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Friday, January 14, 2011

Goal This!

Last Year R & R, Basiri, Cat & Alan
Today marks 93 days till I leave once again for Fitness Ridge.  So like last year I have 2 goals before I get there.  My first goal brings me to the Rock N Roll Hall of fame inductions on March 14th.  I have attended many exciting events, from concerts at the White House, the Emmy Awards and many times I have gone to the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions in NYC.  I have weighed in at theses events in many different sizes, from an 18 to a 10.  Walking "red carpets" with all those beautiful people can be really depressing when you are in a size 18.  I felt pretty good at the Emmy's when I lost enough weight to wear the dress I wore, however, I weighed in at 182.  That was my goal for the R& R inductions last year.  I almost reached that goal.  My second goal was to weigh in the 170's the day I arrived at Fitness Ridge, however their scale said I weighed in at 182.  Again I didn't kick myself as I was close on both accounts.  After I left Fitness Ridge I weighed in at 170 and when I arrived at home, I weighed in the 160's wearing a size 10.  In the end that was my final goal for my trip there.

But as I sit here today, I managed to pack back on many pounds, putting me in a size 12.  That is a far cry from the size 18 I was last winter, but it shows my consistency to fail.  I am grateful I have picked back up the pieces of my broken plan before I skyrocketed back up to 200 pounds.  I am really holding on to those mistakes I made in the past few months so I can stay a healthy weight when I get down to my size 6.  I know where I failed this time, and there won't be a next time.  I will eat right when I have no time to eat, by preparing ahead of time the foods that are good for me.  I will remind myself that eating those tasty sweets and salties when things are going wrong are really punishment, not reward.  And I have a real understanding of how fast you can gain back weight when you eat "candy" and other sweets.  Take a tiny snickers bite, they lure you in with the few calories that are in them, but do you stop at 2? A portion is said to be 4 which equals 170 calories.  Yeah I reached for only 4 in a setting, which is equal to a mile on my treadmill...but then later that same day I am even hungrier and wanting more sweets.  Its an ugly cycle of bad eating.

Staying in touch with the calories I put in my body and how many I burn in a day was the greatest tool I used in 2010.  When I went to the Biggest Loser Resort, many of the prior contestants I met said the same thing. "It's simple math, what you eat, what you burn, you MUST keep a deficit of calories being burned if you want to lose weight."  That is the secret to losing weight and keeping it off.  Stay in touch with that formula and you will lose weight and or maintain weight.  When I ignore that formula, that is when I fail.

So as I sit here, knowing I must go eat my morning food, I know I must put the sneakers on and move today.  I have made it my goal to not go more than 2 days without exercise, as I believe anything I do for more than 2 days becomes either success or failure.  Whether I ignore eating right and exercise = failure, or if I eat right and exercise = success.  "2 Days" if it falls on a 3rd day, I am either getting more comfortable not doing the right thing, or I am finding it easier to do the right thing.  That is how "I" stay in check.  

So in closing today, goal #1 is to be in the mid to low 160's by the R&R Inductions in March, my second goal will be to lose another 5 pounds from March 14th till I leave for the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge.  And a third, goal on the horizon is to be in the 150's by June and seeing my goal weight of 135 by my birthday in September.  


Dianna said...

Another great post! Thanks. I'm confident you will achieve the goals you have set! Please keep posting....I'm going to be on my way to my goal (once and for all!) right along with you.

annelisewojo said...

I need to think me up some new goals. I'm back at FR the week before you.....which makes it about 85 days away. I too have gained weight. You've inspired me to give myself a goal to meet before my trip out there again. I'll have to blog it soon. You go girlfriend! You can do this, we all can!