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Thursday, January 28, 2010

1 Week Preparation. Weigh in

There is no drum roll, no staring crowd, not even my hubby (who sleeps in late daily).  It is just me and my scale.  

Thinking back..."Oh the dreaded scale". If I had $10.00 for every time I have gotten on my scale with expectations of weight loss only to find my efforts failed me,  it truly would have paid for my upcoming trip to Fitness Ridge.

I ate right!!  I worked out!!! WHY scale WHY?  You don't like me???...and how many times did that discourage me just enough to say, screw it!

Now, take the  happy hubby, who eats horrible for days and notices his weight gain. The next day he eats light and boast a 5lbs weight loss after a day!  While he sat on the couch watching his Devils game, I sweated and panted and felt like I was going to die on my machines!  When we watch TV together he sports himself a bag of Doritos while I ride the stationary bike behind him.  Yes, how many times did I bust my butt while he lost weight from the mere movement in his wrist to take that chip from the bag to his mouth.

Getting back to now...I weighed myself when I got started 1 week ago, making this morning my week 1  weigh in.  A part of me is always afraid of getting on that scale, is it going to out and out lie?!  Is it going to tell me I didn't do enough to move down those numbers? It didn't really matter, this time I wasn't going to let the scale win, no way!  I was ready for it, tell me what you will, I don't care...if I give up will be laughing at me next time I step on I will be gaining once again.  So won't!  I am ready for whatever punch you want to give...tell me I didn't do enough..that's OK I will do more this week...its all good...I am not afraid...I am not weary...OK, maybe slightly nervous that all that work might be for nothing...
so without a drum roll, without a peep out of my foot....two I am on...and oh Lord, thank God, I lost weight!

I own a weight watchers scale, the only scale I have ever owned that weighs your ounces.  And I believe every ounce counts!  I started at 197.8 pounds 1 week ago.  Today I weighed in at 194. 6 pounds.

Yipee Woo-hoo!  I beat you this week you miserable scale, I beat you!!

Next Thursday scares me more..."weigh" more!


Fitness Ridge Journey said...

Wow Cat good job, I am 5'4" 188.5 it looks like we are very similar in our journey...I am using the bodybugg as well...I have only lost 6 pounds in a frustrating..good luck in your journey and I look forward to seeing you at the Ridge...yaaa!!! I cant wait...Teresa

Robbie Kelley said...

I can totally relate to this type of talk with the scale. Enjoying the blog and I have started to create one for myself.