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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weigh Awesome Week Five - 2 Time Loser

Another week has passed me by. 

Another day getting on my scale.  

The scale I packed in my bag and took with me on my 2 day trip to Atlantic City. 

Another weigh in, that weighs in on my week of eating and exercise.

And a weigh in that has me smiling!

I did horrible in Atlantic City

It was a definite loss!!

But what has me smiling?

My number this week on the scale!!

I have lost to date


Between you and me, if to be a loser on the scale
I had to be a loser in Atlantic City
I would be so there!
Guess that is how it worked our for me this week.

To reach my goal weight of 180.5 by March 15th I have 5.3 more pounds to go.

Wow it is actually possible!



Leslie said...

WOW!!!! So happy for you! And so enthused by your enthusiasm! Way to go!!!! You can totally do it! GO CAT!

Diana said...

YOu are awesome. Your hard work is paying off.

KC said...


annelisewojo said...

Great job! You can totally hit your goal.

Sheila said...

Great job sticking with it - wish I had your will power - looks like you are going to make your goal!!!! Know you are in NJ but not sure how far from OCNJ. They have a shop on the boardwalk but not sure if open all year - it's kind of junky inside but they have the BEST bathing suits for all sizes, get some there almost every summer. They are pricy during summer but on sale whenever I am there in Sept/Oct. It's called South Sea Shops @ 7th street - if you are not too far away it beats ordering off the net as you can try them on right there (but remember it is not a fancy store). Their number is South Seas Shop 768Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ 08226-3705(609)399-2871‎ - give them a call and see if they are open year round.

Cat Cee said...

Thanks all for the comments, Thanks Sheila for the info, unfortunately, that is a good 2 to 3 hours away. I am at the NW tip of NJ, where we just got hit with over 2 feet of snow. UGH! I am going to go to Walmart, if that doesn't work I will head to the mall. That would have been worth checking out if it was close to home. Still so much to buy before April!! Including my airfare.

myesha said...

Great Job! Way to stay focused even when you are out of town!