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Friday, January 28, 2011

These Old Bones

Unfortunately, I am having issues with my joints, especially my knees.  I am fine one day working out, then the next day I am in pain.  I need to get in the pattern I had at Fitness Ridge, that is to ice at the end of the day.  I have been doing a combination of walks on a 12 incline on my treadmill, and jogs at 4.0.  I seem to do fine then the next day I can't walk down my stairs.  I just need to get in practice of icing everyday.  It worked wonders on my last visit to Fitness Ridge, so what am I waiting for?  Time is now!

I find myself planning my workouts for later in the day, which causes me to miss days.  I need to practice what I preach, and that means, getting up earlier to workout before my day starts.  I have always felt a since of peace during the day when I started it with my workout.  My plan is to get up earlier, workout after breakfast and then have the day to get whatever I have to get done, done.  It hasn't helped that my hubby has been on reruns this week, makes for my days being filled with a little more than usual.  Thank God he goes back to work on Monday, I need my "me time".  I love him so, but I have got to be more focused on getting healthy and that means more workout time.  We have had so much snow this week that shoveling has taken place of our kick boxing time, so we haven't had the workout together this week.

My goals are set, I need to get up earlier, eat breakfast early, workout early.   

Goals for the next 7 days... WAKE UP EARLIER.....WORKOUT EARLIER.... and remember my
 before and after care....

79 DAYS till I return to Fitness Ridge.....


Sabine said...

In my world, if I don't work out early in the morning, chancs ae it's not happening at all. No mater how good my intetions are.
Today my excuse is the uprising in Egypt . Glued to the TV as I type. But I know I have nor problem coming up with another excuse tomorrow

Roxanne said...

Cat, try to be more specific in your goals. What does "earlier" mean? Set a time to get up, eat breakfast and a specific time to be on that treadmill. You might find it easier to get up earlier that way.

But that's just me. I am a planner. The more I plan the better I am at accomplishing my tasks.