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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Snow Day

Here I sit with a towel in my hair, feet up on my coffee table and laptop on my lap.  This was the storm  of storms for my area.  I was thrilled to miss the last Jersey storm, but this one said its "your turn to get hammered".  I am still thawing out after spending a good long time in my yard.  I must admit, although I usually find going to bed before 2:00am to be out of my element tonight my pillow beckons me.  I am exhausted!

My wonderful hubby, Alan works in NYC which is approximately an hour commute.  We knew the storm was going to unleash its fury and it was a no brainer that he should stay near work.  You see if he doesn't go in, he doesn't get paid.  Luckily his boss put him up in a hotel both Wednesday and Thursday night.  Lucky for him, not so lucky for me.  Actually, I can't lie...I didn't mind having to take care of the snow removal so it wasn't all that bad.  I was just relieved he was safe and kind of looking forward to changing my workout.

My daughter, Michelle and I were snowed in together today.  We proceeded to add layers to our bodies and slip on our snow boots and gloves and out we went.  She started shoveling the snow and I got the snow blower working and removed the snow on our driveway.  I loved having Michelle join me outside, but I was looking forward to doing all of the snow removal.  I was ready for a  full workout.  But it was all good, because we both decided to take a walk when we were finished.  It was snowing really heavy and our neighborhood was so silent you could hear the flakes fall around us.

The snow was falling fast and heavy and on an angle, directly in our faces.  So we turned and walked "down the hill".  You see I really wanted to end it with the hill, I'm looking for that incline to help ready me for the stop sign hike.  Stop sign hike is one of the many hikes at Fitness Ridge, and it is one that requires inclines of up to 11%.  So it is my goal to try and get my body ready for incline walking.  I always avoided inclines in the past.  Until planning for this trip, I never even raised the incline on my treadmill.  Of course all of that has now changed.  Back to our as we proceeded to turn the corner, the snow once again was pounding us.  We turned around and walked that block backwards, which is quite a workout.  Once we turned the corner, Michelle started challenging me.  There were post on the neighbors lawn, so the snow plows would know where the street ends and the lawn begins.  Michelle used the post like they were mile markers, and said lets do lunges to the 3rd post.  After we completed the lunges she had us doing side steps.  And then we ended it with a decent incline walk.  I called her trainer Michelle today.  It's great to have someone to motivate and keep you going like she did today.  Thank you Michelle, I love you!!  You have done so much to keep me on track these past few years, and have taught me sooooo much!! 

I ended up going back outside after the snow finally stopped.  I spent 2 hours out there snow blowing, cleaning off my car and Michelle's.  And shoveling my walkway.  It was fun to change up my workout, and I plugged my bodybugg in to see how many calories I burned today, 3300.  Not bad for not getting on my treadmill, elliptical or bike.

Its nice to change your workout if you grow tired of what you are doing.  And everyday doesn't have to be an intense workout.  The most important thing, is to keep moving.  I remember years ago when I traveled a lot (back when I was on "The Home Shopping Network"), I use to walk in place in my hotel room and do other exercises in my room.

It really is a shame that I let myself go, stopped moving and stopped eating good.

It feels good getting back to those good habits.

Most importantly, I need the change of lifestyle because I want to LIVE!

And on that note....I have run out of fuel today and I can hear my bed calling my sweet dreams all, I will be talking to you tomorrow!

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