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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday work, tomorrow play!

Well I am leaving shortly for my Monday night gig, where I will have a nice salad and order of the best broccoli I have ever had the pleasure to eat.  The hubby is on reruns this week, and its a perfect opportunity for us to run off for a few days of RnR.  We frequent Atlantic City enough to get comped rooms and have a blast eating, hanging, walking and gambling.  So this time is going to be a bit different for me.  Usually my taste buds are so excited to be eating whatever I choose, but this time I will be choosing wisely.  Luckily, my hubby will be happy to sleep in and I will head to the fitness center before gallivanting around the casinos.  I will be ordering comped water bottles instead of my usual screwdrivers at the blackjack tables.  And as such my one armed bandit will be sharing the other arm with water bottles!  Alan is super supportive no matter what and we were both hoping for decent enough weather so we could walk the entire boardwalk and back.  Its not looking too good for us weather wise, but we will see.  No trip to AC would be complete without a trip to the mall.  If that happens it will be in search of FR wear, instead of my usual jewelry run!  Can you relate to having more fun shopping for jewelry than clothes?  I always say its the one thing that will always fit ya! 

Hope you had a great Monday and your week is wonderful, wish me nice would it be to hit the jackpot and have it pay for Fitness Ridge?  (one can dream right?)


annelisewojo said...

Well....that one size fits all isn't completely true with jewelry either. My wedding ring hasn't fit in years. I keep waiting to get it resized because I'm 'gonna lose the weight'.
Have fun shopping for fitness wear and WIN BIG!!! Dreams do come true. :)

Robbie Kelley said...

Have a wonderful time in Atlantic City. I also love to gamble, but only on slots. I'm a purse and shoe shopper at heart due to how depressing it gets trying on clothes. : )

Diana said...

Good Luck in Vegas!

Leslie said...

Sounds like you've got yourself a really workable plan there. Way to stick to it! Hope you've enjoyed AC and the weather cooperated with ya!