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Saturday, February 6, 2010

From my last post of negativity to this positivity!!

There is little doubt that I was feeling a little down on my previous post.  But I really did take it to heart.  I figured out what I did wrong, and fixed it.  Yes I didn't eat properly the entire week, I paid the price for that!  It was worth it really.  I really didn't go nuts and I made all my food with healthy choices.  I made a lasagna with wheat pasta, and fat free cottage cheese, (instead of ricotta), ground turkey & turkey sausages.  It was delicious!  It was a very enjoyable meal celebrating a family birthday.  I didn't workout as hard as the week before, my energy level seemed to be low.  I figured my body was telling me something and I'd better listen to it.  When I got on that damn scale Thursday I was disappointed, but after following up on my bodybugg I realized I was exactly where I should be.  So I made my peace with it.  Then as I wrote, I was only going to be more determined to change that around.  It was just the kick in the butt I needed!!

I have been a driven force since Thursdays weigh in.  I have been sure to keep my exercise and food intake to the levels needed to reach my "first goal" of 16.5 pounds by March.  I want to be feeling good about going to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductions this year.  I don't want to pass it up as I have a few years because of my weight.  I feel as though someone waved their magic wand and gave me the energy I needed to really push myself.  I am a far cry from where I was just 2 weeks ago.  In the last few days I have added more jogging time to my treadmill (2 miles straight jogging), longer walking inclines and managing to keep up with my 1 mile on the elliptical.  I have been burning an average of 600 calories in 1.5 hours.  I have also managed to get in an hour on my stationary bike. I remember when the season premier of the Biggest Loser had the bike marathon.  My husband and I both did it.  I did 1/2 he did 1/2.  The other night I did more than a marathon on my bike at level 6, I pedaled for 2 hours straight.  It is absolutely amazing what a few short weeks can do to you when you push yourself.

Now although I don't want to weigh myself but weekly, I admit that I have gotten back on my scale.  I am down exactly to the ounce, 6 pounds.  I weighed in today at 191.8.  I feel better, slightly looser in my clothes and see a definite difference in my face.   Not only in less fat, but a HUGE smile I can't get rid of.

I wake up ready for the day, and try and get my workout in before I lose interest.  It is getting easier to do the same workout, which only makes me stronger for Fitness Ridge in April.

I was disappointed today when I realized my travel day is Easter Sunday.  But I will look at is as my personal resurrection to a healthier life, and the beginning of an amazing experience.

In conclusion, keep at it, take one more step tomorrow than you did today.  Keep looking forward at the BIG PICTURE, a healthier happier YOU.

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Fitness Ridge Journey said...

Wow!!! Great Job Great attitude!!