My Scale

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Technically it's still Friday for me!


Here I am at my Friday gig...

Seriously, although I ate the amount of calories I usually do, they just didn't hold me well tonight.  Ugh!
I get free food and drink at all my gigs, but for the last 3 weeks, I have brought water bottles with me.  I eat at home before I get here.  No alcohol either.  The truth is, I am BUSTING MY BUTT to lose this weight, and it is really hard to consider having calories that are not within my budget.  So my belly is screaming at me, but that is okay because my karaoke singers are screaming louder.  


Making a change such as this, requires "change".  

What is usually the norm... is now the abnormal.

Change is good!!


mgreen said...

You are doing it! You are making a change, and that is amazing. See you in April at Fitness ridge!

Cat Cee said...

Looking forward to it!!