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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Saturday Night and this ones for you

That's right tonight I want to talk to YOU because this blog is for YOU!!

I have finished just over a month of my new life plan as well as my blog.
I am totally inexperienced with blogging, but am so glad I entered its gateway.
It has been excellent for me to be able to document my downfalls and my achievements.
But what has made it even more special is to have you, my followers. 
It has really made me keep at it and try and blog daily.  
I feel inspired by you all.  
Your comments, and just knowing
you are reading and supporting me has been wonderful!!

I am excited about the future and seeing less of me.
But what I am gaining is YOU
You are friends and family.
You are my support team.
You are my nutritionist (Michelle)
You are my trainer
You are new found friends I've never met!

Because of YOU
My blogging family
I have a renewed passion for good health
and weight loss

Little did I know by losing my extra poundage
I would also be gaining
In Conclusion,

Thank you my new friends, my old friends and my supportive family!!

Blog on!


annelisewojo said...

And thank you for your support of us as well. Together we CAN all do this!

Keep on keepin' on.

Leslie said...

So beautiful! Thank you for allowing us to walk along side of you. What an amazing group of people this journey to FR brings together! Best to you! 6 weeks!!!!!!!!

Robbie Kelley said...

Love reading your blog. You inspired me to get mine started. Can't wait to meet you in person. 6 weeks!! I remember when it was 3 months..

KC said...

How sweet! I love reading your blog, you inspire me too!

myesha said...

What a lovely post! We are lucky to have you sharing your thoughts with us. Only 6 weeks left!

Anonymous said...

Cat - wish I was going with you...but is not in my cards at this time. I'm proud of you for making those choices - I know full well its not easy. Miss you both xo~Donna