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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Atlantic City Escape

It is so awesome to take off and escape reality for a few days.  And Atlantic City is close enough to home, yet far enough away to be a great escape.  Yesterday was not a great gambling day for us, but we had a great time anyway.  We don't really come to win, we come to have fun.  So Alan, had this absolutely wonderful idea yesterday to walk the boardwalk with me today.  You can bet your booty I made him keep that commitment!!
First off, I decided I gave Donald Trump enough money yesterday without paying another $20 to go to his fitness center.  Alan and I went to breakfast, where I had an egg beater omelet with fruit instead of potatoes and wheat toast dry.  Alan decided to get the same thing but added cheese and potatoes to his meal.  I took one of my slices of bread and used it like a napkin, soaking up all the shiny liquid on my eggs which looked nothing more like fat to me.  I only wanted one piece of bread anyway.  After our breakfast which was around 2 in the afternoon, we headed to the boardwalk.  We planned on walking at least 4 miles one way.  Alan started getting restless at the end of mile 2, but he kept going.  We managed to do our 4 miles one way and then turned around heading back the other way.  This is Alan on the boardwalk in this picture.

Some where in the distance are the hotels and where we are staying. It was a good walk!!  I wore my bodybugg and my display watch and kept saying to him how many calories we were burning.
In the end our walk burned almost 1,000 calories.  We walked for so long, that we ended up eating lunch      at the Rain forest Cafe, at 5:00. I had grilled Mahi Mahi with vegetables, holding the rice and beans.  
I even avoided the mango salsa, it wasn't my taste kind of spicey!! 

All in all it was great to get outside and walk, again changing up my workout.
On top of that, it was more burn than I planned on and I was hanging with my 
hubby.  Tomorrow we are bracing for another winter fury, so it was nice to
be outdoors.  It was chilly. but there were about 20 surfers who didn't seem to 
mind the air being 40 degrees!  burr..............

After our meal, we took a walk to the outlets on a quest for hiking sneakers!!  All the big athletic companies have stores in the area, so more walking!!  I ended up buying sneakers at Adidas called Response Trail 16 sneakers.  There best trail sneaker.  The are cushioned and have great trail traction on the bottom.  I will be wearing nothing else working out till I get to Fitness Ridge.  I have about a month to break them in.  

The list for FR is so big, and it is a bit overwhelming to think of all the things I need.  I ordered bathing suits online, that was a BIG, or should I say "itty bitty" mistake!  I could barely squeeze my body in to them and there were bulges I didn't know I could bulge in them.  So I am going to have go shop for a couple of suitable suits.

This is me today all bundled up, did have to buy that hat to keep my ears warm, but I LOVED the walk and was amazed at some of the amazing homes on the boardwalk, beyond monopoly.  That is beyond the hotels.  I say monopoly, because if you ever come to Atlantic City, you will see all the famous streets on the board, ie Park Place, Atlantic, and no wonder the boardwalk is the best property on the monopoly board, its made for a great workout! haha!  Okay time to try and get some of my money back.

Tomorrow is my 5th week weigh-in.  Guess who packed her scale?? Yeah I did!  PS I made sure I weighed the same at home and at the hotel so it is accurate.

Until tomorrow I bid you a good night!


annelisewojo said...

I can't believe you packed your scale! That is too funny. What a wonderful way to spend time together, walking on the boardwalk. I've only been to atlantic city and the boardwalk once for a one night quick stay.......and let's just say it was wee hours of the morning and I don't remember much of my walk. I just may have to go back and try a healthy daytime walk.

Leslie said...

Wow! So impressed with you and your vacation determination! Way to go Cat!