this time different, is my bodybugg.  As I plugged it in this morning and looked back on the past 4 days of eating and exercise, I realized I am exactly where I should be for what I ate and exercised.  I am at peace with my scale, just not so much at peace with myself.  Yes it really is ME that is to BLAME.  My bodybugg said I had a deficit of a 1.5 pounds, and pretty much that is where I am today with my weight loss.

Always hold on to the other things involved with your weight loss when the numbers are low...

Clothes feeling looser ~  Thinner face
People noticing weight loss
More energy - less fatigue

Positive thinking is your bottom line...keep that in check don't get discouraged by disappointment!!

I am a winner this time!!!!!

After all, it is loss!

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