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Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Kind of Love


Today was an absolutely blue sky day.  And I grabbed it by it's rays.  I look at sunny not so cold days as an opportunity to change put my workout.  I think that is one of the things that Fitness Ridge offers.  Lots of different hikes to keep you entertained.  I was grateful to not have to workout in the house another day.  I don't mind the indoor workouts, but getting outside with Spring around the corner is liberating!
No one appreciates me taking walks more than my four dogs.  My development is just a little over a mile when you do once around with inclines here and there.  Ziggy my overweight chihuahua was the first to walk.  Ziggy is an 18 pound chihuahua, and the average chihuahua is about half that weight.  Ironically, he has been on diet dog food since day one and I do not feed my dogs people food.  Ziggy has even been tested for a thyroid condition and we have concluded he is just a chunky chihuahua.  His only hope is with my weight loss.  Ha ha! Really though, walks are what he needs.  Lots and lots of exercise.  Sounds like someone else I know.  Yeah he is just like me!!  So we must work together.  After Ziggy's walk around the development he seemed he could go another mile so he joined Cooper and myself.  Ziggy's tongue dropped to the floor which was proof to me he needed a break after I returned with Cooper.  Following Cooper was Louie, oh Louie is one  difficult dog to walk.  I decided to spend some special time with Louie trying to calm him down and get him to heel.  It went better than expected so now I need lots of sunny warmer days to continue training my old dog Louie.  Thanks to the Dog Whisperer for teaching me you CAN teach OLD dogs new tricks.  Lastly was Rembrandt, oh and Ziggy, he decided he could walk one more time.  If Ziggy and his little legs felt anything like me and my much longer legs, he was happy to see me hang up the leashes when I was finished.
I think this picture of him says it all!

Ziggy asked me if he could join in on my weight loss journey, and I told him yes but he can't come to Fitness Ridge.  (we are both very sad about that) 

Alan and I went to the mall and tried to find shoes, to no avail.  But I did end up getting some pretty cool workout clothes at 50 to 80% off!  I bought a second battery for my cellphone so I can just use my phone as my mp3 player at The Ridge.  We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurant where I have soba noodles with tuna.  Super Yummy! And I brought home half!!

We ended our night seeing Shutter Island and I was surrounded by popcorn smothered in butter.  It was painful!  Alan also chomped down a box of butterfingers, another yummy favorite of mine.  Usually I reach in to Alan's candy box and get a couple pieces but I contained myself.  

I survived the night and passed all test today.  


ALAN CHEZ said...

My favorite quote.

" we have concluded he is just a chunky chihuahua. "

GO ZIGGY and GO CAT !!!!

annelisewojo said...

Ziggy is a cutie!

I must have my popcorn at the movies. Yep, it's just part of the experience. So I have to pop some fat free popcorn and sneak it in my purse with my gigantic water bottle flavored with a piece of citrus. It satisfies the popcorn craving and gets me through! Have a phenomenal day!

Cat Cee said...

Yeah I would have done exactly that, but I gave up snacks for lent. lol oh well. Congrats on the 40 pounds!!
PS I am looking for my before pix!! lol

myesha said...

What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful day. I agree...Ziggy is cute!

Robbie Kelley said...

I would have loved to be one of your neighbors and watch you making all those different trips around the neighborhood with a different dog each time. What a riot! Butterfinger is my favorite candy bar. And, I too have to have popcorn at the movie.

Cat Cee said...

After a few times around, if I pass someone that doesn't really know me they say how many dogs do you have?
lol I respond, 4, next dog on my next time around. its funny!