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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weighing in on the disappointment



Like so many times in my past, the scale seemed somewhat of a betrayal today.  It really helped put me in a miserable mood.  But then I started calculating my weight loss so far, and my goal weight for March 10,2010.  I set my goal to lose 16.5 pounds by that date.  It is definitely not realistic to me anymore.  I have dealt with the disappointment, and am now seeking the positives.

1) I weigh in the 180's again!
2) I have lost almost 10 pounds in a month
3) If I lose another 1.5 lbs a week for the next 4 weeks I will weigh 184 by my goal date. (Which is just 4 pounds shy of my goal weight for that date.)
4) The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductions Ceremony is actually March15th, 
giving me an extra 5 days to lose, and has changed my goal date.
5) Everyday I work out, I help make the job of working out a little easier,  maybe one day it will feel less like a job and more like a leisure activity.
6) I see a change in my appearance!!
7) I am being acknowledged by people about my weight loss.
8) My clothes are fitting better.
9) It's easier to look in the mirror.
10) I feel happier with myself.

I am fine, I am on my way.  And I will add more of a workout to my schedule whenever I can.
I will accept my loss as a VICTORY, because it is!!
It's all good.
I'm good.

Oh lastly, one bit of great news I did receive today was my blood pressure.
I have been anywhere from 150/90 to my last BP of 138/90.
Today my BP was 124/71
That is definitely something to be smiling about!


Leslie said...

Good for you for finding all those positives!!! Glad to see you're smiling. All the best to you, my new friend.

myesha said...

What a great outlook. Your attitude is so positive. I love it! You are well on your way to a healthier, slimmer you!!

45 days... =)

Fitness Ridge Journey said...

Wow great job on the 8.5lbs you should be proud!!!

ALAN CHEZ said...

you will do it. don't change any goals too early..

annelisewojo said...

First of all, that picture is just nasty!
I'm looking forward to weighing 180's again. 10 lbs in a month is surely something to be proud of! 1.5 per week with your eye on the goal is totally doable! Stay focused and kick butt with those x 5 days you gained. Make working out fun by picking FUN activities. Savor the joy you feel when noticing those changes in your appearance. Gloat when people tell you they notice. Baske in the glory of better fitting clothes. Stare at your self in the mirror in awe of the person you are inside. And lastly enjoy every bit of that happiness and through all of your ups and downs, hold onto that happiness......all the way through each and every VICTORY!

Sheila said...

You are doing awesome! and that attitude - WOW. I love reading your blog because it helps keep me grounded. Today was my 1st offical tracking calories day. PT still won't let me add much more than walking and his strengthening exercises so I live vicariously through you!!! Great that your family is so supportive - mine brings me donuts (which I did not touch yay me!) Great job with teh BP - exercise really does make a difference - Keep it up.

Robbie Kelley said...

Cat, don't get discouraged look at all the positive things you are doing. I will bet that at your next weigh in date you will drop more that you expected. Look what happens on the Biggest Loser each week. You are a great inspiration to me each week and I love reading your blog. Can't wait to meet you in person at FR in April. I'm finally getting to the point where I'm not afraid to admit my weight and goals to everyone on my blog. I just need to hit the publish key! Love you!