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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dentist - Doctors - Vets

My Cooper

 Today was a very busy day for me, making it extremely hard to do everything I set out to.  Getting up early to accommodate my full day just isn't an option.  I use to regularly live on 6 hours sleep, I would literally look at my clock in the morning and calculate if I got at least 6 hours sleep.  I have tried to change that up a bit, since every expert talks about how important it is to get 8 hours.  So I try not to get up without 7 hours sleep, 8 when possible.  Being a DJ it is hard to get enough rest and I have become very comfortable staying up late at night.  Tell me that's not going to be a problem at Fitness Ridge where your expected to be up and at em' at 6AM.  (sigh)

With Fitness Ridge coming up quickly, and reading so much about the "foot damage" I realized I had to address my toe. (read blog toe vs vacuum) I went for an MRI today to see what kind of damage I have, and I am hoping for the best.  I won't know anything more until the doctor calls.  I have refused to let it keep me from getting in my daily cardio, so what I have an inflamed toe!  Hopefully, he will say time will heal it.  As I laid motionless in that MRI machine, I thought about the amount of people that must get MRI's that probably wouldn't need them if they only took care of their health.  I have a bad case of "white coat" syndrome  (as my daughter calls it).  When I was a child I went through horrific painful test for months straight and to this day, I just don't want to be in need of a doctor.  So getting on my healthy path, I can prevent a lot of that and hence not have to fear the "white coat".

Oh big news, I have bone loss in my gum line and it has caused my bottom teeth to shift.  I am forced to get lower braces on my front 6 teeth for the next 6-8 months.  I am pushing for it to get started now so that I can get a month of my braces wearing at FR.  I told my dentist, put them on asap so that by the time I leave in April they won't be hurting.  I told them I will be in enough pain in the month of April without having mouth pain too!!

My afternoon, which I like to save for my workout was instead used for my dog Cooper and cat Monet.  I was at the vet for about 2 hours between the exams and shots they received.  Needless to say I came home feeling completely out of sorts.  My routine was shot!  I ate my lunch, got my water and put on my sneakers.

I was feeling really sore in my joints because yesterday I pushed myself harder than ever doing 3 miles running, 1 mile walking at an 8 incline, followed by a 1/2 mile cool down walk.  It seemed to keep my joints aching throughout today.  I just didn't have my mojo today.  I ended up walking for a mile and walking on an 8 incline for a mile.  I kept thinking of The Biggest Loser being on tonight and that I would watch it while riding my stationary bike.  I rode my bike a 1/2 marathon and called it a night.  I didn't do as much as usual, but I believe my body was needing a break so I took it easier.

In conclusion, tomorrow calls for a lot of snow and the hubby was put in a hotel for 2 nights so he wouldn't miss the show.  So I expect to be exercising not only with my cardio, but with my shovel!!  Also, I put on a shirt today that I never wore because it was too small.  IT FITS NOW!!


Al Chez said...

Love the blog.

sorry about the shoveling and love the shirt.....


KC said...

I'm with you on the sleep pattern. I go to bed between 12 and 1am. I think the first day I get there I will go to bed at 10pm and just lay there till the sun comes up then Monday night I will be dead tired and passout at 7pm during the class and someone will have to carry me back to my room.