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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Plateau Means Step it UP

Today typically is my first day of an old onset.  Today is usually the day
I give up.  I get discouraged by the "numbers game".  I convince my inner
self, that it's not worth all the effort if its not going to show up on my scale.

Today is the day plateau means quitter.

Think about it, what is the one thing that happens in the middle of dieting?  At first the excitement is there, you can't wait to get on the scale to see the pounds have dropped.  At first there is an immediate feeling of being a skinny person.  You can almost taste the cardboard you will be eating as you achieve your goal.  Everything is going along as planned and you are smiling at your accomplishments.

Then BOOM!
As if a ton of bricks just came crashing down on you, you start to analyze what happened.  Saying it's not fair, you ate great, you worked out.  It is just not worth the effort! 

If you are like me in your thinking, its NOT YOUR FAULT!  You have been doing your thing!  You have been eating right and working out, and for what?  Then a temptation shows its ugly face, something that always comforted you in the past when you were feeling frustrated.  Or maybe you just don't feel like getting up and sweating if it isn't going to make a difference anyway!!

That was before, this is NOW!  Now is NOT being OVERWEIGHT!!  NOT saying yes to temptation, but saying...there is a new dawn and it's coming up roses!  It is going to be me climbing over that plateau and continuing down the right path of my journey!

Today I changed my breakfast to an egg beater omelet with spinach, ham, low fat cheese, peppers, onions, and tomato.  My usual is oatmeal with raisins and nuts.  I changed my workout to reps of jogging and running, then incline, then less incline.  And went on to the elliptical and did a good 300 calorie burn on there.  And lastly, tonight while drawing inspiration from one of my favorite shows, "The Biggest Loser", I will get on my bike and ride like the wind! lol So hopefully I will have a calorie burn of at least 1,000 calories today. (a small cry from the burn I will be getting in Utah).

No longer will "plateau mean quitter"  from now on it will be: "plateau means time to step up my game!"


KC said...

Hi Cat,
Don't give in! You are doing great! I learned last night at Weight Watchers that the best way to move past a plateau is to add 5 servings of fish to your diet for the week. I used to love fish but not anymore I guess I should learn to like it again. Hope this helps you get over your plateau.

annelisewojo said...

Wahooo! Plateau definitely means time to step up your game, switch it up, fool your body by going harder, change those intervals around, add a new're doing all of it. You know you are feeling better, and feeling stronger so don't let the scale drive your motivation! Congrats on breaking the plateau barrier and not letting it break you down to quitting! As usual, stay strong! :)

myesha said...

You are doing great!! First, you recognized you were possibly hitting a plateau...and now you are putting together a game plan to bust through it! Fantastic!

Robbie Kelley said...

Cat you are an inspiration to me! Keep it up. I'm impressed that you are running and jogging on the treadmill. I'm jogging and walking. I will be sending good thoughts your way as you break through that plateau this week.

ultramichelle said...

You are so on the road to success. Keep on keeping on. Plateau here is just the flat overlook to see where you just ascended up to. You are doign great and it will only get better.

michelle said...

oh my God... you are such an amazing woman, Mom. I am so happy you are persevering despite the numbers game 'your scale' played with you. You are 100% in the right frame of mind. Plateau= step it up not step down! you are an inspiration to us all.