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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just a quick note today

Watching the Olympics, missing my Biggest Loser!

Today was a bit hard, I was tired all day.  I decided to walk the treadmill the entire time.
However I inclined at 9.0 the entire time and racked in a 650 deficit.  Tonight while
watching American Idol I added an hour on the bike.

Calories were good as usual so hopefully I am on my way to a good weigh in on Thursday.

That's all tonight...Peace OUT!!


annelisewojo said...

Incline of 9 for any extended time is great! It gets my right knee the next day. Hope you're feeling good today. Good luck for a successful weigh in tomorrow.

Cat Cee said...

Thank you. My knees hurt a few weeks ago, but they have become a lot stronger. I managed another incline walk today. Want more though. Your blog is so inspiring!!
Thanks for the comment