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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 3 is finished

Just a quick blog today.  Today was my personal weigh-in and I have lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks.  I must admit I weigh myself every single day.  Why?  Well truth is you have days with water weight and what if that falls on my weigh-in day?  So, today was my lowest weight since I started my life change.  It is 1 pound short of where I should be at this point, but not too worry it is a loss!  

I jogged 2 miles on my treadmill, walked 1 mile at an 8 incline, then raised it to 10 for a 1/4 of a mile.  Another 1/4 mile of cool down, followed by a mile on my elliptical.  Total calories burned 650.  I plan on slipping in to some workout clothes tonight and riding my bike for an hour.

Keep on keeping on!!!


Diana said...

Cat Cee:

You've been so great to visit my blog, and give me encouraging words; I thought I'd do the same. But it looks like you don't need me. You appear to be extremely motivated. What a great job you're doing!

Cat Cee said...

Thank you, my motivation is my past failure. So many times I have set goals and had a good start, then let the scale fail me and simply quit. Every time that happens I add more weight. I wanted to be in the best health of my life when I turned 50 instead I can't stand even looking at those pictures because I was so heavy. Then I gained even more weight after that with breaking my toe and the holidays. I am excited to be ounces away of being back in the 180's. I love words of encouragement, its all about 1 day at a time!!

Diana said...

Cat Cee: I am so glad to see that you are well on your way to your goal. I am still trying to figure out how to turn "wanting" to be different into real "motivation" to be different.

annelisewojo said...

I too weigh myself first thing every morning. I only count my morning weight for anything. And you are right about the water weight. By weighing ourselves everyday we have a better record of where we're at. Or worse yet, where we might not be at! Then we work harder.

I sure wish I could run anything! My max is 1/2 mile and I was DYING! I can't wait to hit a mile jog...and then more.

Keep on keeping on!!!

KC said...

Yeah! Keep it up!