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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Fuel Tank Was On Empty, and I Paid The Price!

So unlike the Biggest Loser and the "Last Chance Workout", today has not been me kicking butt with my workout.  I am lacking energy and barely managed to get a walk/incline/jog in on my treadmill.  I did it for 2 miles but believe me it took me a good long while.  Just don't have strength today and tomorrow is week 2 weigh-in.

I believe I have an explanation for my lack of energy...I blew it yesterday!  I simply didn't eat enough.  I have an egg beater omelet daily (occasionally change it up with oatmeal with fruit n nuts).  My omelet consist of a lil ham, lil low fat cheese with a combination of spinach, peppers, onions, mushroom & tomato.  I have it with 2 pieces of low calorie wheat bread and what I like to call my "breakfast cocktail".  I mix 2ozs OJ with 2 ozs Dr Tim's Acai Berry (not to lose weight, but to aide in good health), ruby red mix and water.  I also have my "post menopause" vitamin pack that I get from women to women.  My breakfast is approximately 300 calories.  It really gets me moving on my treadmill. Unfortunately, it didn't really help me today because yesterday I skipped a meal, eating 800 calories.  So when you think you are doing yourself a favor by not eating enough, remember it will catch up with you.  We all know it slows down your metabolism and for me, it has just simply slowed me down entirely.  UGH!

So tomorrow I get on the scale for week #2 in hopes to have lost 2.38 pounds to meet my March goal.  And I am so mad at myself for not eating enough yesterday, because today I want to be a bum.  You can bet that I won't be skipping anymore meals.

There are no short cuts.  No quick fix. Patience and perseverance will make me a winner.  Tomorrow will be a better day, regardless what my scale says.  It's all downhill from here!

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