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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fast Forward Finished

I spent the last 5 days doing the fast forward in the Cinch book.  Although I was a case study in the book, I didn't do the fast forward part.  My daughter Michelle and her girlfriend both started the fast forward the same day, so I thought, let me give it a try.

To think I spent the last 5 days eating nothing but "spinach, eggs, 0 % yogurt, almonds and raspberries".  Day one, I found it difficult to eat a cup of spinach in one egg, but as the days progressed I learned how to mix it with garlic and onion and get great flavor in the egg.  And I confess I am stubborn with yogurt as I basically didn't even try to like 0% yogurt before this past week but will never buy the fruity sugary yogurt again.  I now have a great recipe for raspberry vinaigrette, and it will become a favorite salad topper for me.  I won't ever miss croutons on my salad as almonds are a tasty crunchy replacement.  A late night smoothie with almond butter (I made it myself - simple) mixed in is super tasty and never did I miss the sugar I would put in a smoothie in the past.  I feel revived and thinner after just 5 days doing the fast forward. I feel as though I trained my palette for more healthy tasty foods.  Speaking of thinner, yes I lost 4.5 pounds in the 5 days I was on the fast forward, and since I was eating a healthy low calorie plan prior, I would say that is excellent!!  It was well worth doing, and 5 days does go by really fast!  Best part is, I was never hungry so cheating was easily bypassed.

Moving on from there, about 10 days ago, my husband and I picked up a punching bag and 2 sets of gloves.  We created a music mix and we do about 25-30 mins of punching and kicking the bag together.  I found something that gets him off the couch!  Best part is, he wants to eat right now that he is burning those calories.
If you have limited space in your house to work out and don't want to go to the gym, I highly recommend it, you keep moving the feet the entire time you punch and kick the bag, and I am sure there is free you tube videos to show you steps.  We are so wiped out in 30 mins, it is a great calorie burn.

In exactly 91 days I will be arriving once again at Fitness Ridge.  I hope to be weighing in at least 10 pounds lighter than I did when I tested out of there last year.  I continue to work at the goals I have set, first my March goal, second my April goal.  I have learned that a healthy weight loss is about 1.5 pounds a week, which seems small, but take that 1.5 pounds times a month and that is 6 pounds.  Take that 6 pounds and times it by 5 months, and that is a 30 pound weight loss!  Figure in every 10 pounds is about a pant size and that is a 3 pant size loss!  Not bad at all.  Also, I like to keep in check how quickly I can gain that 1.5 pound back and that keeps the wrong foods out of my body.  When I know I'm going to be overeating, I try and move more that day to help balance out the calories.

Small steps bring BIG results, you just have to keep your eye on the prize!

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Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Congrats on the five days and how awesome you are going once again to Fitness Ridge that sounds like such an neat experience!